Saturday, February 27, 2016

Semi Anime Review- JapanfunBox(pic heavy)

Usually if you have been following this blog for a while my "Semi anime reviews" are reviews that i do that have something to do with anime slightly mostly they focus on snacks or items made in japan that somewhat revolve around anime or otaku culture.

JapanFunBox is a new box straight out from Osaka Japan. From their Facebook page they just started around 2015 so its been around for little over a couple of months.

There are three plans you can choose from
The Mini which include 5-7 full size items. The original which has 15-20 full size item and a DIY kit and the family which has 25-30 full size items 2 diy kits and 2 special items be it a drink, gasapon, or adult theme candy (like otoko pocky)

I gotten my box Near the end of January into the second week of this month. This is their Original Box BTW

                                         I love how they packaged their items so far!
                                     Inside a list of items that was inside this box


       Alfort Chocolate i loved it and im really looking online for a place beside amazon that sell it for a reasonable price. Dars Chocolate. I had it before its simular to a heresey chocolate bar but its cut up in pieces already in the box so no fuss trying to breaking it up. Tomato pretz while it was ok im not really a fan of it.  Pizza Potato Chips. I LOVED it and i wish they would have sent two.

           In the pink package on the left premium Umai-bo Mentako taste. If it wasn't for this box i would have never known there was a premium version!! I love this as well. I really wish i hadn't eaten it so fast. The regular Umai-bo was standard sugar rush flavor(whatever that means) but i love umai-bo so much i could just eat that
 The Four crackers in the middle are Yuki-no-yado crackers made with Hokkaido Milk and to be honest if they didn't have that milky taste to them i would have thrown them away. They fair well with coffee or tea. The package with the strawberry on it is Gum-Ichigo which was good and flavorful. The Ume-Pachi the package next to it im not a fan mostly because its plum flavor. Another thing im not a fan of was the Yakiniki-ya-san taro(the gold package on the top left) and  the mayo taro(orange package top left) both of which i threw away i had the first one before in a different box and i didn't like it then.
               Shimada-no-Ramune. this was a weirdly good candy. I say weirdy because first the container is covered in the candies dust. Secondly instead of bitting into the candy you suck on it or can let it melt in your mouth and you can taste its (from what i taste) lemon/lime flavor. Its kinda fun to eat to me. Kitkat Sweetpotato.  Yes these are the kind you have to bake.
       The one DIY kit. Kracie Popin Cookin cake DIY. I haven't made this yet mostly due to the fact im saving it for a rainy day. HI-CHEW Grape. I gave it to my sister im really not a fan of hi-chew. Gaburi Chow Deep Sea Taste.  Apparently the blue package was suppose to be a "Deep Sea" taste and this was their limited edition flavor as well so i was hesitant to taste but when i did it tasted like a blueberry laffy taffy. It was good.

      Tohato Carmel Corn Green tea milk Taste.  I don't really know if this is limited edition but it smell of green tea strongly mostly because it made with uji green tea and condensed milk. Its ok if you are craving green tea.

Kaki-no-tane wasabi taste. I ate this the first day i got the box and yes you can really taste the wasabi. There was only a few peanuts in the package which did little to offset the taste of wasabi. I ended up throwing the rest away due to the fact there was more wasabi peanuts i knew i wasn't going to eat.

Shipping- 9.5


If you are in the market for a new Japanese snack box or just looking to try something new from your usually give this try japanfunbox won't disappoint. Im even thinking about getting the family box to see how it fair up against this original box. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Divine Gate episode 7

Ok seriously what the fuck?!  This week episode took a sharp turn to the left. From the pass episode while it was vaguely mention the main focus of this whole anime was to get to the gate and that each main character has a reason to get to the gate, APPARENTLY somewhere along this week episode somebody at HQ must have said "Fuck it" because we got  this train wreck  mess of a episode.

We start this weeks episode off with Alto and his friends with the Knights of the round table now apparently dressed in all white. I say this because the Knight spend the pass episode dressed in all black are somehow now magically dressed in all white for what reason i do not know but all of them are standing in front of the area that lead them to where the  gate is. Before they are able to get to the gate they have to fight some "gods" that protect the gate  so the knights decide that it would be best to let their leader, Arther, and Alto and his friends go on head to the gate while they engage in the most useless battle scene since this show has aired.

So the four are at the gate and somehow during the bloodbath that ended with all but one of the knights dead the gods ended up merging together for some reason and attack Arther into the gate. Alto and his friends start to bang on the close door of the gate for it to open but that when the only survivor of the knights show up and tell them to relax. Beaten and almost on his last leg  Arther is almost finished but that when his good old dick of a pal Loki shows up and offer him a deal,  stop trying to destroy the gate and be his or just die right there.

Side note -while the other knights was fighting and dying it was reviled to the only survivor  that Arther doesn't want the gate he wants to DESTROY  the gate and restore the world to what it was before the gate existed. Why? who care.

The gate opens and

I guessed he chosed the first option because he stab the last surviving Meyerbeer of the knights before accepting the dark power from the sword loki gave him in the gate.

This episode was a hot mess. Animation aside it was like this was ment to be somewhere near the ending episode not episode 7. It nwas like someone took a page from Madoka Magica episode 3 and change the story pacing. The Knight fight scene was a mess and kinda not really needed. Arther turning evil was predictable but the way they chose to portray it was kinda awkward to me  this whole episode could be summed up with a big old what and why?

The episode end with alto and friends falling through the floor along with the dead body of the guy Arther stab.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Erased Episode 5

Quick Question should i read or keep watching Erased? That out of the way, We knew  that this momentum of Erased couldn't last. While this week episode wasn't bad to me(because apparently to others this is the episode that made them drop the whole fucking series) it did had huge flaws.

What happen last week Satorou still trap in 1988 is doing his best to save  Kayo Hizanaki the girl who dons a red coat, who has been abused by her mom and  who went missing 10 years ago during a Kidnapping indecent. He manages to make it pass the day she was Kidnapped and attend school the next day but last week episode ends with Kayo missing the next day.

This week episode with X day behind him and Kayo STILL absent from school  Satorou is on edge. The teacher send him home early and he decides to go check out Kayo place to see if she there and if her mom still beating her but she is not there and apparently her mom  and boyfriend is hiding out. The next few day a few more students from different school go missing and apparently the old "runaway to grandma's/grandpa's" excuse is starting to lose water. Kenya Satoru friend saw through it right away and ask Satorou if maybe Kayo like the other who "Went to Grandma's/Granpa's" were really Kidnap.  I couple of days later while walking Satorou sees Kayo mom throws out some "trash"or what seems to be "trash".

Satorou gets close to to see the gloves he gave her for her b-day in the trash this cause him to freak the fuck out and run away 
 Satorou somehow ends up back in the future (where he fucking belongs) and is still in the middle of shit. So like any normal person being accused of a murder he goes into hiding under a bridge. Everything seem to go right with him after he runs into his boss and his boss let him crash at his place but soon turns back to shit after the boss turn him in so he is back on the run. He then runs into a co-worker who ACTUALLY  helps him out
Airi lets him crash at her family house until the boss fuck things up for Airi and Satorou
 So it back under the bridge for Satorou.  But at least  Airi is a decent human being and decide to go back to get him a change of clothes but before she can bring it to her the killer text her phone and then set her house on fire

We learned a few things in this episode.  For one satorou CAN come back from 1988. Two He CAN change the past. A example of this is in this week episode, Kayo was kidnapped when she was 10 when he came back and re-read the same article it had her age now listed as 11 so we know now the past can be change. What we don't know is who is the killer and how is he going to get back to 1988 to save Kayo or how is he going to save Airi.
Compared to the other episode that aired so far this one was pretty weak until near the end of the show but it look like we can expect a good show next week too.