Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter anime chart first impression of what i will be watching.

Hello sorry for the long wait!

Im back to give you my first impression of the shows i am currently checking out. As you could recall i made a post about the shows i want to see during the winter anime season.

http://lostlittlegeek.blogspot.com/search/label/Winter%20anime%20chart  (see here)

Let talk about them now shall we?

KLK came back my only problem is can they change the opening or ending theme song.

Space Dandy..... im sad to say i was impressed with the first episode the second episode was kinda shit i didn't even watch the third. I don't know maybe it  kind like beboy where you have to start it at episode five and watch it from that point on  but as for me watching in on Adult swim every saturday i might check out every now and then untill it over. Im not going to break my neck to tune in.

Wizard Barristers. If you mix any Law and order series(take your pick) and add magical wizard you get this. I am going to be watching this show.  It looks promising and the guy who made kite,mezzo forte, Mezzo DSA also made this show  the last major think he made besides this show was that (trash) movie KiTE :Liberator i didn't like it because it didn't have anything to do with the original kite mini rant aside the  first episode was good my only problem is there are two girls in the show who looks the same because they have orange hair but one has these ridiculous butterfly  hair things in her hair.

575 girls nope. Check out a few seconds of it 1) its four min long and 2) it kind gave away the plot during the trailor so now it really doesn't have a plot so its better to play the game.


Chiinibyou Season 2 Ren

Im kinda conflicted to be honest. On one hand it a good show  but on the other hand I STILL THINK THEY DIDN'T NEED A SEASON TWO! So Rikka and Yuta are living together  and i should just get use to Nibutani hair changing colors because it was black in episode one but by episode two it was back to how it was in season one so let me prepare for the fuck shit Kyoani is going to pull with her hair.   I'm Guessing they trying to introduce a new chracter but like a said the second season could have been a ova or a movie i will be watching but i honestly do not know how to feel about this show.

Sakura Trick

Its a yuri that knows its a Yuri but it doesn't take it self so seriously. I like this show  because 1) i haven't seen a yuri in a while and 2) its acutally good. Most of the yuri i have seen usually are super serious (aoi Hana, Maria watches over us) or they play on dramatic ( Strawberry panic )  This show know its a yuri, It know but it doesn't take the elements seriously. It's a comedy. Its a yuri Comedy.


It's about a 5th grader who can see ghost but makes friends with a girl who doesn't give a shit if she can. The show looks promising but its only downfall is that its four min long. 

That is it. What will you be watching this winter season?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Anime related Birthday post(picture heavy)

Hello there everyone.

no i haven't forgotten about the anime review.


 I just thought you would like to see what i gotten for my b-day

I gotten a package from Anime Stuff Store .com(side note im no way affilated with them in any way shape or form) I put in a order for a $30 that had stuff inside valued for around $80

Lets see what i got shall we?

First is the bag that comes with every grab bag order of theirs. It's ok to use as a tote at a con not as a every day tote.

Next is a QB poster from the Madoka series. I really like it alot but i kinda wish i had more space to put it up. who know i just might make space.

This little thig is a Negima Key chain. I don't know who this character is because i never watch negima but she is cute. I don't have a use for her on my key chain because i already have Asuka on my keys but i will keep he becuase she is adorable.

For all you gamers out there i got a Silent Hill Key Charm. Its the Pyramid head butcher.  I might use it during Halloween. I really don't see the need to use it now. I never played the games and  im not a fan of silent hill.

 I gotten one TTGL or Guren Lagann figurine i though it was Simone but i open it it was  school teacher Yoko. Which i was ok with. They made her hair real, REALLY red.

I never heard of this manga. I read the discription. Its about a boxer in some distance future. I gave this to my bro on the count of i know i wasn't going to read it.


I've gotten this FMA folder which i didn't like. Im not a fan of FMA. I hated the show. I hate vic migonla voice. so i gave this to my bro as well.

One Death Note L patch. Im not a fan of patches and i really hate to say this but L and as good as Death Note is it's fan base killed it and made it over rated. so i gave this to my bro.

I had a hard time figuring out what the hell was this. It really tiny in person. Its a Code Geass Character Charm. I know the Character im just having a brain fart and i really can't think of her name right now.
She is really cute though i might put her on my bag.

If anybody could tell me where she is from you will get 100 cookies from me. She is just cute. but i don't know where she is from. She is another charm. but who is she.

YES! I was soo happy when i saw Celty!!! Celty Plush!!!  I don't know where she is going but im just so happy i got her.

Finally The Clamp Kiseki Book. I was shock that this even came !

                                                                        Just look
                                                                     At these

                                                         CHESS PIECES!!!!

Now i haven't open the book yet but i plan on too soon. These demand me to.  Anyway i hope you enjoyed my birthday post. I will be back soon with my reviews for the winter season.  Check out Animestuffstore.com they also sell wig and stuff.    Thank you all for checking out my post.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Anime Winter Chart 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you guys had a great New Year and this month is kicking off to a great start.   I  will be talking about a few of the shows i will be watching during the winter season of 2014 but a  few side chat before i get started

Space Dandy. For those who've seen it what did you think about it? Did you loved it? Hated it? or though it was ok?

I did finshed Little buster ~refrain~  and i wrote about it on my other blog http://lostlittlegeek.wordpress.com/ (feel free to follow that one too)

Monogatari season two ended. That ending seriously?!

Now let get back on topic.

KLK is on break till the 10th so i will still be watching that.

Sonico the animation look not promising but interesting and i've have been seeing her around  alot so it would be interesting to see what a anime about a musical game character who isn't a voicaloid(when will the make a voicaloid anime?!) is about.

I am looking forward to Wizard Barristers: Benmashi cecil. It looks like it's made by the same guy who made Mezzo:Forte, Mezzo, Kite and Kite Liberator (two of them are hentai's). From the tailor i've seen it looks rather promising, colorful, and interesting.

Chiinibyou season two. I honestly think they do not need it.  They kinda closed everything in season one for me. Not only that Nibutani hair (which i think this was a HUGE reach on kyo ani part) is now black instead of brown like why?!  im going to watch but im going to go in it with a huge disappointment radar on. Seriously it didn't need a season two.

575 girls. I will be watching but  it doesn't look interesting.

Pupa. This was actually suppose to premier in the Fall but it got put on hold due to the fact  THEY NEVER HAD VOICE ACTORS/ACTRESS FOR THIS ANIME.  If this does premiere  hopefully this winter season i will definally be watching.

I know it's more i probably be watching but these are the main one so far.

what anime are you watching this season?

I will try to pop in but come Wednesday i will be off for about  a week due to the fact i am getting surgery :( 

Anyway Happy New year to all.