Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Winter Anime First Impressions Honorable Mentions

First impression Pt 1

First Impression pt 2

One Room 

It's a Short that follow three girls in a apartment complex talking to the main character who is a guy who is never seen but we as the viewer are put in the first person perspective of the main character.  i guess its suppose to be a slice of life short it was really enjoyable and the character design are made by the same person who made Hentai prince and stony cat.

Nyanko Days 

This short follows a Highschool student Tomoko Konaagi and her three cats Maa, Shii and Ruu, This short is just too cute for words.

Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid/Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

The newest one from KyoAni, It follow Kobayashi normal office working gal who one day stumbles into the forest drunk and free a sword from her new Dragon maid Tohru even though she doen't remember it and due to her actions Tohru decide to devote her life serving Kobayahi. Its mostly a Yuri harem and while it is funny its lacking something  to keep me at least watching weekly.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Winter Anime First Impressions part 2

Part one

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Gabriel DropOut

A anime that follow a angel who is sent to earth who was suppose to make it better but ends up becoming a otaku. Its almost like what if umaru became a angel. The angel in this show are more like demon and the demon in this show are more like angels. The first episode was funny and im looking forward to Rapi (the second angel) antics.

Set in the past it follows Heizou Hasegawa and the Arson Theif Patrol in Japan. The first episode was interesting it had a inmate help Hasegawa catch people who he though was setting up his old boss and it turns out it was his boss all along. It a really interesting show  especially if you like anime set in the past


The newest editon in the semi colon series it takes place seven years after Chaos;head. It follows main character Takeru who has a fetish for taking pictures of crime scenes for some weird reason even go as far as to miss school to do so. The first episode mostly revolves around him fucking up and him and one of his friend from childhood Onoe stumble upon a crime scene so terrible both throw up. it ends with him meeting the girl he seen at the crime scene and the girl telling him he going to die. Its had a good first episode.

Rewrite season 2 Moon Terra hen/ Rewrite season 2 Moon Terra arc

Remember what happen during the last episode of the first season when people started dissapering and kotori turn into a tree? Well fuck all that because no of that is getting answers at least not right away. At least the first episode wasn't 60 minuets like the first season was because the first 15 minuets was so fucking confusing and its not till the next 15 that we get a decent explanation that main character memories is messed up since being reborn in his town since the incident. He meets up with kotori and shes messing with some kind a futuristic board and keeps killing main dude every time he gets near untill he gives her her favorite drink, coffee. The episode ends with him breaking down crying. Im already a season deep into this mess so i might as well see what season two has to offer.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

WInter Anime 2017 First Impressions Part 1

Happy New Year. New Year, New anime to check out.

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Nanbaka season 2

                                                                                              sorry no gif

This is just the second season of Nanbaka and the first episode was just a filler nothing really special but if you didn't like or check out the first season then the first episode will make no sense.

Akiba's Trip
Boy meets girl. Girl beat the shit out of other girls and then strips them before taking off. Boy meets girl again. Girls gets into deep shit and boy save girls life. Girls turn boy into ass kicking clothes striping machine.  That was bacially the first episode. It has good fight scenes but the comedy kinda falls flat for me so this is a iffy show that i might still watch.

Urara Meirochou

This anime follows Four girls who at the age of 15 all go to the town of Urara to become License fortune tellers.  It follows only four main girls, One who acts alot like a fox despite her not being one, one who is a witch who is training to use tarot cards despite not knowing how to use them, the quite know it all tsudere who the other thinks is a cat because of her bow and the actually quite girl who uses a doll who is creepy as all shit. For the first episode it was very good and enjoyable.

Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil

 Set in a alternative WW1 world it follow a batshit insane loli general who is a mage and takes part of the war going on at the time. Yes she is so insane that the first episode ends with one of her comrades finding out she set up two of her underling to get killed, so its a good show.  Tanya the main character is the reason to keep watching because you really don't know how batshit insane she is going to act plus the action was good.

Pt two coming soon.