Thursday, July 17, 2014

Free Eternal Summer Episode 2+3

This is going to be a short review seeing how there wasn't much to talk about in either episodes

Do not read if you haven't seen Free Eternal Summer episodes 2 and 3.

Episode 2 We are introduce to the other characters that will soon join Rin's team mostly Yamazaki.
Yamazaki is Rin friend from Rin old elementary school before he transfered to the school to join Haru and the others.

Apparently this is Yamazaki last year also so he figured he do something because he is already scouted by a swim team so he figured he spend this last year in high school.

We are also introduced to the Rin old swim team younger brother mikoshiba, momotarou which from this point on im just going to give him the nick name orange(easier to remember)

This episode was mostly a Rin team Vs Haru team. Apprently, Yamazaki knows haru and wants haru to stay away from Rin.

Personally I think the real reason Yamazaki transfered to Rin school was just to protect rin and to ruin Haru's life. He is there to fuck shit up! and make Haru's life a living hell at least that what i think.

                      (I'm here to drink water, swim and ruin your life!..AND IM ALL OUT OF WATER!)

Episode 3

Rei learn how to be a better swimmer via Rin

That was it. That was the whole episode.

like i said this review was going to be short because it wasn't much to talk about in either episodes mostly 3.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Zankyou no Terror first impression

Do not read if you haven't seen the first episode.

If its one thing i learn in all my years of watching anime is never go in anime with preconcived notions. 1) because if you expect one thing you 9/10 will get another and it could either be a great thing or a huge disapointment depending on a anime and 2) Certain anime could just blow your preconcived notion out of the water and this was  one of them

Zankyou no Terror/Terror in Resonance

This is another anime directed by Watanabe(aka the person who made Cowboy bebop, Samurai champloo, and Space Dandy) and The soundtrack is done by Yoko Kanno. The five minuets had the two main characters break in to a facility in the dead of winter just to steal a bomb.
This story follows two main characters :

                                  (the gifs are self explanitory)

Who pose as students at a high school but are actually Terrorist. Idk why this surprises me but really High school terrorist. i shouldn't be surprised but i am. We are later introduce to Lisa a girl who get bullied but then end up joining this terrorist group via Twelve trying to kill her off but nine trying to save her.

How i feel about this show, well i personally feel that this isn't going to be the show for everyone especially seeing how it deals with terrorism  honestly i feel that this will be the stand out show that will seriously go underrated for this summer. Going back to preconcived notion i honeslty thought this was going to be a show about a group of teen surving a post war or something post this whole terroristic plot is just very interesting.

and is it just me or does it feel like wataname just took the whole plot of the cowboy bebop movie and just redid it and and added teens?

I will definally be watching this one too.

First impression of Gekka Shojo Nozaki Kun and Kuroshitsuji book of circus

So despite the fact that im kinda behind on a bunch of anime that premired and some that i started but forgot about  I wanted to get this review out of the way

Gekka shojo Nozaki Kun

So this show basically is a cute romantic comedy anime about a girl who in in love with a guy (typical right) tries to confess flub terribly but ends up finding out that he is a manga artist not only just a typical manga artist but a shoujo manga artist. It's very funny and im not the kind of person who really like shoujo anime like that but this one kinda caught my intrest.

I might be watching this bi-weekly just because i can see it getting predictable but i can seem me at least compleating this series.

Kuroshitsuji book of cirus/Circus arc

Im calling it the circus arc. So the first episode was ok. I felt it was lacking alot. I mean i wasn't expecting full on action in this first episode but for the most part i  guess this was just lacking. Although this did made me feel hella poor after i watched it. Personally I think that this Circus arc should be at least four episode each 45 mins. This should have came out right after Kuroshitshuji season 2 i feel because the fact that this is coming out now it like this whole scene of  "what is the purpose" for this.Will i be watching this of course but like i said this should have been made into a ova.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

First impression-DRAMAtical Murder

I honestly forgot that it was made by Nitro + but that aside, im kinda not here for this shit.

its giving me SAO meet Togainu no Chi(mostly Togainu no Chi) with a whole lot of color

First off the main character Aoba look like a pesonified sonic the hedgehog so i found that amusing.

The first episode was confusing but we are introduce to the majority of the main characters. I like the twin or at least the guys who dress alike.

Aparently from the first episode the plot is Rhyme  is a game that if you get hurt in the game you get hurt for reals (aka sao) so i was over that.

I will be watching to see where this is going but i know this isn't going to be a fav of mines

Sunday, July 6, 2014

First impression Space dandy season 2

I kinda wasn't a fan of season one because to me it took a while to get use to the voice acting and QT'S voice but after catching a few re-runs and getting adjusted to the dub the first season was ok for what it was worth. 

Tonight i manange to catch the simicast of the second season and i can honestly say i like it.  The first episode was very funny.  Will i be watching it every saturday maybe for the most part yes. I thought they was gonna change the opening for season two but im find with them keeping the opening from season one.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

First impession Sailor moon 2014 and Rail wars

I finished Puchimas!! season 2 i won't review it because there is nothing to really review but i suggest you do check it out because it is a cute little series
fyi its 74 episode but each are 3 min long.


                                                (Moon prism power bitch!)

The first episode lived up to the hype i enjoyed it soo much. If it feels fast pace it because they are following the manga plot which is good. Tuxedo mask look way 100% better to me personally in this series than the original. I kinda figured Momoclover Z would do the opening if not them Kanon wakeshima (but she kinda used up her anime opening theme song card for that other anime) but i didn't figure they would do the ending as well. A few people had a problem with the transformation sequence but i LOVED it. I loved it more than the original. I hope when we are introduce to the other senshi's they get the same transformation treatment. I am so here for this sailor moon


Rail Wars

Yeah no. Its just a anime about people working for the train in tokyo. Its like watching a anime about people working for the MTA but with more drama to it. It looks interesting but im not gonna be watching this series. I checked it out because of the aspect of trains and im somewhat interested in trains but no.  I like Baccano better.

Friday, July 4, 2014

First impression of FREE~Enternal Summer and Tokyo Ghouls

So Free Second season FREE~Eternal Summer~  I just got finshed watching. I feel like this season will be more drama heavy season. The opening had me want to peel my face off in a good way because it was so sexy.  We were introduce to a new character who i feel will add the drama to the series so im looking forward to this season of free.

Tokyo Ghouls.... (sigh ) first of let me say this FUNIMATION STOP IT! Stop getting series before they air and stop subbing them too because i feel not only half of the time you get it wrong and when you do dub it (because they are if they got the sub) you get voice actors/actress who fall flat and you keep using over and over again. I couldn't enjoy it. I honesly couldn't enjoy Tokyo Ghouls because when i seen "FUNIMATION YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING"logo and i wasn't even watching it from funimation site i was automatically turn off. Plot wise it kinda simular to Shinki mixed with hellsing because the main character is turn into a Ghoul via transplant and in this series Ghouls are monster like canibals idk i stop caring half way through .

I know i will keep watching free i might keep watching Tokyo Ghouls but sparingly.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer anime list plus bonus

I pretty much got what i am going to watch during this summer season  this post is mostly to let you the reader choose 1 wild card series that i should check out that would be airing during the summer season


-CAN NOT BE A SECOND SEASON TO A SERIES(sorry no SAO 2 i wasn't watching that anyway)

Just so there won't be no duplicates here's what im watching

-The new sailor moon(of course)
-Free second season
-Kuroshitsuji Circus arc
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Zankyou no Terror
-Dramatical Murder
-Hanamonogatari(when it airs in august)
-and Tokyo Esp(but im iffy about it)

Remember one series you think i should check out. The thing that makes this special is i will keep watching it and continue to watch it untill it ends. SO i won't drop it and i will review it.