Friday, July 31, 2015

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma-illya 2wei herz Episode 1 first empression

Illya is back for a third season of Mahou shoujo antics with Kuro and Miyu. 

A quick run down of the Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma series of the Fate series

  • Illya becomes a magical girl because why not
  • Rin end up being her trainer
  • They collect card that have the power of the servants of the Fate/   series
  • Meets Miyu and miyu is trained by Rin rival Luvia
  • Becomes partners near the end of season one 
  • Kuro is introduce in season two (think of emiya/Archer relationship but add perversion to that)
  • Kuro join them after failed attempts of tryin to kill illya
  • Before the second season end we found out there is a 8th card they need to collect.
Season three

The episode opens up with all the girl planing to go to the beach for their summer vacation. Nothing out the ordinary there. After the girls get out for summer vacation they all decide to go shopping for swimsuits.

Is order to maintain the body she is in Kuro needs  mana and in order to get that mana just a side note.

Kuro is almost out of mana and grab illya to the side to take some of her mana the only way she know how.

That right through kissing!  So we can expect more mahou shoujo kissing exchange mana in this season as well.

Not much happens in this first episode miyu stays over Illya and Kuro house due to the fact at the end of the second season some chick came looking for all the cards and wreck shop on her and luvia house. She (the chick sorry i forgot her name) might still play a part in this season but we will see.

My speculation on what that 8th and final card might be is a mix between Gilgamesh  because he always is late and last to do something in all the fate/ series  i've seen or a new card but more than likely Gilgamesh.

Looking forward to see how this season is going to be

Yay for more Kuro!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Anime First impression 2015 -Honorable Mentions

This is the first time i ever did a whole separate segment for the honorable  mentions i useally tack it at the end of the third part of any first impression but this season had to me alot of good but not that great anime airing and it really needed it's own segment.

Miss Monochrome season 2

This is mostly a contiuation of season one. Monochrome is still chasing Idol dreams and we are introduce to new character. The show is 3 min so not really much plot but her chasing her idol dreams in this second season.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa/ Actually I am

The story revolves around a boy who can't keep a secret and a transfer student who turns out to be a actual vampire and due to him finding this out he is forced to keep a secret. Its a good show but i really don't like Harem anime's like that so i will be checking this out every now and then.

Bikini Warriors

This show follows four girls who are in a magical RPG kind of world and fight monster wearing ...Bikini's!!!  Each episode is only four minuets long but they are so funny. I actually thought this was going to be a longer episode but four minunts is enough.

Prison School

I know im going to get alot of flaming hate for this but yep its on THIS list and not my top anime's im watching this season.

The prison school hype was real even before the anime aired. With a all-star seiyuu cast and PV that pumped up the anime even more i was looking forward to seeing this HOWEVER, When it aired t was met with heavy censorship which is to be expected and it seem like the hype train for me stop. I will read the manga because it seem or i feel they cut alot of stuff out (besides censoring) and tried to get it to me more of a ecchi show than it was suppose to be.

Long story short the anime did the most yet didn't deliver.

That it for all of the airing summer anime that i will be watching.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Anime First Impression Pt 3(Final Part)

Im sick so i will be slow to post. I know that some of these episodes are on their 2-3 episode still im giving my first impression.

Himotou Umaru chan

A story about a Girl who lives with her older brother who at school puts on a persona like she has her stuff all together but in reality is a hard core otaku. The first episode was so funny. She is a fifteen turning sixteen year old who threw a fit because her brother didn't go get her manga. Even her own brother couldn't believe it. I love this shows comedy so i will be watching it. its mostly Slice of life but the comedy is just too much.


It's like someone took both season of SAO and said "Fuck you" to it's creator.  This show it's like SAO but add a 33 year old otaku who get drafted into the Army and take out the "getting trap in the game" element you have GATE. The first episode was interesting. I'm kinda iffy about this show while it is good i got a feeling its going to lag some where in the middle.


Guess who back and took a page out of Kaowu Nagisa book of loving human beings and has a boner for life? Izaya! As well as the others are back in the second half of the second season of Durararax2-Ten. The first episode of the second half was mostly spend with izaya recovering from the stab he gotten at the end of the first half and him dicking around in his hospital room because he was bored. Near the end some girl from so suicide club Izaya started (god only knows when) comes back and tries to kill him for trying to kill her  but he ends up subduing her. This second half look like it going to tie up the loose end from the first half but it's Durarara so we might just be left with more loose end to tie up.

Gakkou Gurashi/School Live!
 If Madoka magica left you with feelz for Maho shojo's then School Live!/Gakkou Gurashi will leave you broken and feeling helpless for girls trying to survive a zombie infestation and one of the girls having grand delusions. Either way this is another fucked up anime about school girls. It's more on the psycological side because one of the main characters chooses to live in her own fantasy world instead of the horrible zombie infested world she has to currently survive in. Good show.

God Eater

  The first episode was delayed one week but boy was it worth the wait. Slow start but  for the most part this looks like it's going to be good. I never played the games so it going to be interesting to see how this anime going to be also Ufotable is doing the animation so this should be good visually as well.

I will be doing something i never done before and do a special part for Honorable mentions because there are alot just didn't meet my anime watching list.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer anime 2015 First impression pt 2

To continue where we left off from part one Part One 
To keep up with this summer airing anime check out Summer Anime

Okusama  ga  Seitokaicho/ My Wife is the Student Council President

Need to Fap? Only have 5 minutes? well this show is perfect for you. The first episode was good it is not about a man marring a high school students(sorry pedos) but about two high school students that due to a agreement that their parents made when they where younger they are now husband and wife(insert ranma joke here) for five minutes you really see a lot. Near the end you would think you was watching a hentai

A boring world where the concept of  dirty joke doesn't exist/ Shimoneta

 The english title is too long the japanese title is too long. Either way this show is about people with collars on their neck and if they even say something obsene police would raid where ever they are at and put them in jail. The main character goes to a school where nobody even know what sex,porn or dirty jokes are that school is just too pure and don't even graps the concept of sex and is force to work with blue snow a female streaker who goes around trying to make the world impure by spreading porn saying foul words and streaking. There is a scene in this show where the students in this school come to flies fucking. FLIES FUCKING!

Gatchaman Crowns Insight

You would need to watch the OVA inbound before watching the first episode because you will be so lost like i was. The old favs return and we are introduce to new characters. Its still colorful as ever and it looks like Tsubasa the new Gatchaman is trying to surpass Hajime in hyperness.

Rokka No Yuusha / Rokka Brave of the six flowers

The animation look like that of the "Tales of" series. The plot is about six hero's  who were selected by the goddess who posses one flower  to kill the demon of the land the main character who is self proclaim "strongest main alive"  who get thrown in jail for interrupting a staged battle but at the end is chosen to be one of the six to fight the demon. For the most part it is good but the plot is is kinda meh to me.

Monster Musume

Do you like monsters? Wish your wifeu was a monster? well your in luck. Basically the whole premises of this anime is one guy who look after a snake girl but oh no that not all other girl of different breed all fight for his affection. Monster wifeu the anime basically. the first episode wasn't really that good to me but if you are a Harem anime fan then you will probably like this.

That is for part 2 part 3 should be coming up real soon

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer Anime 2015 First Imperssion Pt 1

Hello there I'm back to give you my thoughts on this years Summer airing anime. As usual it might be a 2-3 part to this depending on how good each anime is.

Spring left over

 i'm currently watching is Kyoukai no Rinne which for the most part is good if you are a fan of Rumiko Takahashi and her works.

That aside let just jump into it

Wakaba Girl

Wakaba Girl follows Wakaba Kohashi and her three friends in their daily school live so another slice of life Moe anime. Wakaba Aim to be a "School Girl" when she grows up  or to put it in simple terms she wants to be a Gyaru after high school. The first episode was a bit funny but nothing really stands out about it. Its short about 7 min each episode i think.

Game Of Laplace

Holy SHIT! If you are looking for something to fill your psychological horror genre this summer this is one anime you want to check out. The first five min of the anime someone is already dead and a 14 year old boy(yes that is a boy) is the suspect. The show follows him (who has a hard on for solving mysterious now) and his friend and a 17 year old top class detective and from the looks of this its going to be underrated mostly due to the fact animation tends to get wonky in some areas but the show is very good and the story will keep you entertain.


I have high hopes for this show.  It had somewhat of a slow start but it really  picked up around the middle. It does has a lot of gun and blood in this show and if we are doing comparison  it is a updated Black Lagoon. The first episode was kinda meh till the end but i do have high hopes for this show. I haven't read the manga so im really going into this anime blind deaf (no pun intended) and mute.


The anime that has been most anticipated by me and a few other key fan that answered the question what if Lelouch was a huge dick and had friends with super powers? The first episode was bland but laid out the foundation of what the story is going to be about. It follows a boy name Yuu who has the ablity to possess another person but for only 5 seconds. He uses his powers for mostly his selfish power hungry gain. He even go so far as to almost running over the girl he is trying to win over! He is soon found out after he is accused of cheating his way into the school he is currently in. He soon meets a group of other like him but they are less dickish and possess other powers such as Teleportation and invisibility ect and force him to transfer to their school. im interested to see how depressing and sad key is going to make this anime for the most part it is looking like a good sci-fi anime.

I'll be back in for part 2