Monday, May 25, 2015

Fate/Stay night Unlimited Blade works episode 20

In  the words of Studio Deen's Emiya "People die if they are killed!'. But, do they really?

Quick Recap of what's been going on in the last two episodes

* Rin's been kidnapped by Archer
*Emiya and Saber teams up with Lancer to save Rin
 *Lancer shows up to save Rin from being almost raped by Shinji
*Guess who isn't dead Kirei(priest dude) and shows up and tell Rin he was the one who killed her father(back when Fate/zero was airing) and this pisses Rin off.
*Kirei orders Lancer to Kill Rin and when Lancer refuses he then orders Lancer to Kill himself

                                                              Not again!

SO bring us up  to this week episode Emiya is still fighting Archer with his makeshift sword as Saber has been force to watch for the pass two episode. We learn that Archer is really Emiya heroic ideals in physical manifestation(to put it simply he him but as a Heroic spirit like Saber) that is why current Emiya is able to copy his swords so easily, Rin was able to summon him as a guardian and other events revolving Archer took place.  Even though Archer clearly had the upper hand he was somewhat at a disadvantage because he was slowly loosing mana due to the fact that Rin was no longer his master and his suppler and was clearly bout to run empty and disappear.  We go back to the basement where Rin, Shinji and Kirei  are and Lancer is still on the floor bleeding out. Kirei taunts Rin some more before what we assumed was a dead  Lancer gets up and Stabs Kirei.

                                                             That what you get

Lancer fucks with Shinji a bit by shanking him in his shoulder before finally collapsing due to blood loss. He sets Rin free and they chat it up before Lancer sets the Basement on Fire and Disappearing until the next Holy Grail war.

                                                                   R.I.P Lancer

Now back to Emiya and Archer, Archer even though he had the upper hand and Emiya was already at his limit decided to use his noble phantasm which is Unlimited Blade works and transport him, Emiya and Saber to that barren timeless wasteland with 10001 swords.
After Tracing on so much Emiya reaches his limit allowing Archer to land the what seem to be fatal blow. A bleeding out Emiya begins to reminisce on why he wanted to become a Hero of Justice

Mostly because he didn't want to re live that hell he saw six years ago again.  Just then his wounds heal and we found out that past Emiya (Aka Shiro Adopted Dad the one he is named after)  put Saber sheath inside of him thus saving him from being killed compleatly from Archer even when Archer tries to stop him by trowing his knives in a attempt to cut his head off when Emiya begins to recites  the whole UBW monologue but Emiya manage to block it with his new swords  and now we have to wait to see what is going to happen next.

To conclude this review in case you miss this jem in this episode i ask you this. Studio Deen's Emiya said "People die if they are killed!"  what did Ufotable Emiya say?

                                                                   Pure gold

Friday, May 8, 2015

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works episode 17

Hello Everyone. Im back to review Fate/stay night UBW. I've been maratoning Teekyuu which is on its fourth season now. Each episode of Teekyuu is about 2min  so if you have a day or two to waste you can get through about a season or two in a day or so.


Where we last left our heros they were off to save Saber  I.E. OPERATION: SAVE SABER.

To catch up on events:
*Archer is no longer Rin servent
 * Gilgamesh Shows himself  and takes on Illiya and Berserker
* Illiya is killed by Gilgamesh first by being slashed in the eyes by him and then being stabbed in the chest
*Berserker is defeted by Gilgamesh using the chains of heaven to bind him and ending up stabbing him with a million swords but before dying Berserker tries to kill Gilgamesh
* Lancer teams up with Rin and Emiya to take on Caster

In this episode  we see the now Trio taking on Caster, her master and Archer. The episode opens with Archer and Lancer contiuning their battle from last episode

Lancer had the upper hand as he used his noble phantasiom
But Archer being Archer just did his best to deflect it.

 With what looks like a huge fucking flower that shoots out laser beams. Seriously he would have been better off using a fucking flower. Archer took huge damage but Lancer decided that he was the victor anyway and left.
Emiya and Rin did their best to fend off Caster and her master the best they could with Rin magic and Emiya's makeshift sword power. Then all of a sudden there was that moment of "Who's side are you on?!" because out of no where  the words "TRACE ON" was spoken by not Emiya but Archer! and 5-6 swords were aimed at Caster master but caster being overprotective ended up sacrifising her life to protect her master.

  I kinda feel bad for her because this was the first time we actually see her face but her death was kinda rushed to me.

Now not having a real reason to be in the war any more Caster master was free to go but he felt it was only right to take on Archer before he left as Vengence for Caster death. Doing so he too ended up dying by Archer hands.

Emiya and Rin was surprised by his sudden turn but he let it be know Via him still trying to kill Emiya as he was rescuing saber that he still isn't Rin Servant and that he is on his own team. Basically he made his own Team. TEAM ARCHER.

I really do not know Archer angle nor do i know what does Gilgamesh want with a little dead girl heart. There are a few more episodes left and im looking forward to see where is this going. I will admit Caster death did make me abit sad  but it was hard to stay sad for long with everything else going on in the episode.

I look forward to next week episode.