Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring Anime 2017 First impression Honorable Mentions

Part One

Part Two

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu_ka?/ What are you doing at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?

 It will always be refered to as SukaSuka because that titled is long as shit. Long titled aside it follow a guy who is chared with taking care of weapons. Turns out the weapon were some girls all along. I found the first episode boring and the long title was off putting to me but i still found it interesting to some degree im gonna give it the three episode treatment before i decide to drop it completely.

Kenka Banchou Otome Girl Beats Boys

Girl Beats Boys  follows Hinako Nakayama who gets tricked by her twin brother into going to a all boys school in his steed. There she finds out that its the worst school in all Japan. Everybody there fights to see who is going to be king of the first years (or the school). The first episode see her kick this guy who saves her after she was about to get her ass kicked during opening ceremonies . After she tell the guy her name (she is using her bros Name ) he was ready to kick her ass because apparently her bro is a bad ass or something. This is a short clocking in at only 8min but it does well with getting its story across.

Nobunaga No Shinobi Ise Kanegasaki-hen/ Ninja Girl and Samurai master Ise Kaegasaki arc

The second season of Ninja girl and Samurai Master. Follows Chidori as she help Nobunaga in his quest to make a better Japan. If you haven't seen the first season you will be a bit lost because most of the character who are introduce in the first play a important role in the second.

Cinderella Girls Gekijou/ Cinderella Girl Theater

This  IdolM@aster Short that Follows the daily lives of the Cinderella Idols. They switch from full size to Chibi size. Its a cute short and if you are fan or have watch Idolm@ster Cinderella girls then you might wanna check this out.

That it so what are you guys watching this season?

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring anime 2017 first impression part 2

Check out part one here
Part One

Follow what is aring here   and here

The Laughing Salesman NEW/ Warau Salesman New

This show can be a bit creepy and it creep factor mostly comes from the Laughing salesman itself. It follows The Laughing Salesman Name Fukuzou Moguro who goes around granting peoples "dreams" that are in their hearts. Mostly he goes around fucking up people lives by giving them false hope or if they don't heed his warning will just make their life's hell. I don't know if this is a remake but most of the episode are stories of people he meets on his journey around Japan and how he goes out of his way to "help" them. If you don't like the old art style it has  or not a fan mystery/horror anime then this is passable.

Kabukibu!/Kabuki Club

Back at it again with the CLAMP anime. Its been a while since we had a anime from CLAMP. Kabukibu! Follows Kurongo Kurusu and his friend Murase Tonbo as they try to get member to start a Kabuki Club. CLAMP is going to CLAMP so of course there were people with disproportion body parts. So far the story isn't bad and the characters are likeable.


Tsugumomo follow Kazuya Kagami a highschooler who carries around his mother obi in backpack. After being attck by a possessed wig and falling off the roof a spirit comes from the obi name Kiriha and protects him.  Both from that point on have to fight spirts/demons possessing items or in its recent episode a whole place.Its mostly a supernatural comedy anime. Also Kiriha reminds me of Ryoko of Tenshi Muyo and i don't know why.

Hinako Note

Not much to say about this one. Its another Moe slice of life anime for this spring season. Hinako Note follows Hinako
Sakuragi. A country girl who moves to Tokyo in hopes of joining the high school Theater Club. Upon arriving she meets Kuina Natsukawa a girl who works at a bookstore and loves books so much she eats the pages(no joke) and Mayuki Hiiragi a girl who often gets mistaken for a child. Hinako finds out from Chiaki Ogino who is a part of the Theater club and is also the landlady for the place Hinako is staying at (and who looks alot like Lain in the face department)  that the club is on hiatus but encourages Hinako to start her own in the meantime.  The show is cute and it reminds me alot of Is the order a Rabbit? 

 Sin:Nanatsu no Taiza/ Seven Mortal Sins

So there is another anime by the same name and no its clearly got nothing to do with that. Seven mortal sins follows Lucifer(yes really)  as She is cast out of heaven and at first lands in a church and meet a nun in training name Maria Tousaka. She help her before the Lucifer decide to give maria a bit of of her blood before falling to the coldest part of Hell. There she meet Leviathan Goddess of the sea and Super Sonico reject. From that point on both decides to fight the sin's. A group of girl who make up the seven deadly sins. At the end of the episode a injured Lucifer and Leviathan return to the church Lucifer first fell too and meet up with Maria again before Lucifer decides to kill her for no reason. the first episode was ok. Typical ecchi yuri fodder but i hope later episode are more action pact that the first. Also this is another anime based of a toy/Figurine Line.

Honorable Mention coming soon

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Anime Season 2017 first impressions part 1

With the Winter season over its time to usher in the Spring anime season and it has started off with a bang.

as always you can check whats airing here or here

Attack On Titan season 2/ Shingeki no Kyojin season 2

The one everyone's been waiting for, for about a billion years has finally aired its season two and it wasted no time getting back to the action. This was met with a bit of controversy from a small handful of AOT/SNK fans because instead of having 24-26 episode  it will have only 12 and that pissed them off. Either way im glad its back and it looks like its going to be a very good season. Also more weirdly shaped and meme filed titans.

Kyoukai No Rinne Season 3

Takahashi has a strong fan base seeing how this manage to get a season 3 in this day and age. Nothing much happen in the first episode of season 3 typical hi jinx and what not ,but what we can expect from this season is a actual fucking Villain and not rivals this time.

The Royal Tutor/Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine

This anime kinda surprised me because i wasn't expecting it to be this funny. It follow a small  tutor name Heine Wittgenstein who is tasked with the poor job of teaching the kings four sons, The Von Grannzreich Brothers. The first episode was funny Heine tries to teach them but Leonhard one of the Von Grannzreich bro's tried to lead a revolt but the bro's had other thing to do thus leading Heine to try to teach him . Heine eventually blackmails him into taking a popquiz but reward him with his favorite sweets. I will have my eye on this show. Also did the person who animated diabolik lovers animated this because while i was watching the animation was way to simular to DL idk maybe it just me.


Another interesting show,it made by the same person who made Black Lagoon.  The first episode was very action pact  from the start. This anime asked the question "what if your favorite anime characters came to the real world and started beating the shit out of each other?'. It has a FSN feel to it as the main character Souta mangages to bring his favorite anime character Celestia Yupitilia to the real world only to have Gunpuku no Himegimi  a mysterious woman who is able to wield a million swords at once. Both of them duke it out in the first episode until another character intervenes. The fights in this show are well animated and the sound track to this show is very good.

Frame Arms Girl 

Busou Shinki but with a femal lead  and more fighting. That what this anime is bascially. Its based off the toyline of the same name it follows 16 year old Ao Gennai who recevies one of these dolls named Gourai. She first assumed it was a gift from her dad for entering High School but it was given to her buy the company to test out how Gourai operates. This anime Uses CG for the Dolls and regular animation for Ao. The fights between Gourai and Sylet was ok but the CG was kinda distracting. So far its a good show mostly for the fights.

Pt 2 coming soon.