Friday, October 31, 2014

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blate works 2+3

Hello everyone sorry this review is late.  I have a cold

I was going to do a Review for Amagi Brilliant Park but i decided to scrap it till the series progress further along. As far as the series go i still don't get it. The characters are funny on their own  and there are funny moments in the series but i still don't get what this series want to try to accomplish.

For halloween i'm going to marathon Parasyte becasue im behind on that.

Tonight i decide to catch up on Fate/Stay night Unlimited blade works

Episode 2 was basically Emiya now learning about the Holy Grail war he is in and his role in the war. Being the Confused fucktart he is Rin decides to take him to Kirei who explain him that the accident he was in (which almost ended his life ) was caused my the Holy Grail war and gives him the choice to join the war or not.
Not long before Emiya decide to be full into the battle that Illyavile Von Einzbern Show up with Berzerker

Episode 3 

Apparently Illya isn't playing any games (although she said she is) Saber and Archer are mostly the defence while Rin is working the offence trying to Keep Illya from killing Her, Saber and Archer. It seem Illya is relentless in her attacks on the others. All while this is going on Emiya is having his bitch baby moment and decided to man up and catch up to the others and when he does Rin says he will only get in the way because 1) he really can't heal saber 2) he isn't that skilled yet.  Either way he stays and see Saber fighting Berserk.
Just when thing were looking up and everything started to go well after saber landed what seem to be a fatel blow to berserk that when his Noble Fantasom activated and he began to regenerate. Archer from miles away decide to send a sphere but that didn't even seem to phase him. Somehow this attack made Illya stop and suddenly became interested in archer(Rin servent) and the two of them leave

I really didn't enjoy two as much as i did three more so i found Emiya and Rin to be complete dumb asses when taking to Kirei and maybe its because i seen fate/zero and i know what Kirei has done to Rin father and Emiya adopted father that i just feel like they are dumb asses  for trusting him but that just how i feel.

Sorry if this was a Lack luster review im still sick i might try to put out a review saturday if i feel well enough.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall First impression Pt3

I know its late but if you read my update(which is no longer posted) i had a reason for it. I will explain why at the end of this review for those who didn't get a chance to read it after this review.

Karen Senki

This is one i can see alot of people passing over but  it is very good. The plot for the most part revolves around a girl name Karen living in a post war world where for some reason robots are after her and the majority of the population are robots. The animation is that of Appleseed mixed with RWBY(mostly appleseed) there are four episode so far and i can say by episode 3 things get kinda weird. If CGI anime aren't your thing then this wouldn't be for you but the plot in it makes it worth watching each episode is only 10 minuets long.

Sora No Method

Its like someone took elements of Anohana added some Shojo Ai and doused it with some sci-fi. This show is good however, it is very slow paced to get to the point of the episode. The first episode was good but there were long overdrawn scenes that was so unnecessary not to mention i think this is a sci-fi shojo ai verson of anohana. I will keep watching to see where its going to go.

Honorable Mentions

I don't understand what my husband is saying.

 Each episodes are about 3 minunts long (which is too long for me) and its about a normal girl who ends up marring a Otaku. The humor in the show is dry and some what irritating to me. its a good show but i won't be watching it on a regular.


Shirobako is about five girls trying to make it in the Anime industry. It is for the most part decent but what i don't like about it is i feel like we seen this kind of show before and its almost as if the creators are nagging at us saying "oh its so hard  being a animator, director, ect so please buy our products when they are released"  But using Moe girls to do it. I do not like my anime to nag a message at me. Sorry.

That is it these are the anime i will be watching  some i might drop mid way if they don't pick up (looking at you girlfriend beta) and some i will be watching sparlingly 

Now why this review is late for those who didn't get a chance to read my update post before i deleted it. Someone made a terrible comment on my pt 2 fall anime review to the point i had to block and delete there comment. I  know im not the best reviewer out there. Im still learning but this is just something i do as a hobby. Im not being paid to write reviews. I would like to. That aside i just became depressed because not only am i dealing with alot in my real life the one thing i like to do was now becoming to much  and i was debating if i should just give up.  I decided not to and just write. Hopefully i won't let things like this effect me again.

And Thank you to those who read and appreciate what i have to say.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall anime first impression pt 2

Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road
                                                                 *this is what fear look like

Ok so here's the story on how i got to even watch this anime. I though that this season was the first season BUT this is actually the second season. The first episode was so intense for a bicycle sport anime. I guess i should actually watch the first season but i will eventually go back and watch it.  I was suppose to add this in my first review but i forgot

Girlfriend (kari) beta

Yep This is actually a Yuri.  As a person who loves to watch a good yuri the first episode was oh so boring. I hated it. The main character spent  the whole show looking for a girl just to give back a picutre  she drop. I will be watching it sparatically just to see if it picks up.

Cross Ange Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo

This is another Yuri anime but this is more of a Action Yuri. I watch the first two episode that are out and holy shit! I just hope it doesn't get boring mid way kinda like Akuma no riddle did.

 GuGuRe! Kokkuri-San!

   Kokkuri san is a very funny show. its about a elementary school age girl name Kohina who mangages to summon the fox demon name Kokkuri the show to me really has no plot but  it more about the daily life between Kokkuri and Kohina and their interaction. Seeing how the comedy in this show is very good i will keep watching

I will  do pt 3 saturday and that should be it for what i am watching.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall anime first impression pt 1

Hello everyone! Sorry for this long break. I went with my sister to the morning musume concert on the fourth of this month and I guess I should have made a announcement just in case someone wanted to meet me in person, but i had caught a cold after the concert and along with that im still dealing with a bout of depression but yeah.

Side note if you want me to do a review of the concert i would other than that i'll just keep it moving.


 For those who saw the original Fate/stay night  we call all agree this is a HUGE  improvement and that for now on Ufotable need to take over any fate series. I kinda want them to update tsukihime but we will see.
I like the first episode beside it being too long which i expected because the first episode of fate/zero was about 48 min long  I really like it. NOW, I honestly do not trust  any of the characters besides Saber. Lancer seem more aggressive than he did in fate/Zero.  Don't ask me why I don't trust Rin, Sakura(she know what she did at the end of fate/zero)  or Emiya adopted son i just don't.
Side note Sakura brother is a bitch. Just saying.

Amagi Brilliant-Park

While i did enjoy the first episode i kinda have mixed feeling about this show. For one its like someone said "you know what? I really like full metal panic like, REALLY FUCKING LOVE THAT SHOW! what would happen if we switch the main characters genders and set this in a amusment park?!" and someone approved it. For fuck sakes the mascot from FMP made a appearance in the first episode. So is this suppose to be a retelling of FMP but in a different way or is it a stand alone series? im confused but i will be watching to figure it out.


Soo let them mastubation jokes begin.
Well I found my horor series of this season.  The first episode was very bloody and in some ways creepy because nobody wants their right hand to turn into a alien and the way that it happen to is make anyone check their bedroom for any thing that resembels something that might mutate them. Im very intrique to see how far this show is going to push it with out being black blooded or white screen

Part one is done. I will hopefully get part 2 done either Wednesday or Saturday but these are my top three i will be watching this fall.