Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gakkou Gurashi Final Thoughts

This was not the ending i was looking for but it wasn't a bad as i thought it would be.  Let start out by saying the sub was delayed for a while but they are up now and after checking out the last episode im really wasn't feeling it.

Gakkou Gurashi Chronicals the daily lives of four highschool aged girls who live in a zombie infested high school Yuki for the majority of the episode is delusional and see their dead teacher megu-nee Kurumi is the brawn of the group taking out zombies in the school Rii acts more motherly and keep track of inventory and Miki is the mind for the most part.

During the show while it was airing there was multiple conspricy therory going on from the state of Yuki sanity to is Megu-nee really alive or dead (which was proven that she was dead from jump) We even have people making parodies of the opening

The show if you haven't read the manga it is very different. The first episode set you up for your typical slice of live anime with Moe girls  but near the end you see that you were lead into a false sense of security as you get to see that not what this show is about.  As the show progress we see the girls mental state get push to the limit at times. If you have read the manga (or started reading it after the first like i did like a idiot) Its still a interesting experience to compare and contrast each characters action from what they do in the manga and even the different situation they are in to the manga

Some have compared this to madoka in the way its looks happy and cheerful but it really a dark show i compare it to HOTD but less tits more moe and a actual plot.


(miki face was wonky at times)

Sound 8


One thing i can say that the anime did better than the manga is that they made zombie megu-nee more creeper than she was in the manga. Overall the show is a wild ride of emotions as stated before the first 6 episode are directed by ero writers it gets back on track around the 7 episode  either way its a good horror show.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kyoukai No Rinne Final Thoughts

With the majority of the summer season coming to a end and the Fall season starting soon i decided to catch up on those i haven't been watching due to following(keeping up with) talked about animes at the time.

Anyway Kyoukai no Rinnie is a show that premiered in the spring season and carried into the fall. It follows High schooler Sakura Mamiya a girl who is able to see ghost,spirits and such and Rodou Rinne and Half Human Half Shinigami who lives in the human world exterminating the ghost/spirits  and sending them to the Rinne no wa to be reincarnated.

During the show we are introduce to Tsubasa Jumoji a exorist who is implied to be a Christan due to his bible thum attack and holy ash attack and is Rinne Rival when it comes to Sakura affection. Ageha a female Shinigami who is wealthy but is dumb and see Sakura as a Rival when it comes to Rinne affection. Rinne Dad Sabato who due to his scheme is the reason Rinne is in debt $1,000,000 and is the leader of the Damagashi company a company who is out to spread evil. Masato a demon so dumb and petty in one episode he misspells his own name and just does petty stuff to get back at Rinne for what he done to him when they was children and Kain Rinne debt collector who is introduce near the end of the series and will only leave him alone once Rinne debt is paid in full.

If you are a fan of Rumiko Takahashi Work then you know some of her tropes and classic signiature in her manga and anime.  For the most part if you are going in blind them most of the jokes in this show will kinda fall flat and even if you have been a fan of her works there are episode that just fall flat. The first six episodes were ok but not good to me.  As a Collective i believe that it could have been longer but as announced this show is getting a season 2. This season was more the set up for what i hope can be better in the second season.


Animation 6



Its slow paced at time and i really enjoyed episodes that have two parts to them. There is a mix between Comedy and action and it clashes into Dark humor at times but over all if you are looking for a up-to-date Rumiko Takahashi show to check out Kyoukai no Rinne isn't one to be looked over.

though it might be like mermaid forest

                                            Even they are surprised they are getting a season 2.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Charolett episode 11 Review

Shit KEY  who was you trying to outdo! This week episode was way more than KEY has ever done in the past when it comes to pulling on the heartstrings of its views. They decided saddness wasn't enough lets add a dramatic death with blood to the mix along with being kidnap and toured.

Quick rundown of what happen before this episode
Important parts
*Ayumi(aka pizza sauce) was found to have the collapse ablity
*Ayumi dies because of her ablity
*Yu falls on hard times and is saved by Nao
*Yu remembers he had a older brother
*Yu meets his older brother who has the time leap abilty and tells Yu he actually has the plunder ablity
*Yu uses plunder to take his older brother ablity to save pizza sauce(Ayumi) and take her ability
* Pizza sauce lives!

In this episode it was found that one of the members Yu and Ayumi older brother was working with was being blackmailed. The driver who usually take Pooh to the school Yu and Nao goes to to tell them there is ability weilder take Pooh to a abandon warehouse where he is then beaten and bound to a chair and then torched by having his nails on his hand and feet ripped off.

Somehow Nao ends up getting involved with this mess and ends up getting caught in the middle of the night.

Words gets back to Yu brother and he plan to get them both back by using Yu.  Yu meets the people holding Pooh and Nao and things were going smooth until someone who also uses a ablity comes out of nowhere and not only uses a ablity but a knife to slice one of his eye so he won't time leap.

and that when things took a sharp left turn.  Yu uses collaps and the building ended up falling apart the group ended up  getting there a bit to late and had to look for Yu, Nao, and Pooh.  Yu and Nao was ok but Pooh..

                                               Why KEY why you do this to me!

Little Busters was less intense than this. It shouldn't be on Grisaia No Rakuken action levels. Oh my god.

Two more episode left and im really want to see what else does KEY has up it's sleeve because this episode was a so left field for key.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Gakkou Gurashi Episode 10 Review

Well That escallated rather fast. I know they aren't going to get to the arc i want them to get to because that is when shit really get fucked up but this anime needs a season 2.


                                                       New opening animation

So we now know that the dog IS dead.

The anime starts with the girls in the classroom just chating its a rainy day. Yuki enters and mentions that Taromaru is missing. Everyone excepts Rii goes to look for the Dog. Kurumi comes across some of Taromaru tracks and it leads to the underground shelter that was in the booklet they found two episodes ago.  Kurumi does mangages to find Taromaru but he is no longer the same for he is now a zombie

While down there she also see the person resonsible for taromaru becoming a dead zombified dog.

                                              Megu Nee Herself

Unable to accept this realty she is force to take out Megu-nee on her own but a sudden momentary flash back to when megu-nee was human casued her to hesitate which resulted her to end up getting bit by megu-nee

She somehow makes it back to the classroom but is badly injured. As the girls clearly see and is only able to  say a few words. Yuki was somehow unfased by the bleeding Kurumi and even help.

Kurumi ends up telling Rii that it was Megu-nee who bit her and that she messed up.  The bite that Megu-nee inflicted mangages to do damage to kurumi so much that she is handcuffed to the couch that is in the room. Unable to bear the screams of Kurumi Rii is contemplating on just stabbing Kurumi with the Knife that is in the bag in the room. Before she can do so Miki enters telling her there is antidote in the shelter Kurumi was in and it would be better for her (miki) to go instead of Rii because she just might end up like Kurumi if she runs into Megu-nee again.
                                           Crying because she now know taromaru is dead

The episode ends with Yuki realizing the window is fucking broken. I guess she is somewhat coming out of her delirium

I really need for this to have a season two because there is so much more they need to get too which i know they won't in the last two episode we have left.

For the most part this was a good episode espically doing a good job of animating when kurumi see  megu-nee and they made to me  megu-nee even creeper than she was in the manga

but yeah really hope this get a season two.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Gakkou Gurashi Ep 9

Sorry i haven't been in with any anime reviews. I've come down with a summer cold and im still trying to get over it. I am backed up with anime reviews i know i have to do but today im here to talk about Gakkou Gurashi

More specifically about the last few moments in episode. The majority of this episode was more like the beach/swimsuit episode.  It was a nice refesher from the drama, shock and horror that is gakkou gurashi

                                          ( Obligatory Swimsuit episode images )

The last few moments of this week episode Taromaru conveniently makes up with miki and i found that strange. 1) since episode one that dog has been avoiding her and it wasn't till we saw miki back story we found out why 2) Why now? Why over a dead girls cd player? why? it just didn't fit right. But then, that when i put two and two together and well  near the end the dog excape and that when we see

                                                              Hi Megu- Nee!

They somehow made her more creepy than she is in the manga.  Either way....taromaru we can assume is now dead.

This week episode was ok but lack luster. The last few moment kinda made up for it but barely.

Side note is it me or is miki face animation wokey at time?

Just for fun if you are interested in the opening breakdown if you want to see the full breakdown of the openings thus far.