Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rewrite Season 2 Moon Terra Hen Final thoughts

Being honest, I didn't like the first three episode of Moon Terra Hen. I know the first three epsisodes of any anime series is key for any watcher it helps them decided i they are going to keep watching or drop that anime. I didn't like moon terra hens first three episodes BUT, I did keep watching because i watch the first season of rewrite and while Moon Terra Hen was way better than the first season, the first three episode are meh.

After the first three episode Moon Terra Hen mostly focuses on Kotarou and the correct timeline on how he actually met Kagari and all the events leading up to how the world was destroyed the first time. In season two we see Kotarou relationship with his parents  , Guardian, Him going to war, Kotarou becoming a traitor in order to help Kagari spare the planet by joining Gaia while being apart of Guardian and Him killing ALOT. Honestly season 2 is more bloody than season one so there that


Season two ended with a happy ending which is a surprised seeing how the majority of KEY'S work will leave you a balling mess of tears or in the case of Charlotte  rage quit. It manage to wrap up everything nice even though there was a few minor plot wholes left unanswered Season two had a good ending that wasn't sad or infuriating. The only thing i did have a problem with was during season two there would be moment where Kotarou would have these popup VN choices and i found it pointless cuz it not like we were playing the VN. I get it. It was probably made to see what choice Kotarou was going to make but it was stupid because he was always going to make the right choice.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nanbaka season 2 final thoughts

One of two second seasons that happen to be better than the first. Nanbaka follows four main prison inmate living in the prison and their daily life there. Soon it focus on Number 15 or Jyungo  who happen to be a bit different than the others there. He happen to have the power to turn his hands into giant blades. Blessed or cursed with this power he struggles internally with the fact that he's different but it takes his inmate friends to reasure him that he's still the same guy they love.

The second season main plot take place around episode 6. After Yamamoto and Rock eats snack given to them by a new guard and a new character Houzuki Sanzou they become hypnotize and attack anybody in their way. Yamamoto attacks Hajime and Rock attacks Jyungo. After subduing them Ninja boy( Tsukumoto) tells them it's something wrong in building 5 so after that info Jyungo and Hajime decide to investgate and Uno and Nico decides to tag along for the lolz.  Of course something was wrong. Not only is building 5 empty but it was a trap. Hajime get caught and is sent the lower level of the building. Turns out that Inori, Building 5 main guard went rouge but he un release Ruka  a new character and a fomer guard at the prison before he was locked away as well as Enki a fomer guard who killed a Inmate with his bare hand and was locked away and he is also Samon Goku building 5 head supervisor elder bro.

Since most of the anime takes place in building 5 we get to see more fighting, the reason why nico needs his meds all the time. He has a split personality and if he doesn't take his other personally with fight to the death. To Trois and Honey actually being fucking useful. The building 5 Arc is the best if you are looking for more action and less drama.

Plot- 8
Characters 7
Jyungo has a unnessecary internal conflict half-way through the Buliding 5 arc which kinda pissed me off.

It would have a higher score but just like the first season it ends on a cliffhanger. I think its getting a OVA but im  not sure if its going to close out the building arc and if it doesn't idk  if we are getting a third season. Either way  i did enjoy the second  way more than the first.