Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dangan Ronpa anime review

So Dangan Ronpa just ended. Yep.

Lets just say you are better off playing the game.

Dangan Ronpa High school of hope students of dispare. I first heard of this anime when i heard it was going to be made into a anime because it was originally a psp game in japan. i did a little research on youtube and seen all the execution scene on there before it was release. only thing that turn me off about it was the pink fucking blood but i thought that once the anime was release  they would change the pink to red blood. Nope.

Let now talk about the actual anime. give or take it ok. Not good kinda bad once you get to the courtroom scenes making this a ok anime. you can tell they cut  corners when they didn't really do much to animate the execution scenes and all they do to the courtroom scenes was to animate it they still have the bullet round bullshit  that was in the psp game.

for a 12 episode anime it was kinda fast pace but it was boring as fuck and with the mediorce animation made it kind of a bad anime.

its bascially battle royal mix with phonix wright.


ok ok the anime is kinda bad but let take a moment to admire the rapping at the opening and the 8-bit sounding song at the end

overall 4

Play the game. This anime is shit. Unless you are a masochist  like me check it out its ok for most part.

Btw They are making SUPER DANGAN ROMPA 2  into a anime so yeah im a masochist and i will check it out.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Blood lad 1-8 Review

Yay another vampire anime! Now Blood Lad isn't  like your Hellsing, or Vampire knight. In fact,  Its more of a comedy. A very...Very...sad dry comedy.
I am going to dwell into the characters in a min but less just talk about the atmosphere of Blood lad. Setting good. Background good. Sound meh. Everything is ok but it just feel like something is missing some how. There were certain scene in the anime where the characters were talking amongst each other where the music would stop and i guess it was suppose to add dramatic  to the scene but it seem to be lacking. I don't know to me this anime just seem to be missing that "ump" that would make it a good series.
Now to the characters.The characters are the only thing that keeps me watching this show. Staz is a otaku vampire who is obsessed with Anime and anything japanese (bascially breaking the 4th wall at times) to a point there was a episode he was about to do the kameiha meha wave. Fuyumi is a human who wonderd into the demon world where staz lives and end up getting killed and turns into a ghost and now relys on staz blood to keep her ghost body(because fuck logic) and Staz promises to bring back fuyumi human body from the dead. Along the way we meet Wolf, Staz friend/Rival who is a wearwolf, Bell who makes portal out of anything square, and Staz elder brother Braz and younger sister Liz. Its more but these are the main cast.
The plot isn't anything exciting. Its just getting fuyumi to be a human again and not a ghost and of course there are min plots  thrown in at times  like the  franken creatcher body snatcher or going to the high class demon world to see braz only to get thrown into jail  by Liz but its nothing that important.

Concluding i would be more interested and more entusiastic about it it had that "ump" to it. Its not a bad Action/Comedy anime. Far from it. Its just that you take out that "ump" and Just follow the Story-plot-setting-charcters-ending guidlines then you are just going to have a decent anime. When animators make a anime they put that "ump" in it be it their Time,Love, or  a feeling that they did something that they thought they couldn't do or even to spread joy and happiness to others. With Blood Lad i feel that this was made just to fill in a quota for the Summer Anime slot.

Idk what do you guys think?