Monday, November 24, 2014

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade works episode 7

So this episode continue where it left off from episode 6. Saber vs. Assassin and Archer Vs. Caster. Emiya just happens to be there and doesn't know Saber is there because saber is fighting Assassin and all.

Archer ever so nosey ask who or where was Assassin master. Caster lets it be known that SHE yes SHE is Assassin master(Idk how that worked but im going to chalk it up to anime logic) and Archer got pissed saying she was breaking the rules for her a servant to even summon another servant was going against  the rules

                                                            Like she gives a fuck!

So she and Archer starts fighting and during the fight Archer had to make a pit stop to save Emiya from one of her attacks.

The fight between Assassin and saber kinda confused me because there was a moment that had confused me a bit:

 Back to archer and caster. Caster decided to activate her noble Phantasim (which was a huge flying butterfly shooting lasers out) to defeat Archer but at the end of the day Archer brough her down with his bow and arrow

Instead of killing her which he could have he  lets her go free and well she goes. Now Emiya is pissed because he let her go. They converse about the rights and wrongs of the situation  and about saving lives and during this convo something inside Archer must have snapped because he ends up slashing Emiya and now trying to kill Emiya

So a very bloody Emiya who is trying  to excape Archer blood thirsty knife  stumbles onto Sabers and Assassin battle.

Seeing how Saber tended to Emiya so quickly Assassin decided to let them go and to put their battle on hold for now also caster left him so he really has no real reason to stay anymore. Just then Archer shows up after Emiya but Assassin stop him saying that they are free to go but aparently seeing how Archer wasn't about to hear that Assassin and Archer fight while Saber and Emiya excapes.

Emiya decides that he need to learn how to fight so he wouldn't be a burnden to Saber as well as not almost dying in almost every episode.  So now we know Caster is out there still and it looks like the first half of this anime or at least 1/4 of it is going to focus on Caster and her collecting mana from victims.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cross ange episode 7

                                         Maho yuri Shojo coming to steal your bitch!

The episode open up with Salia writing in her captain logs. This episode was mostly focused on Salia  and how she was upset with Ange. Aparently she doesn't like the fact Ange is disobeying her orders as a captain and killing all of the DRAGONS on her own.  Mei the mechanic who works on fixing the Villkiss brings up the fact that since Ange joined the team nobody from the team has died recently. This made Salia go back to her captian logs and it has been proven that since Ange gotten in the Villkiss no one has died but she chalks it up to coincidence. Ange gets sick after her and Salia fight in the bath so we don't see her much in the second half of the episode but The other girls are called to fight a unidentified DRAGON which they label a "Virgin" (i really don't know why but hey) Hilda and her two lackeys decide to go ahead of the group so they can take on this Virgin Dragon so they can collect the funds for killing it but apparently seeing is how no one know what is this DRAGON power is the dragon activated a force field which brings down the girls to the grown almost crushing them in their mechas.  Long story short despite ange being sick she ends up defeating the DRAGON by kicking its horn off.

Really wasn't much interesting but im glad the whole episode wasn't that much Ange focused. This Episode mostly focused on Salia, her envy for Ange getting the Vallkiss and The fact that she couldn't get her to follow her orders. The last five minunts of this episode however caught my attention. Ange Maid gets a mana mail from Ange little sister salvia it seem like she seem to be in some shit. So it looks like the next episode is going to be good.

im trying to get over a cold and i was going to do a Fate/Stay night unlmited blade works review but  episode 6 was mostly talking and it didn't get interesting untill the end.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Parasyte Episode 5

                      Well.... That was depressing.

So the episode opens up with Migi and Shinichi talking about why basically Shinchi was spared from being killed last episode. Migi explains that it could be that Ryouko notice that psychological changes that may be occurring in Shinichi. On his way to school he notices a fellow class mate being jumped by some local bullies(typical anime trope) He being the good guy decides to help out but ends up getting jumped as well. It wasn't until a girl who was apart of the bulling decides to finally intervien and put a end to it but that when she notices something with Shinichi

                                                     (Da FuQ)

Fast Forward after school the bullies decide to attack him again while he is with Satomi and take Satomi. He goes after them and thats when Migi decides to wake up because he was asleep during the first battle. Before things got bloody the guy Shinichi defended earler came with a bunch of other guys to beat up the bullies. Im just going to skip over the whole Satomi and Shinichi dialog it really wasn't nothing.

Out side of his house the same girl who stop the earler battle was there and try to make amends with him but there seem to be something off about her and soon Shinichi rushed inside. Migi tells him to be wary of this girl for she has the ablility to sence wave lengts of parasytes, While  she is human she just has that sixth sence.

Being that Shinchi parents are on vacation there is a loose parayste looking for a host. When the episode first started the Parasyte took host to a female but ended up in a car crash and took host of a male but when that parasyte couldn't control the male decided to look for a female host.

That female host is

That is right Shinichi mom

She ends up killing the dad and when she retuns home

While the first 15 min of this episode was mostly talking  the last left me feeling sorry for Shinichi. Not only was he left in such a compromising position but now knowing not only your Dad is dead but your mom is a parasyte(and dead) and you may have to kill her it like he just can't win for losing.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Anime Watching -Corpse party and Parasyte 2+3

Well Its November 1st and Halloween was just yesterday and while everyone is now preparing to do their Christmas shopping (even though they should be preparing for Thanksgiving that a different story) I spent the majority of my evening watching Corpse Party  and parasyte 2+3

Corpse party was a game about teens who use a charm on a girls last day to bond them wherever they are however the charm traps them in a abandon elementary school with killer murderous ghost out for revenge. You might end up killing some of your classmates along the way trying to get out of that school

                          (if you have 3hours to spare check out all the ending cuz it 's different  from the anime)

The anime isn't that well known and  only has four episode. Each episode is contains some amount of gore in it including the first one. The anime after watching the games endings(bad good and True) I feel like the anime has that DanganRompa appele meaning it would be better if you played the game instead. This anime had alot of potential and was very scary at some points but near the end of episode 3 and the whole episode 4 it just felt rush. Without giving away the ending let me just say that seriously was a what the fuck rage quit moment.

Parasyte 2+3

I wanted to catch up to at least episode 4 or 5 but Corpse Party took up most of my time. In Episode 2 Shinichi right hand decided to Name itself Migi  and they defeted another defected parastye monster who took a human as a host. In episode 3 We are introduce to a new and maybe potentially main cast character Ryouko Tamiya. Not only is she a Parasyte like Migi but she isn't blood hungry like her mate A, she maybe pregnate with a "Human" baby and is in control of her powers. Of Course Shinichi is still Wary of her but as she state she could kill any human under 3 second and if she could she would have killed the whole class already. Later on in the episode Mr. A decide it would be good to attack the school while the students are in it not only does this piss Ryouko off but now Migi and Shinichi have to find a way to stop him before he hurts anyone .

Episode 2 was more talking  i like episode 3 better becase we are introduce to a conscious self aware parasyte.