Saturday, May 31, 2014

Akuma no riddle 9 spoliers

For this review there is a TRIGGER WARNING due to the fact there is underage rape.

(sad and depressing disclaimer out of the way)

so now we continue where 8 left off Banba after Ichinoe and Isuke fighting Tokaku.

Remember that scene in the one Steven Kings movies where the guy busted through the door though the sledge hammer(the movie title slip my mind im sorry ;u:) and he chases his wife around the house just busting doors trying to find her. Yeah that kinda what Banba did with haru.

Banba while making collateral damage in her wake (i mean god damn who is going to fix all that) begans to tell Haru that Tokaku is more than likely dead. Fast forward to the fight between Isuke and Tokaku while it was a good fight at the beginning Isuke had the upper hand in the beginning. Isuke explans to Tokaku that she and Banba planned a ambushed attack (basically a jump attacked)

This episode kinda focused more on how Banba got that duel persona. While trying to mind fuck haru and playing deadly hide and seek she remember the time (please be for warned that this may be  a little hard on some watchers that why i put up that trigger warning) that she was forced to do kitty porn. Banba remember when she was locked in the room begging to get out then it flashes to a young her on the floor broken as men would take pictures of her.

She ends up killing her capturers and thus this is the point when her dual personality emerges. Present day Banba ends up chasing Haru into a music room  but then this kinda when it got weird yet awesome

First the weird

A big ass spot light was shone on her and due to her assult she has a fear of them (i should have seen that back in episode 8 when her room mate tried her with that room lamp)this make her break down and revererts back to her child like mind.
When we thought it was tokaku who done it to banba it was acutally Isuke then she grabs banba by her hair and toss her to the side.

The Awesome. After Tokaku was tossed out a window by Isuke she has a flashback to when her aunt was killed by her grandma in front of her eyes.

She then's meets her mom in her unconscious state and when she awakes after that happens she Kills yep KILLS Isuke by stranging her.

Apparently what kept her from killing people for so long was being hauted by the memorie of her mom and the death of her aunt.

So this happen

That is Nio. This is the first time we see Nio with out all them layers and it was a theory about why she wears only wear clothing with long sleeves and that covers her legs going around on tumblr i guess now that proves that they were right. Maybe these scars is what otoya saw but what does this mean? Who is Nio? What is Nio?

Next week long hair princess looking bitch is up. I m kinda looking forward to it because it would be interesting to see her story.

But seriously who and what is NIO?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mekaku city actor episode 7 spoilers

Side note is this fucking with people emotions week for anime because two anime just fucked with my emotions including this one.


Lets talk about feelings. Lets talk about how this episode mangage to fuck with my emotions. Let talk about this fucker KANO


So While visting the grave of Ayano we learn that Ene is Takane(which who didn't make that connection) Ene tell the group that the reason why she call shitaro master and her regrets of not doing thing while she had a human body and the perks of her new body and ask the gang to keep it a secret from Shintaro.The gang soon get a call from seto saying that he and shitaro are in the hospital so most of the gang goes to see what up. 

 Heres the fucked up part.

Kano stays behind to talk to Ayano grave but then check Ene for spying on him. Kano ask ene why does he stay with shintaro, Ene bring up the fact that Ayano death was so tramatic for Shintaro that if she leaves or even tell him that she is Takane he might crumble. Kano brings up the fact that Ayano isn't the only person who died that day.

                                                               (go to hell Kano)

Yep he went there. And soon we see a flash back to Haruka  in the hospital room with the teacher. He passed out but little do we know he is slowly dying because azami come to him in a vision(btw she was kinda barganing like a salesman with that body) offering Haruka a new body aka the body of Konoha but in exchange he will forget everything.

Bitch move Kano. Bitch move.

So Ayano dead, Ene dead, and now we know Haruka is dead.
Thanks Mekaku city actors!
Now that we know these people are dead can we kill a few people like Kano. I honeslty think he is a spy or evil.

I cannot wait till next week because this is some shit.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Akuma No Riddle Episode 8 Spoilers and rant


EDIT- In my first impression i said their was seven assasins left i ment to say three.

One of the most lowest pussiest thing when it comes to fighting is getting jumped espically if its a one on one fight then you have a bunch of the other person friends jump in to help the other person.

What did what i had to say has anything to do with this episode.

So The main assaissn focus was on Banba(the useless character) but in this episode she kinda redeems herself(at least her other side does) and when it comes to characters with MPD or DID i much rather prefer shinki from garden of sinners than Banba.
A Typhoon is on its way and as the two main girls was back on their way to their doorms they get a assaisn note from who they think is Banba
As the girls reach the doorms they soon get attack by not banba but by Isuke, Pink hair bitch. Apparently there is a loop hole in these assassin rules where a person could use another person name to send their hit via that person but carry out the hit themselves

Tokaku hide haru in a storage room and decide to take care of Isuke. While in the storage room guess who decides to show up now. MOTHER FUCKING BANBA!

*well at least she is getting her killing on.

While i am glad they made use of banba and now we are finally getting to see her killing methods which is a big ass sledgehammer  I am pissed at the fact that they added Isuke into banba episode. Isuke from this episode is the only character beside Nio(and with Nio beside Otoya and after she cut Nio she was never heard from again) Who Tokaku has a hard time dealing with I feel Isuke and Tokaku could have had their own episode  without inserting Isuke in a episode centering around Banba.

Here's my rant its not about the episode because the episode as a whole was good. Its about the fact that Akuma no riddle tried it. That was a bitch move using characters name who aren't even dead to carry out a hit then that character come to kill Haru to me that classifies as ganging up or jumping a person. We all know Ichinose while she could hold her own she isn't a fighter and Tokaku is busy fighting Isuke. What kind of shit is that ANR?!

Im looking to see next week episode to see what going to happen and what is Banba real back story because we only got a glimps of it in this episode.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Akuma No Riddle first impression

Sucks when you are the one in the class that everyone wants to kill.

Akuma no Riddle is bascailly 12 girls trying to kill one girl because of any reason given to that girl so they can have their wishes fulfilled. The fucked up part about it is that they are all in the same class TOGETHER.

I can see if they was in differnet classroom but really TOGETHER IN THE SAME CLASS

Inchinose Haru is the main bitch that everyone want to kill and she been a target for quite some time even before enrolling into the black class(the class where her and her assassins reside)

Azuma Tokaku is a train assasin who was one of the assassins after haru but seem to flip sides and now has become her protector from the others bringing the killers after her down to 12.

This show is very interesting because despite it being classified as a yuri its more yuri implied or shoujo ai. The action and the numerous murder attemts at Haru seem to override the yuri that this show has.
I love this show so far because with each episode we have one of the twelve assassins after haru and their back story as for their reason why they are after haru is kinda interesting. Another thing that is interesting is each assasin killing methods (weird i know) but some of these girls get creative and go all out just to kill one person.

For the most part each character is likeable and interesting and i like how the failed assaisns get their own character songs at the end of the episode but i have a problem with at least 3 of the characters on the show. 1) the male(the only male) teacher because he is useless and 2)Mahiru bamba either put up or shut up! out of all the assasins i feel she is useless because of her dual personallity and i usally like characters with dual personality but Bamba just irritates me but i am looking forward to see her killing methods and 3) Nio. Are you going to kill haru to? what is your angle?  Nio confuses me and even tough she is a judge for the assaisns given them their 48 hour deadline for them to kill haru it makes me wonder if she is after something when it comes to Haru.

Akuma no riddle is a Action Yuri(more Action than yuri) and i will keep watching because as of episode 7 we are now down to at least 7 Assassins.(spoiler one assassin got offed by another assassin which was kinda funny) so with these last few im looking forward to see their killing methods.

                                                                             Yay deaths!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mekaku city actors first impression

Mekaku city actor or Kagerou project as i would like to call it(because that what it is) is a anime based of the vocaloid songs series from the Kagerou project that was turn into a manga that was now turn into a anime.

For the most part i have no  real complaints because i frankly do not know what the hell is going on. I didn't read the manga(plan on to after the anime ends) and i only listen to a few of the kagerou project songs.

Visualially  to be honest i knew it was going to remind me of the monogatari series(for fuck sake studio shaft is doing the animation and during Momo story there were head tilts out the ass) but during episode four heat haze days the animation stirred away from the typical shaft animation a bit and i hope it keeps up like that for the rest of the anime*spoiler alert episode four is kinda dark near the end

The songs didn't change the only thing that change is that they got non robotic people(vocaloids) to sing them but im looking to hear more because like i said i only heard a few of the songs from the kagerou project.

I would recommed if you heard the songs, read the manga or are a fan of Digital Shaft animations and just want to see what new did they animated i suggest that you give mekaku city actors a look at.

*sorry if this isn't a good review im tired.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

First impression of Captain Earth

Ok so seeing how im four episode in i might as well give my first impression of this show.

Honeslty what is this show trying to be? By that i mean is it trying to be like X'amd, is it trying to be like Eureaka Seven AO are you trying to be another Macross Frontire? because those are the vibes im getting from this show mostly xamd vibes

Main characters Daichi who in my honest opinion is a complete dumbass renton reject. Teppei is a boy who can create rainbows from his hand(useless power if you ask me). Hana not much is known so far about hana except she was the girl from the bubble that Daichi and Teppei found when they were kids. Finally Akari who is a Hacker and is Daichi Cousin.

This show is rather interesting but when it comes to the plot i just don't know where are they trying to take this show and i guess that can be seen as a good thing but it could also be seen as a double edge sword because it could be like i said a another Eureaka Seven AO which had a shit ending.

Two things that are bothering me so far about this show and kind of with bones and the mecha anime they produce  1) Main characters that either have daddy issues or their dad died  and 2) the excessive  of rainbows in some shape or forms.

Oh well i will still be watching to see where this show is going.

btw i can't be the only one calling this show Captain planet