Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hanamonogatari review

After months of waiting for a show that was suppose to to premire during the spring anime seasons Hanamonogatari finally airs. Yay SHAFT!

I have to say this, Hanamonogatari is the most deep, sad and bittersweet out of the monogatari series.
For the most part this series follows around Kanbaru who is now in her Third and final year of high school. Agarigi, Senjogahara, Hanekawa all graduated so Kanbaru is alone.
Rumors flow around the school about some "Devil God" that takes your troubles away. Worried that it might be her causing trouble in her monkey form she sorts out the source of these rumors along the way she meets up with Oshino Ogui(who is now a boy because in monogari season 2 was a girl) Kaiki Deisu (who i now alive and now has a beard) and the actual "Devil God" Numachi Rouka

Numachi Rouka is a Rival of Kabaru from Junior High. Both were very good basketball players but due to Rouka leg injury she was forced to quit and all of her basketball scholarship fell through and was forced to work part time to support her self but is now unemployed but is now listing to young people problems and is calling herself the "Devil God"

As the anime progress  Kanbaru monkey arm dissapears and she regains her human arm.

                                            Kanbaru soaking up her human arm

 We learn that Rouka killed herself in her third year of Junior high after her leg injury and that the Rouka that Kanbaru met up with was a Ghost. A Ghost who plans on collecting all the devil parts and becoming the devil herself. She even manage to steal Kanbaru monkey arm during their first meet up.

Near the end of the anime She meet up with Agaragi who now has a car and long hair she manage to send Rouka to the afterlife and she re-cuts her hair with Agaragi help.

I have to say this arc help me let go of a piece of my self i was holding on to for six years (and who says anime doesn't help) It made me realized that i had to let go of that side of myself, Judgement, and the past. and fear.

that aside I loved this arc however i didn't like the fact that they place Agaragi in as the "saving grace" near the end or the so called "Help" or "answer man" and i so wasn't here for his long hair.

Rouka backstory was so sad and depressing and in this arc i related so much with Kanbaru in this arc. Her interactions with Kaiki and i Guess Agarigi is what really made me relate more to her.

Growing up is hard. Helping people is hard. Letting go is very hard.  BUT not trying is even harder and that is what (or at least that is what i think) Hanamonogatari is trying to convey

Check it out.

                                                 Falling from responsibilities

                                                               Killer moves


Terror in Renosance episode 5-7

Well shit bitch!

Just when you think it couldn't get any good they add in another character to fuck the game all the way up.

Sorry this review is late i've been dealing with alot and i have a review of a manga you should check out but any way
Terror  in resonance
So in episode five we found out what happens to Lisa she is safe with Nine, and Twelve she still a bith ill from not eating for about 3 days. Twelve convinces Nine to let Lisa stay with them (which add on my confusion to their relationshiop) anyway stuff happens and Nine and Twelve plans another bomb  but for some reason plans against it  but it was Nine who realize that someone Hi-jackes the plan and before they have a chance to stop the bomb the bomb still goes off! Luckly nobody(but Nine) gets hurt and that is where we are introduce to a new character

(she wants to play a game)

Five is the same girl Nine has been having Nightmares(flashbacks) about and waking up in night sweats abouts. They all thought she was dead but apparently not.
She is alive and she is pissed.

Episode 6-7 was just about her toying with them and the cops and let me just say i really hate her use of "engrish" it just like nails on a chalk board whenever she decides to speak in "english"  it just sounds weird.

Why is it that these white hair anime characters are either good or evil and when they are evil they are sooo fucking perfect. I love Five she seem like she would be a huge ball of fun to see epically as this story progress i would love to see her past, how her mind works, and her past with nine and five.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Terror in resonance/zankyou no terror episode 2-4

I know this show was made this year but why do i feel like it was drawn and made back in 05 but just never put out or animated properly at that time to be released.

So  Terrorism.  There is so much dept to that word. With that aside i could go in on how these are kids with bombs and they are just running wild around Japan blowing up shit or i could give a deep in-dept analysis on Nine and Twelve personality  (i might just do that later on down the line but it clear that Lisa is depressed let just get that out the way)  but let get  my thoughts on these episode out of the way as well.

Episode 2.

Smooth move cops! You couldn't figure out where the bomb was! I gotta give it to Twelve though he walked through that police station and set down that bomb like it was nothing. It took a outside source who looks like Vincent from the cowboy bebop movie to tell them the bomb is in the police building.

Episode 3.

So in this episode the Vincent lookalike re-joins the police force in order to help out with who is setting off all these bomb. With his help they manage to detonate one from going off and figure out that its kids doing it but they still don't know its Nine and Twelve who are doing the bombings. My only problem with this episode is with twelve. Twelve told lisa that if she make one false move he will kill her. Yet she a accomplice she part of the team technically and true he tried to kill her in the first episode via fluffy item but what kinda psychopathic thing to say to a person. 

Episode 4(don't read if you haven't seen)

So Lisa ran away from home. The cops are still trying to figure out who these bombers are and now another message from  nine and twelve appeares and they only have till midnight to figure it out. They figure it out but when they do all the cops information they manage to collect on this case so far get leaked to the public because Nine found a backdoor into the police website and decide to cyber fuck them via computer game via riddle. For someone who hates Lisa, Twelve sure went above and beyond to keep tabs on her and save her from being taken in from the police. Idk that why i feel like i need to do a analisis on both Nine and Twelve personality because its kinda necessary when it comes to the case of Lisa  and maybe the Vincent lookalike

                                                        (im hurting you because i care)

Overall i did enjoy all three episode and i cannot wait for the soundtrack for this anime to be released because Yoko Kannon is a musical anime genius.

I don't like to say things unless i feel they are true and what im about to say i feel is true. Terror In Resonance is the new Cowboy Bebop.
I say that because i feel that this hold long term weight. I can see me not only me but people in general re-watching it 10-20 times (depending on their preference) and the music just like in cowboy bebop is just so captivating. Yes, on its own Cowboy bebop is a classic anime staple but i feel that in this new era of anime that maybe Terror in resonance will be that new anime staple that Cowboy Bebop was back in the day.

But that just me.

I can't wait till next week episode.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Free Eternal summer episode 5

Free episode 4 must have been boring because i do not remember it all i remember is sosuke wanting Rin dick or something like that(that whole wanting the dick could have been a dream but it free so i wouldn't hold it past them)

Episode 5. While not alot happen this episode  This episode focused more or Nagisa and his issue. Apparently he ran away from home because he was failing in his classes and his parents want him to quit the swim team(the only thing that is giving his life meaning) and he's been staying over Haru house. That was basically the plot  for this episode.

I could kinda relate to Nagisa in this episode because he mention prior coming to iwata high he was in a prep school where all he did was study and it was draing the life out of him and taking his purpose away from him. He couldn't even talk to his parents  but his parents did approve of him going to iwata high because they gotten tired seeing him so drain and lifeless. I too once felt drain and lifeless during my highschool years and i still do but i can't talk to my parents mostly my mom because she is so not here for me regardless on how much i talk to her she isn't about to hear what i have to say.

So at the end of the day Nagisa end up going home because mrs Ama shows up and say that his parents are worried about him and to go home.

While i do feel this is the more drama heavy season i feel that we won't get into the meat of the drama until episode 7 of this series. The first few episode have been stale while good it hasn't been any substance to them.

Im kinda looking forward to when this season pick up.