Sunday, July 15, 2018

Summer Anime 2018 Part 1

With the Spring season behind us and only a handful of spring anime still airing let take a look at what the Summer season have to offer us.

Banana Fish

Banana Fish is based of the 30+ year old manga of the same name. It follows Ash Lynx a leader of all of the gangs in NYC  and Eiji Okumura a 19 year old photographer who ends up meeting Ash while he and his boss is on assignment. This anime deals with alot of touchy subject such as Pedophilia, Drug use and gangs but other than that its a good anime. The first two episodes are a wild ride.

Satsuriku no Tenshi/ Angels of Death
 Based of the RPG maker game of the same name it follow a amnesic name Rachel Gardner who awakes in a building only to find out she apart of the worst game of tag ever. She gets chased around by a killer name Zack who tries to killer her. By the end of the episode her and Zack are a pair after he unintentionally saves her from her doctor who also tries to kill her and Zack is now apart of the worst game of tag ever after he is labed a traitor and is now a wanted man. Rachel gets her memory back and before they go to the next level she ask Zack to kill her. Its seem interesting and it kinda does play out like a animated RPG maker game other than than the first two episode were good

Hataraku Saibou/ Cells At Work
Biology class the anime. In the latest of things that need to be personified by Japan Cells at work follows a Red blood cell trying to do her job at delivering Oxygyn to different part of the body and a White Blood Cell trying to take out any Virus that are in the body. The first episode see the two interact after the red blood cell happens to spot a virus that attack earler on. The white blood cells soon takes it out by capturing it and turning it into a sneeze. Its a fun show and does have some funny moments.

Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase follows three high school girls, Olivia, Hanako Honda, and Katsumi Nomura. Its mostly a Slice of Life anime and its funny moments

Part 2 coming soon.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring Anime 2018 Honorable Mentions

Part 1

Part 2

Nobunaga No Shinobi-Anegawa Ishiyama-Hen/ Ninja Girl and Samurai Master Anegawa and Ishiyama arc

This is set after the events of season 2. Its the War arc between Nobunaga and the Azai Clan

Omae wa Made Gunma wo Shiranai/ You Don't Know Gunma Yet

It follows Nori Katmitsuki as he moves from Chiba to Gunma but during his move he discovers how different Gunma is from his hometown.This short is mostly a advert for the prefecture because during and near the end of each episode we learn little facts about Gunma.

Fumikiri Jikan/Crossing Time

This anime is mostly about stories about different couples waiting at a railroad crossing

Tachibanakan to Lie Triangle/  Love to Lie Angel

It follows Natsuno Hanabi as  she moves back to her hometown to start her new high school life. She moves into a dormitory name Tachibanakan. Its mostly a yuri anime.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Spring Anime 2018 Part 2

Part 1

Dorei-ku The Animation/ 23 Slaves and Me 

What if a psychotic dentist who was into BDSM made a retainer which turn people into slave? while there are no dentist(so far) in this anime. It follows Eia as she gets involved in the world of SCM after she confronts her best friend ex boyfriend and he ends up telling her about the device and wants her to be his "insurance" because he plans on diving deep into the world using the SCM device. Besides mostly focusing on Eia it also focus on other SCM users and how they came to ending up using their SCM device and the slaves they acquire

Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu/ Space Battleship Tiramisu

 It follows Subaru Ichinose  as he lives upon the Tiramisu. He spends most of his time in his robot because it the only place where he can be alone and not bothered by the people on the Tiramisu. Its only 7 minuets long  and each episode follows Subaru adventures not only on the  Tiramisu.

Honarable Mentions Coming soon

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spring Anime 2018 First impressions part 1

With the winter season behind us  let us see what the Spring season  has in store for us.

Mahou Shoujo Site/Magical Girl Site 

This anime follows Aya Asagiri a middle school girl who is not only bullied at school but at home by her older brother. The abuse is so bad she tries to kill herself within the first few minuets of the episode. The abuse continues throughout the episode and during the episode she stumbles upon the mahou shoujo site. One day when she goes to school she sees a heart shaped gun in her locker and a note from the mahou shoujo site. Her bullies attacker her yet again and to get out of almost being raped by one of the bullies boyfriend she uses the gun which transport them to the train tracks and kills them. By the end of the episode she meets another mahou shoujo who ends up saving her from another attack by her bullies.  This one has alot of sensitive topics (i.e suicide, rape, abuse ect)  so if you are sensitive to these topics i would skip this one but otherwise it was a good first episode.

Steins;Gate 0

It follows Okabe as he is no longer the mad scientist we knew him as in the original Steins;Gate. Trying to live life as a normal college student and forget what happen during his time traveling days. By the end of the episode he is trusted back into his mad scientists life via college seminar when the presenter introduces a  A.I  which shocks Okabe. The first episode we are re introduce to the old characters as well as two new ones. It was a good first episode

Part 2 coming soon

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Winter Anime 2018 Honorable Mentions

Part 1
Part 2

Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan/ Today's Menu For Emiya 

It Follow Emiya and the rest of the Fate crew as they all gather at emiya house for dinner. It more of a slice of life anime for a Fate series and it aires the first of every month.

Nanatsu no bitoku/ Seven Heavenly Virtures

Set in the same universe as Seven Deadly Sin, It follows the angels as they search for their "Messiah" candidate. Each episode there is a new character and a new male lead and instead of it being a long format like Seven deadly Sins was this one is a short.  

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Winter anime First impression Part 2

Part 1

Violet Evergarden

It follows Violet as she tries to adapt to life after the war. Her hand are now replaced with metal ones and not wanting to stay with her adopted family she ends up taking a job with Hodgins she ends up working at the Post Office he owns by the end of the first episode she end up working in the Auto Memory Doll Department because she wants to know what "I love You" means. While its visually good its slow paced to a point where its get boring.

Miira No Kaikata/ How to keep a Mummy

 It follow a boy who receives a gift from his dad being skeptical of it due to all the past gifts he opens it and discovers its a palm size mummy. Its a slice of life anime and one of this season cutest anime.

Fate/Extra Last Encore

Fate/Extra Last Encore is the late comer to the party, It follows Hakuno as he and other train to be worthy of becoming Servants. By the end of the episode trying to escape fake Archer he end up in this abandon place where he meet Saber. It was a good first episode and seeing how SHAFT is animating it expect head tilting.

Honorable Mentions coming soon.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Winter Anime First impressions part 1

With the Holidays behind us and the fall season coming and going let take a look at what this season anime has to offer us.

Pop Team Epic

The best way to describe this show is, it is a experience. It's is based of the four panel manga of the same name.  Its one of those WTF am i watching animes but its good and funny.


Citrus follows Yuzu a girl who is outgoing. Her mom remarried and now she has to attend a all girl school which is super strict and stuck up.  She get in trouble with the Student council  President Mei Aihara and get her phone taken from her in the most weirdest and sexual way possible. She get it back after a lecture from one of the staff members. Upon getting home she helps her mom unpack and finds out she has a step sister as well. Turn out her step sister is Mei. The episode end with Mei Kissing Yuzu. Its based of the manga of the same name so if you like Yuri or read the manga you are going to want to check this out.

Mitsuboshi Colors
It follows three girls and their daily lives and as they try to keep the peace in their town. Its a cute slice of life anime and it has its funny moments.