Sunday, August 16, 2015

DurararaX2 Ten Episode 7

It was like someone decided to have a field day with this episode. I'll Just cut to the most important parts. The majority of this episode was spent with the DOLLARS trying to stop all of Ruri stalker from attacking anyone who is close or had some dealings with her. One of the stalkers tried to attack Verona, Shizuo and Kiba on their way to get sushi but Verona ends up stoping one and before Kiba tries to stop the other one of the blue squares masqurading as a DOLLARS end up tazering him. Kiba ends up following the masked blue square person to get infomation out of him.

Celty end up rushing home to find a bloody beaten up Shinra. Last episode the main leader of Ruri stalker ended up going to Shinra's place and beating him to a bloody pulp.

Kiba ends up following another blue square after accidentally knocking the one he was following out and he leads him to a lot behind Anri house. He see someone who he thought was their leader Aoba wearing a reverse shark mask(they group all was but im digressing) the one who attack Shinra Kitsuke shows up and begins to attack the blue squares mostly because they were in his way of getting Ruri cat. He is Ruri main stalker and want to bring her down for whatever reason. He begins to slam one of the blue square head against the wall before Kiba tries to attack him from behind. He ends up being tossed to the ground by him but just before he get pumbled by Kitsuke the beaten up Blue Square person set Kitsuke on fire and he ends up leaving. This is were shit gets sad and weird.
Kiba ask the Masked blue squared person if he is Aoba but before he can finshed his sentence the masked person says his name before taking off his mask to reveal:

                                                        A bloody beaten and bruised Mikado

The two chat for a while before Aoba shows up in a van to take the Mikado and the others away  he ask Kiba to wait to come back because "he will create a place for the three of them to live peacefully"

The episode ends with Izaya holding Celty head with her eyes half open and his office filled with more people other than his secretary.

Side note: Izaya is the only person I know to come out of the hospital after being stab with a whole team.

It was too much! I really did not expect all this to happen especially like that! But now what is going to happen? Is Celty going to take revenge? What is going to happen to Mikado? What is Kiba going to do? and who are 1/2 these people in Izaya squad?

We only got five episodes to answer these questions. Make it count.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Gakkou Gurashi Episode 6 and giveaway results

It seem like Gakkou Gurashi is competing with KEY on who can make their viewers  the most depressed this week. Either way I am glad that this mini flashback arc over for now. This episode is the conclusion of how Miki ends up meeting the girls.

Miki awakes in the school and the first person she meets is Yuki who greets her with her usual cheery smile she ask if she want a drink of water before showing her around the school.

Thinking that the school was never even touched by zombies she follows her but her fears was confimed when she see the music room in ruins.

Miki even ask Yuki "Who is Megu-nee?"

From the time Miki woke up till the time Yuki took Miki to the music room Yuki was talking to Megu-nee and once Miki asked that she only confimed what many if not most fans already knew that Megu-nee is already dead and only Yuki is seeing her.

Miki meets the other girls and ask them what happen to Megu-nee and they straight up tell her that she's dead. Kurumi says to Miki that only Yuki can see her because in her mind none of it ever happen(the zombie attacks, Megu death, anything else bad) none of it happen to her and she still even attends classes like normal. Miki rightfully so ask why is she doing this but Yuuri stop her and just ask her to "play along" with Yuki
this cause a mini argument between those two because Miki sees it as as wrong but Yuuri see it as helping the group. Kurumi end up breaking up the argument and the girls ends up going back to the classroom where Yuki is.

Im going to skip that whole little sport event because it really kinda wasn't nothing. The episode ends with Miki ending up joining the club and we are back in the present with the girl finshing up the graduation albums and Miki draws her friend with vacant eyes back to hers holding her hand. During the new ending song we see any scene that had megu-nee in it we see her dissapear from them even from Yuki drawing in her graduation album.

                                                    She was never even there

Just 6 more episode left. I hope this gets a season 2

Now the giveaway results. Not alot of people entered so i know i will not hold another giveaway for a long time.

but here is the winner.
Kayley Freshman-Caffrey

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Gakkou Gurashi episode 4+5

I made a error by reading the manga right after the first episode so i know how this is SUPPOSE to go but someone on my tumblr pointed out to me that the first few episodes 1-6 are (are suppose to be) animated by Erogames directors and thats why the story is a bit off. So for those who read the manga or are reading the manga there is your explanation or at least the one i was given

These two episodes were mostly focus on Miki and how she manage to meet the others girls. Episode four is mostly about how the girls plan a "school trip" mostly to get more food but as Yuki see it its a chance to get the fuck out of school.  Miki remembers the time she and her old friend were first entangled in the mall zombie attack


Her friend end up leaving her in a room that was zombie free with the dog while she when to go look for help because she was sick of waiting.

In episode five the girls including megu-nee all arrive at the zombie out mall to not only find food but to try on some clothes!!

Gotta stay fashionable during this zombie outbreak.

Kurumi ends up running into Taroumaru who ends up taking a can of Ginger beef she was after. Little while later Taroumaru end up joining the party because why not. Taroumaru leads the girls to the area where miki is but not to the place because Kurumi ends up searching a movie theater which has nothing but zombie in it. This freaks Yuki out and the girls bolt to a safe room. Miki thinks she hear someone coming to save her ends up thinking its her imagination.

Yuki now has a fever and has to lye down for a moment and in her fever indues state she has a nightmare of what happen to her during the outbreak.

                                 Don't you hate it when your friends turn to zombies?

Soon she recovers and the group decides its time to leave. once out of the building Yuki hears a voice(miki) and decides to go back into the building only after taroumaru run into it.  Miki end up leaving the room after hearing the girls and finally deciding to gather up straighten to get out but seeing all those zombies everywhere she ends up being surrounded on a piano.The girls manage to find her and save her not with out taking out a few zombies of course. Miki ask if they seen her friend but they said she was the only person they found.

So far it looks like they are getting back on track with the manga but not without a few adjustments here and there. I wish this wasn't a 12 episode series because it could have went to at least 24 but i hope it gets a ova that tells the story the right way.

BTW my giveaway ends in less than a week


If you want to enter you have less than 6 days to do so so far only on person did T_T