Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mahou Shoujo ikusei Keikaku episode 9


It seem like each week they amp up the murder factor and this week was no exception. some are still calling this a "Madoka Clone' but last time i check Madoka didn't fucking Murder the others to become Godoka but im digressing. 

The episode begins where it left off last week, with Calamity Mary just killing time by killing people and blowing up cars while waiting for ripple and top speed. The battle between Calamity Mary and Ripple was ok it could have been better in my opinion but she got the job done. After flying around on Top speed broom and dicking around for a min she kills Calamity Mary with her Mahou shoujo Shirikun

                                                                                           Umm ... Yay?

Ok so after this whole scene things get dark(i mean darker than before)  and yeah sorry folks . 

So Ripple and Top Speed decide to celebrate the fact they taken down one of the most dangerous mahou shoujou in the game by high fiving. Before ripple can complete the high five  THIS FUCKING BITCH Swim Swim some how kills top speed. Attacking her doesn't work as Ripple found out because she can just liqufy her body and soon she leaves leaving Ripple and a now dead Top Speed.

Ripple soon finds out why Top speed kept emphasize why she had to survive for at least six months.
                                                                          She was fucking Pregnant
                                          yeah it got that dark but they wasn't done surprisingly

The episode end with Hardgore Alice and Snowwhite somewhat getting attack by the surving twin (forgot her name) and Tama  but Hardcore Alice took care of the twin while Tama Just ran away. Also it end with Sister Nana Suicide and Fav(that evil bastard) mentioning how there were more "Drop outs" than last time.

                               Sister Nana didn't derserve this. She hung herself with the scarf she made for Winterprison that was so sad.

Again im sorry. As action pack as this episode was it was very dark. Darker than the last few episode.  Next week is a brawl for all/ Melee/ Battle idk but i know more mahou shoujo's are going to die in mass next week.
also after this episode i never seen so much hate for a seven year old (yes Swim Swim is fucking Seven)

To make up for all this sadness here's Hard gore Alice telling a car to get wreck

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai OVA First impression

Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai/ Decapitation Cycle: The Blue Savant and the Prankster

A story about a boy (nameless for the most part) and a bunch of Elitist (mostly female) who are good in their field who all live in a house in the middle of a fucking island on a cliff.

 This 8 part OVA is the latest series made by the same person who made the Monogatari series, Nisiosini and the latest anime that SHAFT just so happen to sneak up upon us.
Visually It was stunning (it usually it when t comes to a Nisiosini project) but my only gripe with this Ova is that most of the characters look like SHAFT anime reject. Like all of them look like they were suppose to be main or side characters in other SHAFT anime but got scrapped

i need to see more to give it a proper rating but the first ova had a decent story overall two of the girls hate each other and the Ene lookalike is a cyber terrorist. 
They really went out of their way to detail the fucking house. 
The second OVA comes out i think at the end of this month hopefull we get more to this story. The first really wasn't any thing special plot wise but it was interesting and visually good.