Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shadow Star Narutaru first impression

Now i wasn't going to write this but instead write a review for the first five episodes of monogatari season 2 but i figure i can sum it up  in a few word and keep it moving

Predicatable plot is predictable.
Not to mention it  three thing 1) Hanekawa character in episode 3-5 was so predictable it was annoying 2) i get the fact she doesn't remember she was friendzone the first two time by agaragi  because of black hanekawa but once he picked senjogahara to be his girlfriend at the end of bakemonogatri it was clear to her in nisemonogatari she was friendzone so why the fuck she bother to confess to him? idk it just bother me and 3) why was the first half of the tiger arc was spent playing where the FUCK is Argaragi only for him to pop up and be a badass at the end. Seriously i get him not being around when hanekawa was figuring out what the tiger was but don't put him in at the last minute  because at that point it just useless.

back to the main point.

Shadow Star Narutaru

If you have a sick twisted mind and like kids to suffer psychologically then this is the anime for you.

For fuck sakes it take a fucking dark turn in just the second episode hell evagelion took a long time to get that fucking dark. The manga is even worst. Its just as more darker that the anime.

Shadow Star Narutaru is a old Anime from 2003. It only has 13 episode and i only mangage to check out 6 of the 13 before i decided to take a break before i have a mental break down.

The story follows Shiina Tamai a average 6th grader who visit her grandparents one summer and during her visit encounter a star shape alien who she names Hoshimaru.
*note i am giving you a lighter version

I would recemend you check out the anime first so you can be prepared for the clusterfukery that the manga has to offer. I just glanced at some of the scans mostly that of chapter 11-12 and fuck.

This anime. We need more like it.