Saturday, September 27, 2014

Zankyou no Terror/ Terror in ResonanceLast episode


Today i decided to watch The last two episode(10-11) of Zankyou no Terror(Terror in Resonance) and..

My word cannot express the supress rage, sadness and mixed emotion i feel from this last episode

Quick recap from Episode 10

-Five wakes up in a hospital
-Nine Turns himself in
-Five leave hospital to go look for five because"nobody but her can have Nine"
-Twelve and lisa hears about Nine turning himself in and Twelve feel guilty for betraying him(as he should)
-Nine decides to give a announcement around 8 and while the cops are transporting him Five decide to chase him down shoot at the car he was in
-Five is betrayed by the blond American translator but she end up killing him (just cuz)
-Nine shoots at the car Five was in but in the end Five end up killing her self by shooting at the gasoline leek coming from the car
-Nine Still holds the cantonment but instead of revealing info about Spinx  he announces that he will set off a atomic bomb around 10pm that night.

                                                       Goodbye Five. You lived a short life in this show.

Episode 11

This is the episode shit really hit the fan. First you have people flipping their shit because a Atomic bomb is set to go off in a couple of hours. People are leaving the area and shibazaki is trying to get shit in order. Lisa Meet up with Twelve but twelve is badly injurer from throwing a bomb at Five's car he passed out.  Shibazaki and the other are trying to get to the root of why Nine decided NOW to release a atomic bomb. Shibazaki decides to call up his daughter who is evacuating the city along with his wife to ask her how can a atomic bomb go off without killing people and she tells him if it release in a higher altitude it would go off but it would knock out power to the whole country. While Shibazaki and the other scramble to figure out how to get the bomb from out the sky and stop it from knocking out power to the entire country, Nine ride a elevator to the top of somewhere just to see it go off.  long story short  Twelve tells Lisa that she gave him and Nine a reason to live ,Bomb goes off, People are safe but the power does go off  and nine uses his watch to create the Northern lights and watches the view from wherever he is safe at.

So Lisa and Twelve meets up with Nine the day after the bomb goes off and Nine thanks Twelve for helping him during the Five incident. The three spend the few hours they have together living out peacefully, Cleaning up, making grave maker for those who died, playing (or trying to play soccer) and listing to music. Before it gotten dark Shibazaki mangage to find out where they was hiding and figure out what they was truly after which was to be notice and caught but Nine pointed out the he was their ophidious (sorry if i spelled that wrong)  He places the Duo under arrest but before he has a chance to cuff them the US military Surround them in their helicopters

Shibazaki manages to Stop Nine from setting off multiple atomic bombs after he watch Twelve Get shot but in wasn't long before he too sub come to the test drugs from years of testing and soon dies

To be honest i really wasn't surprise that they died. I was really surprised at how Twelve died though. I honestly  thought that he would have sub come to the drugs testing as Nine Did but seeing him get shot like that really did crush me.

My thought on the series as a whole as this. It is a great series and it was a refreshing break from the action, shoujo, comedy, horror genre HOWEVER  what killed it is the Twelve and Lisa romance 

i mean how did this

Turn into this

Anyway that aside it does has good music and a good deep plot and a ending that is going to take me weeks to get over(epically after watching Free now i gotta deal with this ending TOO!)
 There really wasn't left at the end of the episode. We see Shibazaki and Lisa Vising  Nine and Twelve Grave's and Lisa telling Shibazaki that before he died he ask nine what was he always listing too V-O-N which meant hope. After that they parted ways


Thought you might enjoy listing to it and getting in your feelings. :) You're welcome

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Free Eternal Summer final episode

After a 30 second trailor that was supose to show how kyoani can animate water turn into a sports anime about swimming which gotten a second season Free Eternal summer has now ended and with lots of tears and voids left in the heart for huge fans of the series.

The last episode were a huge up and down rollacoster with a life lesson mashed in the middle of a race.
I kinda feel that this episode was made first before the acutal first episode because the quality of the characters were better espically when they were in the water having their "sight" moments. I will admit i did cry when Nagisa and Rei cry because it was their last race together as a team with Haru and Makoto. I spent the majority of this episode however trying to figure out what is Haru going to do after he graduate we know he went with as Rin to figure out he want to keep swimming with his friends but what is he ACTUALLY  going to do after he graduates?
So the race happens everyone has their "sights" moments and they come in 6th place.
Fast forward Makoto, Haru and Rin  have now all Graduated from High school. Nitori is now Captian of Rei old Swim Team. Rei and Nagisa are Captain and Co-captain of theirs(im guessing) along with Gou. Makoto is in Tokyo along with ...Haru! Haru decide to Go to tokyo with Makoto and goes to College.

Before the episode end Makoto and Haru travels back to their old town and meets up with Rei  and Nagisa and the four of them travles and meet up with Rin who takes them too a pool filled with cherry blossoms and they all dive in.

Friendship is magic isn't it?  Leaving friends behind is hard and letting go of friend is harder epically if you just met this person. Haru and Makato (mostly haru) was trying to tell Nagisa and Rei that this isn't the end of them swimming together just because they are leaving this is just the beginning. Even though they are far apart they are still connected by water and that is how most friendship and close bonds are. Even if you are far and feel alone you are still close to that other person in some way shape or form

Sorry if i was too deep there.

Did i like the last episode bits and pieces near the end however i just felt it  could have been better if they would have left out the cherry blossom pool bit that wasn't needed

Oh well there is no more FREE!

                                         Haru went to Tokyo with Makoto!! the shippers are pleased.

                                                                FABULOUS !



Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Free Eternal Summer episode 11+12

Just one more episode to go.

One more episode before we can get rid of these disposable characters and this overly drawn out plot at this point.

Episode 11 basically everyone at their school celebrates the team making it to national (it could be reginals i forgot) and while the rest are gloating and celebrating, Haru is still sulking and thinking about what is it that he should do with his life aka going through his teenage midlife crisis.  During the Obon Festive i guess the gang thought it would be approprate to tell Haru how he feels about him not preforming up to his potential and how its effecting the team. He tell mostly Rei and Nagisa "He doesn't understand them" and walk away  Makato goes after him and they get into a argument about what Haru is going to do after they two graduate and Makato tell Haru he's going to College in Tokyo and this upset haru to the point he run off and the episode end.

The minor parts in this episode was Sousuke confronting Haru about him stoping during the race and how he need to get his act together for Rin and how Rin gets a plane ticket to go back to Australia

Episode 12

Kyile Minouge Is From Australia.
The fact that i mention that has little to nothing to do with my review maybe just the Australia part.

                                                        ( to swim and fuck shit up)

Aparently Rin and Haru are in Australia in this episode. Rin Took Haru to Australia with him to visit not only his House family but to help him find his dream.
 We spend like 15 mins learning about Rin time in Australia and apparently while he was here he was depressed because he wasn't doing as well as his counter part aside from that he didn't knew the language that well either.

Day two of Rin and Haru adventure Rin takes Haru to the Syndey Center where all the National teams swim and Haru was apparently amazed there were some National swimmers there already but 

But apparently being in the center and around all those national swimmers helps haru find his dream and what he wants to do with his future, Which is Swim for the rest of his life.

                                                  Yeah.... Don't smile. Its creepy

Thats all that happen. Im kinda Curious on how they are going to end this series because now we know Haru is going to swim, Makoto is going to college, Rei and Nagisa still has one more year before they graduate i mean yeah they have the National race but i don't want that kind of ending.

Side Note- while Rin was in Australia did he get bitten by a radioactive shark? Is that how he got those shark teeth?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus/Circus arc and my dissapointment

So yesterday i spent my whole Saturday watching Kuroshitsuji Book of circus  or the Circus arc of the anime.
Well being honest i did not like this arc.
I hated it.

I really can't complain about the plot so much nor the characters but i do feel like THIS! THIS.ARC was not need. This should have stayed a manga only arc or this should have been released right after the first Kuroshitsuji anime.

That is what made me not care for this anime that much. Yeah it did get dark around episode seven with the whole kid getting kidnapped and the circus was behind it and in later episode we found those kidnapped children but they are so deep in trance they don't even know where they are or who they are a few die before ciel and sebatian eyes and some creep delusional bangage guy was behind the circus kidnapping the kids and bring them to him. It became super dark near the end. That aside I just feel that even though no matter how dark it was this should have stayed a manga only arc.

To me the circus main cast look like a pack of Hottopic elites and Joker looked like a visual kei vocialist, Beast is one Whip away from being a dominatix, those two Wendy and Peter i honestly thought were midget, Doll when not in her costume look like a boy, Dagger was bitch and Jumbo look like a Street Fighter character.

That ending was meh to me. It was closure but not really because they are animating the Murder arc and it suppose to air in October. Will i watch it. Yeah. Not gonna lie i will check it out but if it turns out to be like shit like this Circus arc then im just gonna drop it.

Maybe i feel that they are trying to pump all that their is out of the fransise  and beat it to death like they did with madoka, SNK, KLK and im sure i could go on and on but not going to bore you all with it but you see where im going with it.

                                                                Ceil Dad look like Sebatian

                                                                   Glad you relized you're trash

Side not why is it that every season Sebation ends up fucking a bitch?

Terror In resonance 8-9

Im going to preface this by saying im going to say "YOU HAD ONE JOB LISA!!" alot.

That should be her new name. YOU HAD ONE JOB LISA! ONE JOB!

So in episode 8 right after the whole gotta save lisa who mangage to get caught and be trapped on the same plane the bomb is in incident the Vincent looking dective Shibazaki and the other report back to HQ to report what happen and why the basically failed. Shibazaki being the rebel that he is tells them that he seen spinx and that he tried to go after them and to go fuck themself(last part made up but he should have)  They didn't want to here it so they put him on a permanent leave(which last time i check meant you were fired) and took his badge. He didn't really give a shit he was hired by them so he left. He went to the higher up boss to tell him what happen and to ask who is five. He tell him that five was hired by the USA to investigate the stole plutonium but even he know she full of shit.

Shibazaki spend the rest of his time and episode investigating five but not alone Hamura comes along to help him feeling sorry for him being put on permanent leave  and because he feel that HQ is up to something shady shit. Shibazaki investigation lead him to find out about Project Atehna a project which tested orphans so they decided to go look for the place where these orphan was kept.

NOW LISA. Twelve and five were out shopping. Lisa was in the place cooking which side note she can't cook for shit. You don't add pocky stick to a meal i don't care if it is curry you just don't
This is how dumb she is. No one knows where you are Lisa not even your own mom know where you are! Why would you open the door. She opens the door. She accpet a pacage from the delivery guy that is address to her, why i don't know.  opens the letter it says BOMB!

While Twelve and Nine was walking they see Lisa running out the place and five second later the place exploded.

Fast forward she leave because they mangage to find a abandon arcade to stay in she get caught by five and Twelve going off to recuse her and that was it for episode 8

Epidode 9

When i think romance i don't think bomb strap to my chest and a guy disarming it

You had one job lisa!!

SO in this episode Shibazaki and Hamura seeing how most of their investigation are leaing into dead ends they only had one lead left which was a doctor who Worked on project Athena. I'll get back to that The episode open up with Nine Abandoning the arcade they just found and going to the new place to make a bomb i don't know why he is making a bomb while Twelve is recusing Lisa. Dear god Lisa has a bomb attached to her chest and is hand cuffed to the seat inside of a ferris wheel. Twelve finds her and see he only has 7 min to disarm it but then the ferris wheel starts moving no worries Twelve brought his handy dandy tool kit.It take him 1 min to take and disarm one bomb though. As time is ticking away five decide to fuck with them and call twelve on his cell and bargans with him. If he tell him where the plutonium is she will disarm the bomb for him. 00:02 and he tell him its in a locker D12 at some highschool.

Nine is at that random highschool(because they never gave a name that i could remember) and is taking the item out of the locker but he see cops surround the high school and is soon chased by armed guards

                                                   Was it worth it Twelve!Was it worth it!

Back to the detectives and the doctor. The doctor told them they was taking a risk by even interviewing him and to turn back now while he still had a chance Shibazaki told hamura to leave but they both decided to stay. The doctor told them they collected 26 children who all had a syndrome where one part of their brain is accelerated than the other part which caused them to show  exceptional gifts. All the kids they collected were under five years old and were tested with a test drug that was develop by the Japanese government. Most of the kids died except one he know of which is Five he does mention that Twelve and Nine started a fire and tried to runaway.He speculates that if they were alive they would be 17 which they are.
But i bring this up to say this. Does that mean not only Five but Nine and Twelve do they have a short life spand?

I mean look at it like this Five passed out near the end of episode 9 and in 7-8 is seen grabbing her head while veins pop out of her skin. While  Synesthesia is a real thing and Twelve has it he should be seeing colors not feathers most of the time when you see him on the roof he is seeing feathers not colors. It could be the side effect from the drugs that he was given in his youth or he could be close to death and not know it.

I don't know. We only got like 2-3 episode left( i really wish this was a 24 episode series so much dept to  this series) hopefully we get a ending we are satify with.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

My thoughts on sailor moon crystals

Im having serious mixed feeling about this Salior moon Crystal. For one the animation is wonky and it has been for the first three episode. I will give the transformation sequence a pass because they are the only thing worth watching. The second thing im having a problem  with is how often they are putting it on the first and the last saturday each month. Being honest this isn't a good marking stragity epically in this day and age. Think about it the first and last saturday of each month and not only that they are airing it 6 in the fucking morning. this isn't 1996 anymore so that plan isn't going to work. 

My mixed feeling come in with the characters yes they are following the orginal manga but  really do not know the show is more fast paced than the original anime was but for fuck sake with this gap having to wait what seem like a month for each episode to come out it makes the characters fall flat. Im really do not care for this generation Sailor Moon. I like this genration verison of Mars and Jupiter, Mecury i could care less for.

The thing is Sailor Moon Crystal Plot wise is not a bad show, It's just that the Gap make you forget about it.

Maybe it just me idk

              (FYI im waiting till they show they outer Senshi because  i love LOVE LOVE sailor Saturn)
                                         (I love this week episode of sailor moon Crystals by the way )

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Free eternal summer Episode 10

Rin show these fuckers a sight they never seen before

(even though they have somewhat)


Now i know i didn't do a review for the past few episode that because i felt there was no reason to review them.

Anyway, in this episode it was mostly focused on Rin and sosuke. Rin being the late bird he is figures out that Sosuke shoulder is messed up. Instead of giving him the runaround like he has been doing he decide to come clean.
Since Rin left him during their middle school year together he's been training so hard that it's messed up his shoulder to the point that he decided to quit swimming but before he does he wants to truly be Rin friends and swim with him as his friend.

Rin(being the bitch baby that he is) decides to break down and cry

The teams compeate in the relay and it was Sousuke last time swimming with Rin and the team.
Sosuke didn't want to know about him wanting to quit swimming because of his shoulder and Rin didn't even know and having this information now thrusted  apon him at the last minuted  is so overwhelmed with emotion all he can do is cry

It looks like from the few sceans haru was in Haru is having second thought about his swimming career.  In Epsiode 9 he broke down in from of the scouters and just stop swimming in the middle of the race so maybe could it be that haru is thinking about quitting swimming as well?

who knows. This episode was good Im looking forward to see next week episode and how they are going to end it.