Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Digimon Adventure Tri movie Pt 1 first impression

For those who grew up in the 90's you may remember the 4kids adaptation of the popular (second to pokemon) series Digimon Adventures or just Digimon. It was the anime that made kids choose either Team Pokemon or Team Digimon. It was very popular at the time. When it was annouced that there was going to be a Digimon Movie and all of the original characters were going to be apart of it and grown up of course i had to watch it.

It was then later announced that there will not be one but four Digimon tri movies so yeah, we got more Digi movies coming our way.

The movie was broken up into four, thirty minunt episodes (why i really don't know)  the first episode we get to see how the characters have matured and are in high school and Junior High. Everyone seem to be living a ordinary life. Tai is on a soccer team, Hikari is in Junior High, Yamoto is in a rock band and Mimi is living in America while the others are just living the ordinary teen life. Stuff was going fine till a bug from the digital word decided to enter the real world and fuck shit up.  Not knowing what to do yet wanting to play the hero Tai decided to follow the bug and tries to stop it on his own that is until his first original digimon appeaser,  Argumon

The second episode has the whole group fighting three of the evil digimon at the airport and the third  has Tai and Yamamoto aruing about if what they are doing is right and confronting their teacher who is also a CIA agent sent to protect also in that episode Izzy(Izumi) creates a digital world so that the digimon can stay in and be called when needed. The last episode they fight a huge Digimon name Alphamon and Tai and Yamoto maked up so that they can form Omegamon  and a new Digi trainer is introduce.

The First movie besides the movie being broken up into four part, I kinda didn't like the fact that they had Tai have this "Internal" struggle.  Like i would have like to seen that later on in the third or fourth movie (if there is one) not the first  we are JUST getting reintroduce to the whole digiuniverse and the original Digimon Cast. I understand they wanted to make it more mature than the original series seeing how they are now older but that could have waited till the second movie.





I still love this movie. Yes the first movie has flaws but i think they are setting it up for the following movies. Being reintroduce to the old cast was such nostalgia. I am looking forward to see what they are planing to do with that new digi trainer though.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Young Black Jack Episode 7

I Love this episode of Young Black Jack because it step into that territory of Racism and as a nation we are currently dealing with on some levels. Last week ended the "In Vietnam" arc of the series which in my opinion wrap up nicely.

  • Yabu was safe and he was found unharmed he even managed to get himself clean
  • They mangaged to save Steve only to have him ended up blown up by a land mind.
  • A new Doctor was introduce.
  • One of the person flip out over Steve death and order a air strike on the village they was staying at.
  • They ended up preforming surgery to save a guy who help them escape the jail they was held at  
  • Everyone ended up ok except the guy who phone in the air strike who ended up dying in the air strike.
  • Yabu stays in Vietnam to help the villagers.

So this episode takes places a few years after the assassination of Dr. MLK and in Chicago. We meet a young man dub "Immortal Johnny" due to his inability to feel pain and we see that as during a confrontation at a dinner from what i could assume was the Black panther party trying to get young Johnny to join them and abandon his non confrontational ways. He ended up getting his arm broken while trying to save his childhood friend Tiara who ended up being shot.  While she turn out ok we find out that he is not only a activist but due to his inablity to feel pain it put him at a greater risk of being hurt or worst dying.

We learn from Tiara  that Johnny didn't use to be that way. Back when they were little he Could Feel pain. So  we learn that it isnt a hereditary thing like Young Black Jack first though.  This episode ends with the doctor vowing to find a way to cure young Johnny and a clean and sober Yabu getting off a plane.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A corpse buried under sakurako Feet episode 5

This episode was kinda boring mostly because i solve the mystery last week in the last few moments because it was so obvious.  So we continue where the episode ends last week and it is solving this supposed curse that this guy believes he is going to die from. Long story short (because Sakuranko even thought it was bullshit too) The painting he's been keeping in his office was toxic and due to the fact he's been viewing the painting with the window close it just made it worst.

                                             Dude just open the fucking windows!

Everyone is relieved. There is no curse. Mystery solved right? Nope  This guy even though he is happy there is no curse Sakurako still feels off about him  and rightfully so.
Turn out all this was plan and he even goes as far as to try to chop his own leg off with a ax.

Why mostly because his family is now bankrupt. He even went as far as to take out a life insurance policey on himself so that his wife and new child have some money. While Sakurako was over his shit the others call a ambulance and try to save him.

The episode ends with them at a party/cookout  and catching up with people we learn that the guy who tried to chop off his leg is now working as a IT and him and his family moved. We even learn that the little girl ii-chan from episode 3 or 4 is living with some relatives.

While this wasn't a bad episode i really wish it wasn't that predictable as it was. To me it was like a light filler and i really could have done without this and they could have combine the two parts into a hour long or at least a 40 min episode.