Saturday, December 26, 2015

Owarimonogatari Final thoughts

Happy Holidays! Christmas was yesterday or a couple of days ago if you are reading this late so Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.  With most of the fall anime season coming to a close and the winter anime season about to start i spent the majory of the week/weekend catching up with anime that ended or is about to end.

Speaking of anime that ended Owarimonogatari. Owarimonogatari was suppose  to be the ending of the Bakemongatari series. Much of its hype came last year when we saw a drawing with Ougi Oshino sitting on a desk in her black dress and Shaft saying they are releasing it in October of 2015. A few week before it was released two pv were released that feature Aragari and Ougi trapped in a classroom and for the most part it look like the show was going to be ineresting.  Show airs. That classroom scene is just part of the Ougi forumula Arc of the whole series which was important to the next arc Sodachi Riddle where we meet a girl from Agaragi Childhood who returns to school after two years of absents and who hates Agargi so much to the point she stab him with a pencil.

The whole focus of Owarimonogatari was to put a focus on Ougi Oshino and how she fits into the whole universe. How does Ougi know alot about everybody yet nobody knows anything about her? Is she really alive? Is she really Oshino niece?  NONE of those questions were answered because Owarimonogatari decided to end on Shinobu mail arc which was basically two guys fighting over shinobu, one who shinobu should have made sure was dead 400 years ago.


Shaft can animate ok nobody debating that


Hanekawa and Senjogehara was not needed in any of the arc but they were there. Only person who was useful was Kanbaru.


While i do have a bias for SHAFT im sad to say owarimogatari didn't live up to its hype. Mainly because it could have been much longer. It was missing two vital arc that was needed if they really wanted to call this a ''ending story" which was Mayori Hell and Ougi dark. I would have love to see both animated but instead it just ended on shinobu's mail.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider Final thoughts

Spoilers if you are planning on watching this or haven't seen the ending

When i watch the first episode i put it on my hornorable mentions list for the fall season  mostly because the first episode was boring as shit. However, as i continue to stick it out and watch each episode it became more and more interesting.

Subete ga F n Naru: The Perfect insider  all revoloves around three main characters, Nishizono Moe a 19 year old student. Saikawa Soihei a Professer who looks like a front man to a Jrock band and  Dr. Magata Shiki a woman who lives in a lab and wears only white.  Around episode 3-4   Nishizono, Shohei and a bunch of others who are more or less important to the series take a trip to the Dr's lab and that when the show pick up from boring and dropable to we need to figure out who the killer is because just a few hours being within the Dr's lab the discover her body in a wedding dress coming twards them on a push card and the hands and feet were cut off.

While figuring out who killed the Dr. the seires would flash back years to when the Dr. was just thirtheen and how she had a lolita-esqe relationship  with her fucking uncle!
and we even see  that it was her how she and her uncle killed her parents thus being locked away in a lab due to the fact the courts found her mentally insane to even be put away.
A few episodes near the end of the series we learn that the Dr. despite being locked in that lab for fifitheen years she had a child and it was a girl and it was her daughter who everyone found dead not the real doctor.  The Real Dr Shiki excapes but before she leaves her lab forever she and her uncle/babydaddy reunites for the last time and she stab him in the back of the neck.

this week episode mostly tied up loose end the Dr meets up with Soihei and the have a last chat before she runs off forever

It was a slow start but after the third or fourth episode  it does pick up and it is a good mystery/drama anime



While the op and ed rock the voice acting is pretty decent in this show but to be honest there is a scene where Soihei is talking to Dr.Shiki in English and it is a bit cringe worthy


While it isn't a bad show there are alot of thing they kinda left unaswered main on being  WHAT THE FUCK DOES F MEAN!!!  The show is titled  "Everything becomes F the perfect insider" Hell the characters pondered that in the fucking show what the fuck does F mean?!

apparently it isn't Free