Wednesday, December 25, 2013

10 days of anime christmas FINAL DAY

Well i have reached the last day of my 10 days of Anime Christmas. Feel free to look at my previous entrires to see what was 1-9

Best Anime of 2013

1. Attack On Titan

It's not stop rollacoster of emotion kept it at the top even after the fact that its no longer on and with the release of the OVA and that cliffhanger ending definitely kept the fans talking.

2. Monogatari season 2


What there's more than two? Why yes person who might ask. Monogatari season 2 is basically a contiuation of Nisemonogatari. All of your lovable characters return. I have a bias against STUDIO SHAFT(fyi bad name for a anime studio great name for a porn studio) but as a fan i saw major flaws in the characters and the plot in this season. For one  if you look back you i wrote how they are starting to become predictable and you can see the plot coming from a mile a way.  I also wrote how i didn't like how they took loveable characters and totally did a deconstrution of them I.e Hanekawa and senjougahara. Despite all this i  still love the show. They still mangage to keep its witty comedic humor and up the art style. 

3. Kill La Kill

 What happens when you mix the movie styles of  Quentin Tarantino and the animation of Studio Gainax  you get Kill la Kill. Kill La Kill was made by Studio Trigger a branch of Studio Gainax so if some of it's art style remind you of Garren Lagoon don't be suprised.  This show it has the humor of Panty Stocking and Garter Belt at some moment but the action of a high pack action movie.  This is Studio Triggers first anime and from the looks of it they are on the path to success. Even before it even aired there was buzz around this anime. Currently its still airing but its still one of the best anime of 2013.

Thats all folk. That it for my 10 days of anime christmas.

You guys have a save holiday

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

10 Days of anime Christmas Day 9

Bad Game to Anime Adapation  of 2013

I feel as though i shouldn't have to say it but just in case you want me to. Its Diabolk Lover's

I acutally had high hope for this show.  I went in thinking it was going to be better than amnesia or at least take the amnesia route where the main character would interact with each charcter and they both would get a short little arc what i got was a cluster fuck of boring charcters, a basic ass bitch and a plot line that might as well could have been written by a five year old.

From the game play i seen on Youtube it had potential to be at least a 20 episode anime but nope. We were force to watch 13 episode of fuckery. 
If you could play the game don't subject yourself to this, this disaster!

This is bad not good bad. Just TERRIBLE.

Monday, December 23, 2013

10 days of anime christmas 7 and 8

Omg, Omg, Omg Im sorry. Im so sorry.

It's about 12p.m Est and i have fallen behind with the 10 days of anime Christmas. I'm sorry. I meant to do day seven earler but i wasn't in the mood too to be honest.

I guess i just put both seven and eight together.

Anime that stood out in 2013

Kyousogiga TV, FREE! and GATCHAMAN CROWN.  Everyone could see why Free stood out, but why the other two? Well Kyosogiga TV is a anime that goes in dept from give more information from where the five part ova left us off with.  I haven't finshed watching it but from all i know episode eight is where the real story line of this anime start the first seven just goes indept from the ova. Its still a good show which now has a cult like following.  Gatchaman ...I have a love/hate relationship with this show. For one it's a good show. Great animation. Decent characters. where i start to hate it is when it comes to the plot. IT'S FUCKING CONFUSING! ESPECIALLY NEAR THE END! anybody who say that ending knows that was a confusing ass ending. Either way these three stood out to me this year.

Best Game to Anime Adaptation

Dangan Ronpa

Do you like Phonix  Wright?  Do you like High school anime's ? Do you like killing your favorite charters? No? too bad because this is exactly what this anime was. At first when i heard this show was getting a anime i kinda spoiled myself with the death parts so when i watch this anime i kinda didn't like it but it grew on me. It was bad, but it was bad in a good way. People today are still making meme from this show. I remember when it was still airing i would host Dangan Ronpa Death Days and post the characters who would die on my tumblr.  It was kinda fast pace but i guess it kind of made up for the fact that the court room scene where terrible. Honestly i did a review about this show and i said if you just wanted to skip this show and play the game you should and i still stand by this statement but if you want to watch this show before playing the game to get a feel of each character check it out.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

10 Days of anime christmas day 6

Most Underrated anime in the past 15 years?

Any of  Yoshitoshi Abe's Works

 Out of all of his works i feel the most underated one is a little series name Texhnolyze

This series is not talked about at all.  Most people know Abe from only Lain and maybe Haibane Renmei. Niea_7  rarely talked about but at least people are talking about it. No one talks about Texhnolyze. I kinda get it. It not really well knowen I just listed two of Abe's other works that only a few people know about. Texhnolyze is a slow pace anime but it was made during the end of the cyber punk era in anime(or at least the start of the end). There are episode where there is little dialoged between characters hell the first episode has only one speaking line in it the rest is just mostly action and movement. It does pick up and when it does you will have a range of emotion from confusion to emptiness. Near the last episode there was two episode that had a errie  limbo like feel to them. It was creepy and sad and the same time. If you have time check out episode 19 + 20 just those two alone.  Anyway if you are a old or new anime watcher check out any of Yoshitoshi Abe's works. They are the most underrated in the past 15 years

Friday, December 20, 2013

10 days of anime Christmas Day 5

10 days of anime Christmas

Most Over hyped anime of 2013

I mean this is the obvious choice. Attack On Titan. Eren look was the look on about the majority of all of AOT fans throughout the whole series. For fuck sakes the first episode his mom was eatin by a titan! Titan was a roller coaster of thrills, chills and emotion epically near the end. I hope they bring this back but im a bit scared because i really don't want them to fuck it up!  People are still taking  about this series and making meme's about Jean, Sasha, Levi, Eren and Armin on tumblr. This anime has every reason for it's over hypeness (if that is a real word if it's not oh well) It's has the three B's just with in the first couple of episode of this anime. BROKEN, BATTERED AND BRUISED!  I love AOT and i know the majority of the anime community love this series too.  This was the most over hyped anime of 2013 for good reason.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

10 days of anime christmas day 4

Underrated anime series of 2013

Rozen Maiden 2013

I feel as though this show didn't get enough hype as it should have. This show is a reboot of the original Rozen maiden show that aired back in 2006-2007 but with more added content and better animation.  Granted this show did aired when Attack on Titan aired so that kinda took the lime light of of it so yeah but also i feel as though not alot of  people gave this show a chance.  I feel as though that if you hadn't seen the original Rozen Maidens or never heard of Rozen maidens then this seires then this series might have fallen by the way

Seriously why would you miss two dolls fighting like this?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

10 days of anime christmas Day 3

A Anime series you couldn't finished?

I accutally have two i couldn't finished.

The first being Joshiraku.

When this show first aired i didn't watch it because i was watching something else at the time but i kept seeing gif's like this one on the 4chan anime forum. It wasn't  till like a couple of months till a year or two later that i actually gave this show a chance.  The show isn't bad it kinda reminds me of Azumanga Daigo if it was set in a theater. The Characters are likeable but the thing about it is they drag out one episode. Yes there are like 3 episode in one episode but it just feel like each episode are as long as fuck. I still watch the show but the reason i haven't finshed it is because every time i get around to it like either the new anime season starts or i am reminded on how long these episode could be.

The second  being Potemayo.

The same way i found out about the first show is the same way i found out about this show however it wasn't  untill 2011-2012 when i gotten sick and i was already caught up with all my anime that i was watching at the time that i decided to watch this show. It a cute little comedy about a middle schooler who finds Potemayo in his refrigerator and keeps her.  As to why i haven't finshed this show it's simply because whenever the new anime season stars i tend to forget about this show even when im caught up with all my anime that i have seen i tend to forget about it. Even though its a good show it's easly forgettable.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

10 days of anime christmas day 2

Powerful Male in anime.

Now to most otakus or at least elder otakus this is a hand down answers Spike Speigle from cowboy bebop. He's a kickass guy who goes with the flow. For me this was going to be my answer as well but i wanted to talk about another powerful male from the same series.


"OH MY GOD"!  "WTF!" "Just why the hell did you choose a VILLIAN as a powerful character?!" Let me explain. Vicious is a powerful male because he never really get his hand dirty unless he is fighting which most of the time it's Spike. Not much is known about Vicious except the fact  he and Spike was in the Red Dragons together. He is very good with a sword  and is sort of a master of manipulation (see Jupter Jazz pt2). What makes him even more powerful is that he is the only person who can hold his own against Spike and push Spike to the point of death and at the end well, see episode 26. Besides Victor in the Cowboy Bebop movie(whats with villian that start with V's)  who also does a pretty good job with with holding his own against Spike nobody does it like Vicious. Vicious is also the only man who can mentally fuck with Spike as well.  When caught by the Red Dragons he willing let himself be thrown in their jail untill he was busted out and forced his lackys to kill the heads the Red Dragons and created the New Red Dragons.  He is a walking mob boss ,The best Villian, and a power male in anime i've seen so far.

side note- he's kinda underrated too. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

10 Days of Anime Christmas

Ok. So originally this was going to be  the little buster refrain 9 and 10 review but  it's really hard to review it and not mention spoilers and i do not want to spoil those two episodes because those are key episode in the series epically episode 10. I might hold of doing a review till the whole series is finished. All i have to say is Kengo i feel ya man.

 This is the 10 Days of Anime Christmas!

I will explore the lands of anime and  rating  my top series from years past and this year anime giving  you  a indept  explenation behind every one.

Seeing how its the first day  let get this ball a rolling.

Day one

Powerful Female in a Anime Series  you seen?

I've seen alot of anime with powerful females. Remy from Black Lagoon comes to mind as a very powerful female even to alot of otakus. To me however the most powerful female in any anime series  would be Faye Valentine

What so powerful about her? you ask.  Well beside she holds her own with the bebop crew. She's  doesn't play victim whenever she does get kidnap instead she kicks ass and takes name(or money in her case). She is a modern day  Femm Fatale and reminds me of Fujiko from Lupin the 3rd.   During one of the episode we learn a little history about her background but despite learning the fact that she was cryogenicaly  frozen  and doesn't remembers a thing about her past she still doesn't let that fact slow her down.  Even now if you ask some male otaku's who have  watch this show they would put  Faye up there. Faye is a timeless, classic, character.  She really doesn't depend on the crew that much(when she does it to bail her out of a bad situation), She a seductress, and she very good with her fist and a gun.  Faye Valentine is one of the powerful female i seen in a anime series so far.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Diabolik Lovers

This is going to be a rant. I really just have too much to say to make this a proper review of this series because, ugh. anyway now that this semi disclaimer is out the way.

Let Go in.

Diabolik lovers. FUCK THIS SHOW!

No seriously. FUCK THIS SHOW! I had high hope when i heard this was going to be made into a anime but i kept my hopes reasonable because of what happen when the animated Dangan Rompa  but i thought that maybe it would be half way decent seeing how at least Amesia was good.


I really don't even know what to say about this show!  Somewhere along the lines the plot gotten lost, i mean i got the fact that she was one girl surrounded by 6 vampire guys and all want to eat her but the plot im talking about is WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF IT?! WE DON'T FUCKING FIND OUT TILL THE LAST 2 FUCKING EPISODES!!

 This show is so bad. Terrible. See Dangan Rompa Get a pass sure it was bad but it was bad-good. Meaning that it was bad in a good way. This show was just God awful.  Bad-Bad.

If you have the luxury to get the english patch or understand Japanese  PLAY THE FUCKING GAME!!!  Watching this show was pointless.At the end they want to pull out the Otome (now pick a guy) card AT THE END OF THE LAST EPISODE!! WHAT A WASTE.

This show had potentioal. They could have made each arc about the main girl interacting with one of the guys and not this cluster fuck of this shit.

By the way  what made this even bad is that the girl to me she was a basic bitch.  I mean there are some stupid anime characters in anime but they don't hold a candle to this basic bitch.

UGH!!! The only really characters i really cared for in that show was Shu  and Subaru and it took me till episode 6 to even learn everybody's name!!

Laito- pervertert and need to lay of the fadora
Ayato- overhyped and i really do not care for him
Reiji- He is so useless. I really don't see the point of having him in the series To be honest
Shu- He doesn't Give a Fuck and that why i liked him so much
Subaru-The only vampire with fucking comon sence but nobody is here for him but me.
Kanato- i was here for him but they didn't use his character enough

This should have just stayed a game. I hope they don't even try to animate the second game ~more Blood~ because i will not watch it!

This show is a waste. I hate this show. FUCK THIS SHOW!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Serial expermental Lain and Michiko to Hatchin

During Thanksgiving i did promise that i was going to rewatch Lain because i did plan to review it.  I watched it. I watch the Sub, I didn't watch it dub this time.  Well I went in it thinking that it will give me the same philosophical impact that it did when i first watch the dub when i was 13 years old which it did but, somehow this time it left a void. A unexpected void that took me kinda two to three days to get over.  Lain takes places in the future or the distance future but  the whole center around Lain is internet. When i first saw Lain it was when there was STILL a G4 and when G4 still showed anime. I usually  would stay up late to watch it.  Once it did in when i first saw it it left this Philosophical empact in me at the time that it stayed with me for fuck a decade. For this to be a show made back when the Cyber punk era was phasing out(1998-2005) in anime most of the dialog in this show is still paramount even today. "No matter where you go..Everyone is connected" from lain of the wired in episode 2 and when you think about it now. With all these smart phones, computers, apps, ect its like no mater where you go you are always connected.

Please for the love of god watch this show! you will know what i mean. I mean you might have a different view from me but please check this show out. To me this was Yoshitoshi ABe top work.


Ok. Next a SPECIAL DOUBLE BONUS REVIEW. This was going to be a separate review on its own but i decided seeing how i made you guys wait a while and im somewhat better to do a review i figure i might i well cram this one in here too.  Michiko to Hatchin, Michiko E Hatchin, Michiko and Hatchin depending on what your prefrence is when referring to this show, It's the only anime i've seen that takes places outside of japan(without it having to take place in space or another world) It takes place in South America specifally Brazil. This Show was made back in 2008. I've seen the Sub in 2011 and now that i have the Funimation Channel i've seen the dub this year.  The whole Plot Center around Michiko and Hatchin trying to find Hatchin Real dad. From the summary alone you might think its a pretty boring show. It's not it's actually interesting and kinda underrated.  Now which one do i prefere the Sub or the Dub? Both are ok. Both are good to watch. Im am surprised that Funimation did a great job with the dubs because i haven't been in love with their dubs for years.  Which one do i like however- Sub. It just something about it  that holds this grit to it which this show is and the sub cast does a good job of making you feel that way.

Again check this show out. I heard it was made by the they directors of Cowboy bebop and Samurai Champloo i don't know if this is true or not but this is a show worth a good look.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Little buster` Refrain episode 8

Ok i was going to save this for tommrow because i was going to do the monogatari review  but i really need to do this post done and i can easly sum up monogatari

monogatari is getting boring now and its trying to live off of it's hype. Its so predictable. Im glad that Senjogahara is back to being a tsudere but its a bit too late seeing how we only got a few more episode till its over.Also Agari is THE WORST BOYFRIEND i've ever seen in anime.

Moving along

We start off LB Refrain with Riki and Rin trying to figure out how to get  the Little buster back together. to be presise  which memeber should they try to get back first. Riki ask Rin who did she met first she said Masato, So they work on getting Masato back into the group or duo at this point.
Riki and Rin are in the Cafeteria and they see Masato sitting alone and they ask him if he want to be apart of the Little Buster again. For some reason this make Masato flip his shit because he says no and then he says "im the strongest" and "i going to start proving how strong i am!" A day later he is knocking out people in the hallway for no reason. Its like 5 people aready in the nurses office and there are teachers telling Riki and Rin that if he see him do no fight him just report him.

Can we just aknowledge the lazy  teachers who don't even attempt to stop Masato

Being the loving caring friend that they are Rin and Riki try to come up with a plan to stop Masato. On Riki end it was more technical while on Rin it was just hanging up badly drawn posters everywhere. Even on benches. This took all day mind you. So when Masato gotten near the trap Riki had set up (which was a glove that had the badly drawn poster of him on it) he punched it and it blew him back onto the school statue which had glue and glue him there. Masato eyes were glowing red and i found that to be odd. I knew he was mad but whats with the glowing red eyes?

When Riki and Rin thought  that was it with masato being glued to the statue, Masato LIFTS  the statue (with him stilled glued to it) from the ground and starts to chase Riki and Rin

 Im going to sum up the chase sceane by saying masato falls and breaks the statue he was glued too  yet he still was somehow glued to it.

Rin on on the roof (don't ask me how she even got there  i don't even know) waiting for the signal to drop a net on Masato. Riki gives her the signal and BAM! the net comes down and the statue breaks BUT!  Masato still is standing even goes as far as to ask Riki "are you done with your trick?" Riki retors with "Yep i'm all out of ideas"  and he puts up his fist to fight masato

Im going to stop right here because Im pretty sure i spoiled enough but im not that huge of a bitch to let you know how the fight goes.

This episode was very good. My questions were at a minimum but it seem that the last couple of episode will be them getting the original little buster back that just a theory of mines.

This episode should have been titled "We need to keep a Eye on Masato. He might go a bit nuts"

OHH i can't wait till next week.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little Buster Refrain episode 7

um..well somehow this is getting very dark very fast.

Rin has become so depressed that she only smiles when she is around children. why i don't know and that kinda makes her seem like a pedo as well but whatever.  Kyousuke is gone in 1/4 of the beginning of the anime when Kengo and Masato fight. Riki tries his hardest to difusses the situation but nope doesn't work. They fight Kengo ends up with  a broken arm. Kyousuke appares later and now he's a hikkikimori. When the fuck did that happen? Why did it happen i would like to know.

So while Riki was talking to him he begins to talk to Riki in some Crypic message  saying "you still haven't solved the mysteries of this world" bullshit meaning i still don't know what the fuck is going on.  He tell Riki to leave because he is "getting to the good part" in his book.  Riki is confused(as he should be) because 1) Kengo and Masato are on the outs 2) Rin only likes to be around him but yet only smiles around children and 3) the Little Busters are falling apart. Side note what happen to Komari? Did KEY just kill her off screen? No explination. No warnings. No nothing. Back in the dorms Riki was talking to Kengo about Rin and Kyousuke  He tells Riki to leave Kyousuke alone but that Rin still loves him and to come up with something fun they can all do.

During one of his visit  with Rin he take her and decide to  become her kyousuke and help her break out of her depressed state.

So they look for something fun to do. Coming up empty they almost give up. Untill that same white cat Lennon plays with a baseball and Riki pick it up and ask Rin if she want to try she says yes. Some how this bring back a nostagic feeling for both because i don't know how they forgot they BOTH WAS ON A BASEBALL TEAM!! This promts Riki to remember the question Kengo asked him and soon he returns with a box full of bats and mits and tell Rin that Kengo and Masato will show up to join them.

Masato show up first but then Rin hides behind Riki. It might be because she is broken down and scared of people that she wasn't her Tsundere self but i was expecting her to kick Masato. Then Kengo show up. Some how Kengo is very upset by Riki wanting to start playing baseball.  He even tell him "It's Just like Him!" meaning Kyousuke and tell riki that he isn't going to play. Riki is even more curious and start asking masato what the fuck is going on. Masato tell him " He's come far enough " and hand him back the baseball glove and then leaves.

OH GREAT. Just when i thought everything was going to be solved EVEN MORE FUCKING QUESTIONS.

It wasn't as sad as the last couple of episode have been but it was very dark FOR IT TO BE A SHOW ABOUT BASEBALL! and what happen to Kyousuke? What made him a recluse like that?  What does he know? Mater of fact what does He, Kengo,and Masato know that Riki and Rin don't?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween theme episode in anime

Happy Halloween everyone

(if you are reading this the day after then happy day after halloween )

Hope you are enjoying your candy, snacks, or whatever you are enjoying.

While sitting here a though accured to me how come there aren't any halloween themed anime episode in anime?

We always get the obligitory chrismas episodes  when it comes to anime. One could aruge that "well Halloween is a American thing i never heared of the Japanese Celebrating halloween"  while others like me could easly call bullshit on that.

Halloween is an American holiday but there are other countries that do happen to celeibrate it as well as us they might not do the whole door to door trick or treat thing but the whole aspect of dressing up they do..

Back on topic, When it comes to anime How come we never get a halloween theme anime episode?
Cowboy bebop Knocking on heaven's door was centered around Halloween and the epic fight at the end took place during a big Halloween parade but that a MOVIE.What about shows? Hyouka had two characters dresses as pumpkins and  come in to the classroom where orieki was and said "Trick or Treat" before handing him a water gun but this was during the school festival.

We as otakus are forced to watch things like Hellsing utimate,  The blood series(blood the last vampire, blood+ and the other blood movie i don't recommend blood-c)  or any monster anime. I just want a anime with a halloween episode in it. Am i the only one?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

monogatari season 2 episode 15 Rant!

what the fuck was the point!

this is going to have slight spoilers so if you haven't seen it yet then go watch it.

ok i meant to do this a while a go but other anime got in the way.

The fuck was the point of having her turn yandere.

I get it she had the snake demon inside of her and  well kinda still had feelings for Agarigi. But she being 14 and Him 16 really? The most i thought would turn Yandere in the whole series, The one who deserves to become a yandere in my opinion was HANEKAWA!!!!

Don't get me wrong Nadeko snake arc was interesting. Having her deal with snakes all over again because in bakemonogatari her arc was kinda short in my opinion and during this arc it was interesting  however  i didn't not like and i do not like that after all was said and done the problem was not solved oh no.


Bravo Monogatari you have fucked me over yet again!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Kyousou Giga(2012)

I stumbled upon this weird little anime by accident. I just happen to watch the first episode of  Kyosou Giga TV thinking that was the ONA.  I really can't decribe the plot in Kyousou Giga 2012 because it mostly contribes of 5 short stories revovling around this girl and a town mirroring  Kyoto  where everything is weird and things fixes itself. Once i found out that Kyousou Giga TV is a prelude to the ONA's i went back to watch them and in one sitting.

I find my self liking Kyousou Giga 2012 despite each episode being short and sometimes the plot of that episode being like WHY?WHAT THE FUCK? WHATS GOING ON? espically in the episode where everyone was tossing useless thing away and they just happen to the sky? i don't know it just seem so odd but yet interesting at the same time.

One of my favorite characters out of the show  was the spunky 14 year old Koto. Im kinda am looking forward twards her back story in the TV anime because in the ONA we get to only see how she is and her personality. We never got to see how she arrive with her companions Au and Un in the mirror Kyoto or why is she even there to begin with.

Each episode of the ONA has its on little story that is sum up nicely in the breif time frame that it has from the first episode to the last one which was the weirdest one they still mangage to do a awesome job telling a good story.

For a short ONA this does has a amazing soundtrack. Espically during episode 4 and 5 of the ONA. I would like to know what song was being played when Koto and Myoe was running through the field.

Ok so if anyone's familiar with vocaloid they would know of the kakarou project. This artwork somewhat resembles that.  That aside each character movement flows fluidly espically during the brief fighting scene in episode 5. I kinda like Yase Douji eyes.

It is short but that is because it is a ONA. I do plan on watching Kyouso Giga TV  but if you want to get some what of a idea of what to expect in the TV show  or just want to did what i did and Check out the first episode of Kyouso Giga TV then go back and watch the ONA's then do that i highly recommend it. Either way its is a must watch.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rozen maiden 2013

Hm? I really do not know how to feel about this show. I mean it wasn't a bad show it wasn't confusing   it just. Hm.

Rozen maiden 2013 is one of those underrated shows  that people usually pass up because of the high rated or talked about shows of the season (Attack on titan). I watched it because i had watch the original Rozen maiden series , Rosen maiden season 2 and the OVAs. Rozen maiden 2013 follows the original manga.  The first two episodes were basically a rehash of what happen in the first original rozen maiden anime things change however in episode 3 where we see a older adult Jun in the future who is not a shut in but is a shy introverted college student  who lives alone and works at a book store with a dick of a manager and a nice girl name saito. We are re introduce to the old dolls but under different circumstances  Shinku  come to the adult Jun future  but as a clone for her real body is stuck in the N-field, suigintou who comes to the adult Jun futue in search for her master who was kidnap but ends up staying with him.  Hinaichigo was eaten in the first two episode by a New doll name Kirakishou a bat shit insane doll who has no physical body, Kidnaps humans for nurishment and was the one who kidnap suigintou master.souseiseki who was killed by suigintou and had her rosa mystica tooken by her and   suiseiseki who protects Kirakishou because SPOILER: when kirakishou does get a phyicall body it is really souseiseki and suiseiseki protects  kirakishou agaisnt Shinku and Suigintou.

The whole anime except for the first two and the last episode revolved around the adult Jun and his interaction with the dolls and his daily life. His interaction with the doll were a major inpact to the series because we got a insight on his behavior and how and why he is the way he is now. When shinku came into the picture and when the adult something along the lines of "why can't things change?" shinku said to him something along the lines of "things cannot change if you do not want them to change. If you want them to change you have to change them with your own hands".

Its a interesting plot when it came to Kirakishou and the other dolls but i just felt like it focus more on the adult Jun and his interaction with people.

I don't know if peach pit had a hand or a say in the artwork of this anime like they did in the original  but the artwork is very good but the only problem i had was with suigintou wings. They look like somebody used photoshop on them.


There really wasn't anything that set these characters apart or made them stand out and even though we got to see Jun as a adult even he was lacking as a character. The only interesting character was  Kirakishou who despite he not having alot of screen time she seem to have the most personality in my opinion.

If you aren't a fan or haven't seen the original series i would suggest you skip it  not because it bad but there really wasn't anything  that i could say that stood out about it but if you did see the original series then you might want to check this one out. It starts out kind slow and the story is very slow pace but the action between the dolls makes up for it.

 (actions like this)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dangan Ronpa anime review

So Dangan Ronpa just ended. Yep.

Lets just say you are better off playing the game.

Dangan Ronpa High school of hope students of dispare. I first heard of this anime when i heard it was going to be made into a anime because it was originally a psp game in japan. i did a little research on youtube and seen all the execution scene on there before it was release. only thing that turn me off about it was the pink fucking blood but i thought that once the anime was release  they would change the pink to red blood. Nope.

Let now talk about the actual anime. give or take it ok. Not good kinda bad once you get to the courtroom scenes making this a ok anime. you can tell they cut  corners when they didn't really do much to animate the execution scenes and all they do to the courtroom scenes was to animate it they still have the bullet round bullshit  that was in the psp game.

for a 12 episode anime it was kinda fast pace but it was boring as fuck and with the mediorce animation made it kind of a bad anime.

its bascially battle royal mix with phonix wright.


ok ok the anime is kinda bad but let take a moment to admire the rapping at the opening and the 8-bit sounding song at the end

overall 4

Play the game. This anime is shit. Unless you are a masochist  like me check it out its ok for most part.

Btw They are making SUPER DANGAN ROMPA 2  into a anime so yeah im a masochist and i will check it out.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Blood lad 1-8 Review

Yay another vampire anime! Now Blood Lad isn't  like your Hellsing, or Vampire knight. In fact,  Its more of a comedy. A very...Very...sad dry comedy.
I am going to dwell into the characters in a min but less just talk about the atmosphere of Blood lad. Setting good. Background good. Sound meh. Everything is ok but it just feel like something is missing some how. There were certain scene in the anime where the characters were talking amongst each other where the music would stop and i guess it was suppose to add dramatic  to the scene but it seem to be lacking. I don't know to me this anime just seem to be missing that "ump" that would make it a good series.
Now to the characters.The characters are the only thing that keeps me watching this show. Staz is a otaku vampire who is obsessed with Anime and anything japanese (bascially breaking the 4th wall at times) to a point there was a episode he was about to do the kameiha meha wave. Fuyumi is a human who wonderd into the demon world where staz lives and end up getting killed and turns into a ghost and now relys on staz blood to keep her ghost body(because fuck logic) and Staz promises to bring back fuyumi human body from the dead. Along the way we meet Wolf, Staz friend/Rival who is a wearwolf, Bell who makes portal out of anything square, and Staz elder brother Braz and younger sister Liz. Its more but these are the main cast.
The plot isn't anything exciting. Its just getting fuyumi to be a human again and not a ghost and of course there are min plots  thrown in at times  like the  franken creatcher body snatcher or going to the high class demon world to see braz only to get thrown into jail  by Liz but its nothing that important.

Concluding i would be more interested and more entusiastic about it it had that "ump" to it. Its not a bad Action/Comedy anime. Far from it. Its just that you take out that "ump" and Just follow the Story-plot-setting-charcters-ending guidlines then you are just going to have a decent anime. When animators make a anime they put that "ump" in it be it their Time,Love, or  a feeling that they did something that they thought they couldn't do or even to spread joy and happiness to others. With Blood Lad i feel that this was made just to fill in a quota for the Summer Anime slot.

Idk what do you guys think?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shadow Star Narutaru first impression

Now i wasn't going to write this but instead write a review for the first five episodes of monogatari season 2 but i figure i can sum it up  in a few word and keep it moving

Predicatable plot is predictable.
Not to mention it  three thing 1) Hanekawa character in episode 3-5 was so predictable it was annoying 2) i get the fact she doesn't remember she was friendzone the first two time by agaragi  because of black hanekawa but once he picked senjogahara to be his girlfriend at the end of bakemonogatri it was clear to her in nisemonogatari she was friendzone so why the fuck she bother to confess to him? idk it just bother me and 3) why was the first half of the tiger arc was spent playing where the FUCK is Argaragi only for him to pop up and be a badass at the end. Seriously i get him not being around when hanekawa was figuring out what the tiger was but don't put him in at the last minute  because at that point it just useless.

back to the main point.

Shadow Star Narutaru

If you have a sick twisted mind and like kids to suffer psychologically then this is the anime for you.

For fuck sakes it take a fucking dark turn in just the second episode hell evagelion took a long time to get that fucking dark. The manga is even worst. Its just as more darker that the anime.

Shadow Star Narutaru is a old Anime from 2003. It only has 13 episode and i only mangage to check out 6 of the 13 before i decided to take a break before i have a mental break down.

The story follows Shiina Tamai a average 6th grader who visit her grandparents one summer and during her visit encounter a star shape alien who she names Hoshimaru.
*note i am giving you a lighter version

I would recemend you check out the anime first so you can be prepared for the clusterfukery that the manga has to offer. I just glanced at some of the scans mostly that of chapter 11-12 and fuck.

This anime. We need more like it.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Looking for some old anime to review

While im in the mist of watching the new aring anime im also looking for some old anime to review. Im at a point where i do want to take a plunge back into the past and see what are some good old anime titles so feel free to suggest some titles for me to watch BUT the must be at least a OVA or have 12-26 episodes. I WILL NOT REVIEW THE BIG THREE. You can suggest some movies for me to watch as well as i am in a movie watching mood too.  Titles can be from the late 80's through 2008. I will take the first 5 and if there is a few i like i might up it up to 10 depending how am i doing with the current running anime.
Looking forward to your suggestion .

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Is Man-Service the new wave in anime?


                          With the new release of FREE! from Kyoani and its display of High school boy in all their muscle bound body glory, this raises a good and important question will man-service be the new wave in anime? We are all familiar with fan service with all the breast and panty shots that are in anime hell there are some anime that are devoted to that (im looking at you Ikki tousen, Queens Blade and 90% of the animes that rely on it because they don’t have a decent plot) But in terms to Free! its a whole new spin on the fan service.
                         Free! was only suppose to be a demo KyoAni made to show how good they can animated water(and i guess how they improve on animating) but i guess the fan girls wanted to see MORE!! so a KyoAni obliged. The original penitent title was suppose to be “Swimming” Anime, which still can be(and to me and 95% of the people who watch it is) the title of anime seeing how the anime is about so far 4 boys starting a swimming club and one of them getting a boner and stripping when someone mentions the word “pool”. Getting back on point, it was during the demon where a small amount of man service  turned into a huge demand where kyoani made it into a full series.
                           A lot might bash the show because they might deem it to be “Gay” or “For the girls” but its acually it does has something in there for the guys …somewhat. Some might say Kuroko no basket was full of man service but im sorry and i know im going to get alot of hate for this they didn’t do it well. Free! is taking the long forgotten Man-service genre and bringing to the light and forcing people to look at it! Accept it! and Appreciate it!!
My question is will other companies follow suit? will they produce their own version of free! or some Man Service anime that might do better than Free!?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Is there too much "Fanservice" in todays anime?

Back in days of old in the late 80's up till the late 90's and i would even say some where in the 2000-2002 Fan service in anime was very very subtle. The most you would ever seen is  a bit of upskirt, a bra flash or even the obligatory bikini beach scene in every harem anime episode or semi nude girl in the hot spring in the obligatory hot spring episode. It really did take a lot back then to get little boys and peverted men to get riled up. Minimum fan service from their favorite character  and they had boners so hard  it would take a ice pick to soften them. Nowadays with shows like "High school DXD", "Ikki Tousen"," High school of the dead" and with any Harem show nowadays the fan servies within those show are so overwhelming that other shows are starting to pick up on it and relying solely on it for its success. Prime example:The Bakemonogatari series. In the Original Bakemonogatri seires the fan service was subtle so subtle it was overlooked by the plot of the show. When Nekomonogatari came around the fan service was somewhat noticable but then again the plot out ruled it. Now that the second season of bakemonogatari is out and even though it 3 episode in i can tell its just using the fan service to make up for the the lack of the plot or the slowness of the plot. I really hate when shows have to rely on fanservices for that and that what 90% of anime that are coming out are doing granted i know that bakemonogatari is a exception because i know they can pull them self out of the hole somehow but others when they know their anime is going to suck they flash us with characters with huge breast or give us ass shot. Half of these anime might as well be full on hentai.  "So i can't Play H" is a anime that might as well be a full on hentai. Today most of then industry feel that if their isn't any fanservice in their anime it won't do well and that isn't true. I miss the glory days when the fan service wasn't so "In you face". Where the fan service was a treat after a long dry spell of action, depression and clusterfuckery  the that when you get the panties and the bras and if you were lucky the naked chick now it like"why by the cow when you can get the milk for free?"

I don't know I just feel like today's anime relies to much on fan service.

Do you think there is too much or too little of it in todays anime?