Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mekaku city actors ending Spoilers and final thoughs

Sorry for the late review.

Mekaku city actors final ending  Im highly disappointed with it. Not because it was a happy ending but because i felt it was uber super rushed.
Nothing near the end made sence. It was like watching bakemonogatari but worse because you REALLY  did not know what the fuck was going on near the end.

im not going to go through each scene because this episode was a disapointment but i will just highlight the important things

-that little boy uses his powers
-they did show Kuroha but did not play outerscience
-Ayano lives

I kinda did not care for this episode for a two reason 1) because i wanted a outer science ending and 2) like i said it was highly super rushed. It felt weirder than the last few episodes

The series as a whole is good untill it gets to this part i feel personally. I mean you can't really skip this episode because it kinda closes out the series but i feel like SHAFT just went full "fuck it" mode near the end.

The characters are likeable and loveable i love the short minuets Kuroha was on screen and i even love ene so there are no problems there. The plot is interesting but i wish and i will say this untill it get animated that they had animated the outer science ending
Song wise there were some song that  they should have added but didn't like asami song and another song i forgot i think it was marry mother song and the singers for the song have been meh for like two song (ayano theory of happiness and Imaginary forest) but that hasn't stop me from watching it.

Long story short it was a good series. Espically this is the second vocaloid series that has been animated and the first one that has been animated by shaft
If there are OVA's that are going to be made please PLEASE  let there be a outer science one!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mekaku city actors 11 spoilers

I really wanted them to animated the "outer science" ending but from this episode it looks like we are going to get the good ending to this

In the first few moments of this episode we are back in the room with shintaro who is now sporting a black jacket and now has red eyes. He is having conversation with the snake about the memories(which happen to be the bad outer science ending i want)  and give him a option to change it.
                                                  (it more to it but yep that just happen idk if hes dead though)

we then spend the majority of the episode looking back at Kano past with Ayano. Aparently Ayano tells Kano that the snakes possed their father because he was looking for a way to bring their mother back to life. Kano want to help the snakes at first but  Ayano tell him in order for that to work all the snakes would have to be gather and 1+1=2 and kano figures out that the powers he has are his powers.

Fast forward a bit Ayano tells Kano that their dad is using two of her classmates (Takane and Haruka) as sacrifices in his attempt to bring their mother back.

Kano want to fight there dad but ayano believe there is another way

Kano finds a note that ayano written( i didn't read it i forgot so sorry) and rushes over to the school. He makes it to the school roof but before opening the door he hears the dialogue between Ayano and the snake that is possessing their dad.

After hearing the  snakes plan Ayano solution to stop it or derive it a bit was to kill her self.  This shocks both the snake and kano who now rushes out to stop her but she ends up jumping anyway.

Present time present day. Seto meet up with Kano at Ayano grave.  Kano basically emotionally breaks down that Seto and Kano has a shonen ai moment.

So Kido, Kisaragi and Hibiya got kidnapped and they got out because of Kisaragi singing. 

Ene got her body back i don't know how and now Hibiya and Konoha are a part of the group.

At the end  Shintaro walk up these long stairs and meets up with the ghost of ayano and tells her lets go together.

This episode mainly focused on Kano and what made Ayano kill herself. Im kinda looking forward tward the end but then again im kinda not because it not the outer science ending i want but hey  i bet it still go.

That ending look like it would be good.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Akuma no Riddle ending spoilers and a rant.

Well one of the spring anime has ended  and this action yuri while it was good THE ENDING WAS A FUCKING DISAPPOINTMENT!

Seriously what the hell!!

Yes finally we know who and what Nio is. Nio is a Shape shipper who plays on people weaknesses  via her tattoos

It was her who was trying to kill Haru using Tokaku form

 So Nio and Tokaku get into it and Tokaku ends up stabbing Nio in the chest. Ya think that would be then end of that but no. I don't know why but Haru ended up charging at the real Tokaku and ends up getting stab by the real tokaku (dumb bitch). Tokaku ended up winning the black class for real this time and fast forward to like i guess a month later you see haru, nio(both still alive)  and all the other girls who lost in the black class two of which i thought killed each other still alive!

and this is where i had a problem 

why go through all this what was the purpose plot wise Akuma no riddle was a good show and the characters were interesting but if you are going to kill or write off a character KEEP THEM DEAD OR AWAY!

The ending was bullshit. I hated it. The show overall was good but i wouldn't watch the ending

Tokaku and Haru walking off 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

akuma no riddle episode 11 and mekaku city actors10 spoilers double anime spoiler

I decided to do it this way because i actually forgot to write my ANR review last night.

So Akuma no Riddle. At this point im content with not knowing who or what Nio is seeing how the series end next week. We are never going to get a clear answer. We are never going to get a real back story for Nio.  However how many of us did see that Tokaku would end up trying to kill Haru? In my opinion that was kinda of well for starters stupid to wait till you get all the others out of the way find out you two are the winners and now you want to kill her and two you want to kill haru only because you found out she has this "queen bee" power that even she was unaware of. Apparently this "Queeen bee" power that haru has is manipulation so up till this point she's been manipulating people. That is the main motive for why tokaku wants to kill haru.

Being honest if i was tokaku i would just let it be and take my wish and leave the school but nope.
As for Nio what was the purpose for her ending song don't get me wrong i loved it and it my fave besides "set me free" but why play Nio's ending theme when she didn't do shit.

(except start shit like usual)

Mekaku city actors

Well that took a dark turn. Is it me or does SHAFT has a thing for snakes now ever since bakemonogatari?  First it was the girl in bakemonogatari who was possed by the snake spirt then in monogatari season 2 she became a snake god  now in mekaku city actors SNAKES! idk maybe im just reading to much into it.

Anyway we are re-introduce to Asami apprently she has had all the powers before any of the main characters had gotten them

in the first 20 min of the show(it could have been 15 idk)  she was shot infront of marry's mother her daughter then went off and used about 85%  of her powers to get those attacker off her property before disapering in front of her dauther and her husband.

fast forward we see Asami daughters who is now older and a young Marry. Marry Wonders off and is captured by some people from the village and that when asami daughter used her power(medusa eyes as i would like to call it) to save Marry before she coughs up blood and dies.

Then we are taken to snake hell. I only call it that because well beside the snake being around every fucking where it was suppose to be Asami perfect world where time stand still but it look more like hell and i was soo creeped out at that point. Asami uses her power to free marry because i guess marry ended up there somehow and now marrys lives in that house alone before a young  seto show up and those two becomes friends

Now we are in the present(like we should be) and marry wakes up and no body is around so marry goes out and find a passed out konoha near some trash and bring him in for some tea and they see on the news that people are gatherd around some place so the two of them decideds to go to check it out to see if the others are there.

This episode was oddly darker than the last one and while it was good i got a feeling that they might animated the "outer science" ending and i am so here for it. Two thing wrong with this episode however 1) there were two song they could have used as insert for this episode but didn't  Asami shinigami record song and her daugher song  gyogi book(sorry if its spelled wrong)  2) Why didn't they get a female to sing Marry's song. Having a guy sing "Imagination forest " was just odd to me it didn't fit.

Next week is kano episode and im ready for him to be broken down because he's pissed me off for the last time!!

Now for some Asami eye power!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anime Rant

im venting about things i hate in anime and things that just happen to me.

For starterst i regrett not going to ANIME NEXT this past weekend. I saw that 3/4 of the cast of podtaku was there  and shit i wanted to get their autographs not only that kimura u and studio trigger was there so yeah fuck my life.

the main purpose for this rant was to rant about captain earth.  I kinda am enrange with that show. first what is that show trying to be but in my honest opinion i really think its trying to be the first season of eureka seven but now we are trying to stop these designer,crystal, i really don't give a shit children!!!! Seriously Capiant earth i thought this would be a different mecha anime from BONES but im not about to waste my time watching 25 episode for a plot to emerge only for it to be shitty and now that we are 10 episode in i could already tell that this is going to end with a shitty ending!!  Will i keep watching? not like how i use to because now this plot is pure bullshit.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

mekaku city actors episode 9 spoilers


So let talk about that weird ass opening. Doesn't it kind of remind you of aku no hana's rotoscoping  anyway this episode oddly i wasn't depressed more so i was confused.

I thought this would explain how ayano ended up killing her self but no we just found out how her mom died(i forgot her mom did die) and how her mom kept a journal of how she theorized the kids ended up with them eyes.  We also learn that her dad had some weird ass plot which involved haruka and ene being scarifies when they were human.

but guess who found ene human body

I have so many questions.

1) Why or i should ask how did ayano mom found out about this theory?
2) Why did ayano die(i know she didn't die in this episode ) but what was her purpose for dying
3) What is her dad's power? I really want to know that.

Btw we also learn that Marry is the new Medusa  meaning she is the snake queen aka the person who lures people to their death at least that from my understanding and next week is Marry's episode.

Im still confused to what this show is about but it keep getting good each episode but seriously, that opening threw me the fuck off.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Akuma no riddle spoilers episode 10

First off highly disapointed that this wasn't a two part episode(they can give isuke and banba two episodes but not for this character it felt rushed) and secondly did not see that coming and that is hella cheating.

Ok so this is the episode that Hanabusa(the one with the office desk in the classroom) get to fight Tokaku and Haru she doesn't fight them right away infact she invites them to  a tea party.

This is a side note thing so apparently they don't kill the losers off like i though because in the first few min of the episode i think guess who shows up again. Haru first assassin otoya (they psycho killer who wanted freedom to kill people if she killed haru) breaking out of jail.  Once Otoya gets back to the school it seem like Hanbusa and her get into it to the point Hanabusa breaks her sissors with her bear hands.

Ok so fast forward to that "Tea Party"  and the reason its in quotations because it stop becoming a tea party and became a animated saw hostage-like situation where as Otoya was in a straight jacket and bound and gaged and only her, Tokaku and Haru were the only human guess because the rest of the guest  were PUPPETS!! PUPPETS OF THE GIRLS WHO LOST AND TWO WHO DIED!

Not gonna lie that part kinda creep me out a bit.

So Tokaku and Hanabusa ends up battling and this is why i say its hella cheating because Hanabusa reveals she part cyborg.

So while Tokaku and Hanabusa is fighting somehow Otoya mangages to get free and comes after Hanabusa(but if i was Otoya and i knew that Hanabusa had cyborg parts i would just look for a way out of that room just saying)
She manages to grab a machete of the wall of wepons they are locked in with and does some damage to one of hanabusa arm but with  hanabusa cyborg legs she kickes her to the wall.

Long story short it wasn't Tokaku who ends up defeating Hanabusa it was Haru by bating and luring her to the roof and her hand or the wires that was in her hand get tangled on the railing causing her to go over Haru kick her so her robot arm can come loose and she ended up falling to her death.

My questions is will Tokaku or Nio (because Nio is still left regardless if she is a judge or not the way this story is going anything is possible) be up to kill Haru? Will Haru end up doing something unexpected? WHO OR WHAT IS NIO!!!

I really want to know what Otoya knows or saw because Nio shows up to the fight and when Nio see otoya she tell her to give it up and some how Nio manages to scare her shitless