Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Looking for some old anime to review

While im in the mist of watching the new aring anime im also looking for some old anime to review. Im at a point where i do want to take a plunge back into the past and see what are some good old anime titles so feel free to suggest some titles for me to watch BUT the must be at least a OVA or have 12-26 episodes. I WILL NOT REVIEW THE BIG THREE. You can suggest some movies for me to watch as well as i am in a movie watching mood too.  Titles can be from the late 80's through 2008. I will take the first 5 and if there is a few i like i might up it up to 10 depending how am i doing with the current running anime.
Looking forward to your suggestion .

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Is Man-Service the new wave in anime?


                          With the new release of FREE! from Kyoani and its display of High school boy in all their muscle bound body glory, this raises a good and important question will man-service be the new wave in anime? We are all familiar with fan service with all the breast and panty shots that are in anime hell there are some anime that are devoted to that (im looking at you Ikki tousen, Queens Blade and 90% of the animes that rely on it because they don’t have a decent plot) But in terms to Free! its a whole new spin on the fan service.
                         Free! was only suppose to be a demo KyoAni made to show how good they can animated water(and i guess how they improve on animating) but i guess the fan girls wanted to see MORE!! so a KyoAni obliged. The original penitent title was suppose to be “Swimming” Anime, which still can be(and to me and 95% of the people who watch it is) the title of anime seeing how the anime is about so far 4 boys starting a swimming club and one of them getting a boner and stripping when someone mentions the word “pool”. Getting back on point, it was during the demon where a small amount of man service  turned into a huge demand where kyoani made it into a full series.
                           A lot might bash the show because they might deem it to be “Gay” or “For the girls” but its acually it does has something in there for the guys …somewhat. Some might say Kuroko no basket was full of man service but im sorry and i know im going to get alot of hate for this they didn’t do it well. Free! is taking the long forgotten Man-service genre and bringing to the light and forcing people to look at it! Accept it! and Appreciate it!!
My question is will other companies follow suit? will they produce their own version of free! or some Man Service anime that might do better than Free!?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Is there too much "Fanservice" in todays anime?

Back in days of old in the late 80's up till the late 90's and i would even say some where in the 2000-2002 Fan service in anime was very very subtle. The most you would ever seen is  a bit of upskirt, a bra flash or even the obligatory bikini beach scene in every harem anime episode or semi nude girl in the hot spring in the obligatory hot spring episode. It really did take a lot back then to get little boys and peverted men to get riled up. Minimum fan service from their favorite character  and they had boners so hard  it would take a ice pick to soften them. Nowadays with shows like "High school DXD", "Ikki Tousen"," High school of the dead" and with any Harem show nowadays the fan servies within those show are so overwhelming that other shows are starting to pick up on it and relying solely on it for its success. Prime example:The Bakemonogatari series. In the Original Bakemonogatri seires the fan service was subtle so subtle it was overlooked by the plot of the show. When Nekomonogatari came around the fan service was somewhat noticable but then again the plot out ruled it. Now that the second season of bakemonogatari is out and even though it 3 episode in i can tell its just using the fan service to make up for the the lack of the plot or the slowness of the plot. I really hate when shows have to rely on fanservices for that and that what 90% of anime that are coming out are doing granted i know that bakemonogatari is a exception because i know they can pull them self out of the hole somehow but others when they know their anime is going to suck they flash us with characters with huge breast or give us ass shot. Half of these anime might as well be full on hentai.  "So i can't Play H" is a anime that might as well be a full on hentai. Today most of then industry feel that if their isn't any fanservice in their anime it won't do well and that isn't true. I miss the glory days when the fan service wasn't so "In you face". Where the fan service was a treat after a long dry spell of action, depression and clusterfuckery  the that when you get the panties and the bras and if you were lucky the naked chick now it like"why by the cow when you can get the milk for free?"

I don't know I just feel like today's anime relies to much on fan service.

Do you think there is too much or too little of it in todays anime?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

First impression of a few summer anime series

I would be giving my first impression of a few summer anime that i watch in a few to one word.
Free!!(swimming anime)-Hot boys, Pool, Kyoani making everything cute? Oh Kyoani you tease you.
Dangan Ronpa- Hey you like solving mysteries? No.Well too bad you can't leave till you find out who the killer is. Oh by the way if you don't guess correctly  you might die too.
Rozen maiden 2013- Thank god they are finally going to explain the white doll.
Monogatari second season- Lesbians? Ecchi?
Blood lad- Weeaboo vampire
That is it.  As i watch the series i will give a more indent review of the series but for now these are my first impression of the series.