Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Anime 2015 First Impression-Final Part

A bit late but whatever.

Owari No Seraph/Seraph of the end.

Been looking for your next Attack on Titan? Needed something that has all the action of AOT but with vampires and highschoolers? Well your in luck! All jokes aside  Owari No Seraph or Seraph of the end is a good show. Its main plot point is about our main character Yuu wanting to "Kill all the vampires" for killing his adopted family. A virus has infected most of Japan and those 13 and up are killed instantly. Yuu and his adopted family live in what look likes some eighteen century neo- Victorian underground city only to become livestock for the vampires along with the other children.

This show is 3-4 episode in and does a huge time skip in episode 2 where we find out that not all people died because of the virus some did live and manage to rebuild. The series will be 12 episode long so if you love AOT you might wanna check this one out too.

Ninja Slayer

For those who was waiting for STUDIO TRIGGER  next big hit....this is it. Yep 15 min short of what looks like someone made in MS paint and Movie maker. While this show isn't bad if you can get pass the animation(which i know most can't) it isn't the best. For the most part this show is about a guy getting revenge on all ninja for killing his family. The animation is that similar to Inferno cop so if you seen that you might enjoy this as well. I enjoy it because for the most part it is funny and enjoyable and i know it doesn't take it self seriously.  This show is set to have 26 episodes.

Houkago No Pleiades/Wish upon a Pleiades

This really should be titled Wish upon a Car. This is animated by Gainax for a Car Company (i forget which one) and it is about Magical girls flying to collect stars but that is not the important stand out thing to me the thing that stands out to me is when they transform:
They make it obvious that this is a magical girl  uses a car part to capture a fucking star! This is a first for Gainax to animate a magical girl anime and this one is very enjoyable to watch. Its a ONA with only 4 episodes it will be ending soon.

Hornarable mentions

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyouku 

Just like Black Rock Shooter and Mekaku City Actors another vocaloid song series has been animated. Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyouku or Mikagura School Suite is about a girl who enters a high school all because she likes their uniform little does she know this high school is all about clubs battling each other. It's pretty easy to follow even if you didn't see the song series or read the manga but it really helps if you did.

Thats all folks. These for the most part are the anime i will be reviewing and watching I might drop Hibiki because that is turning into a classical K-on and Punchline because while it did somewhat pick up it not picking up fast enough and there is only so much repetitiveness when it comes to ecchi-ness i can take.

Till next time

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Semi anime related review- May Shiki Box

"Why am i doing a May box when its still April?" Some might say. Two reasons. One being i just got my box legit like a week or two ago and i was seriously debating if i should even do review to this subscription box site. Two, to let others know of the changes since i last did a review back in December First Shiki box Review

First lets start with the box it self. I put in my order on the 3rd of March.  Which was for the trial Candy and Battle Box.  $40 i payed. It legit Arrived two weeks ago mostly because they change the way they are now shipping. NOT  how they are going to ship but when  they are going to ship which at the time didn't bother me but if you follow them on twitter they posted they had just mailed out the March boxes at the time and were just getting around to ordering the stuff for the May boxes.

The May box

                                        A list of what came inside the box
                                       Meiji Chocolate and Triol Chocolate along with some hard candy
                                                                Some more Umaboi
                                               Country Ma'am Chocolate chip Cookies

                                                                        Calbee Chips
                                                A large version of the tomato Carmel Corn chips
                                                               Gummy hands candy
                                                  Callbee Veggi Chips which to me didn't taste like anything
                                            The broken ones was sugar cookies the others was crackers

                                          LOOK Chocolate with a LINE code but the chocolate was terrible to me.
         Big Katsu and a Elise cookie. I like the Elise Cookie it kinda tasted like a kit kat bar.

They skipped over April mostly due to Golden week(at least that what they put on they site) and when straight to the May Box. I didn't receive one item which was suppose to be another gummy candy that was on the list.

Nothing was secure and if they knew they was shipping chocolate i would suggest they try to find a way to make sure some of the chocolate doesn't arrive melted

Time to get here-4
It would have been a 2 but at least it got here. Due to all these changes and stuff i had to wait a month and a half  for my box to get here.

If you look on the page and check when they are accepting orders and are shipping out then yes this is the box for you as for me this time around it wasn't. 

*UPDATE- They now change their site and now offer EMS Shipping and offer Mini, Shiki, and Mega boxes with different plans with the Omotenashi Plan being their platinum plan

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Anime 2015 First Impression pt 2

Plastic Memoires

This show is about a guy working for a company that collect GIFTAS or androids  that possess human emotions. The people he works for are GIFTAS all except two people.  A GIFTA normal life span is nine years before they lose all their personalities. So far it is on episode two and it looks like its looking like its going to have those feelz. Episode one was sad as shit beside the whole nine year memories thing. Im going to watch this mostly because im waiting for KEY Charlolette.


If you aren't a fan of Rumiko Takahashi work you aren't gonna like this show.  This show is about Sakura Memiya a high Schooler who is able to see spirits  and Rinne Rondou as in his words "sorta a shininigami" "sorta a human".Rinne possesse a fire of hell cloke which allow him to go invisible and do his shinigami work. but seeing how Sakura see spirts is able to see Rinne due to the fact she once visited the spirits  world  and ate something from the spirits world as a child which gave her the ability to see spirits. I will be watching because i am a fan of Rumiko Takahashi work and i never read the manga to this so i wanna see how this turns out.


If fruits basket was a Harem and a fighting anime.  I love this show so far. This is another anime that is on its second episode. Its about the girls of the Chinese zodiac and the cat fighting each one of them to become apart of the zodiac. For the most part the fighting scenes are very moe and  this anime is just a light Harem but what sells it is the fighting and the cat  Nya-tan. The boss of this anime is the Rat zodiac who just from gimps we get of her she seem pretty bad ass. I will be watching because of cats, fighting, and the added element of the Chinese zodiac fighting.

Hibiki! Euphorum!!

HEY! DO YOU LIKE CLASSICAL MUSIC? NO! DID YOU WATCH K-ON? NO! well you aren't gonna like this. Unlike k-on this somewhat has a plot and instead of revivin a dead club, Kumiko Oumae our main protaganist  is trying to decide if she should join the school Classical music club along with her friends which she does.  That when it just fall into the K-on slice of life trap after that.
For the most part the music in the show is very good if you are a classical music fan and typical kyo-ani made sure to empathize  the girls eyes and instruments. I will be checking it out but on a bi-weekly basis it not one of my i have to see when it airs anime.

The Final part will be coming soon.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring 2015 Anime First Impression pt 1

It's that time of year again. Con-goers bust out their cosplay, The flowers are in bloom and Fans pick out their perfect Husbando and Wifeu for the season. Yes, as most of the winter anime is wrapping up many of the spring anime has aired with good to great feedback that many if not half are trending on twitter during their air time. Im here to talk about the few anime i will be watching during this spring anime season. As usual  i will be breaking it down into three parts because there are some that haven't aired yet that i wanted to check out.

Fate/Stay night Unlimited blade works Season 2

                                                Anybody order a saber in bondage?

The first episode takes place after the events of the last episode of season one and the whole Saber becoming Caster familiar now. The majority of this episode was spent talking (nothing new from a Fate series) However the highlight of this first episode was Archer betral and Rin heartbreak. I will be watching to see how the are going to end this updated version of the Fate/stay night series.

Triage X

If someone was to mix Black Lagoon and High school of the Dead but without the zombies this will be this show. This will be my first Action Ecchi in probably i wanna say years. The girls breast are typical un natural anime breast. There is a girl who reminds me of a short girl from the Ecchi EIKEN who was short yet her breast was TWICE THE SIZE OF HER BODY!  Despite the whole breast issue i have with this show this is a good show. From the plot which is a group of girls and one guy who now has his dead friend body parts take out people who gets the black label (mostly yakuza, drug lords, gangsters bad guys ect) and take them out. It's one to check out if you like those Action Ecchi anime.


                                            The punchline is we all die if he see panties

PUNCHLINE is one of those anime where you can turn off your brain and just let it happen. Punchline main plot is if this guy see any panties the world will explode. LITERALLY, HE WILL END HUMANITY IF HE SEE LADIES UNDERWEAR!!  The first episode was about the main character turning into a ghost after a bus hijacking and he can't get back into his own body. In order to do so he has to find a book and preform a ritual to get his own body back so there is a plot. Im not to sure about this one. It's not a Gainax anime (even though it sure as hell looks like it) its a Studio MAPPA  anime and while its good i can see it getting boring around the fifth or sixth. I still am going to watch seeing how its only going to be twelve episodes.

I will be back with part 2 soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Semi-Anime Related Review-Nademobox(Pic Heavy)

Hello everyone im back with another review.  I did finshed cross ange and Yuri kuma arashi but i decided not to do a review for them mostly because 1) cross ange ending pissed me off and 2) I really was confused and semi pissed off by Yuri kuma ending but im not here for that.

Nademobox is a monthly subscription box that ship straight from Osaka Japan so it does take about a month to get state side.

They do offer plans  on their site from one month to twelve all ranging different but reasonable prices

They offer two different types of boxes  a Candy and Snack box($25) and a kawaii box($35) as well as a Create-your -own -Kawaii bag($7.50) on their site which recently replace the beauty box on their site

Yesterday i recieve my April  "Cherry Blossom and Picnics" theme box from them and it was pack to the rim when i open it
                              A little Thank you from the Staff

         They send a detail list of what is in the box so you don't go with out knowing the names of what you are eating

                             The Rillakkuma biscuits was a small thank you from Nademobox
  Strawberry and Grape Flavored  Sono-Manma Gumballs. These have a range from mild to super sour.

                                   Frutio Grape Gum. I haven't tried it yet but i am looking forward to.

           Yakinori and Bourbon Baumrolls. The Yakinori i do not like mostly because it is super hard and taste like you are just biting into soy sauce. The Baum Rolls i didnt try yet but im hoping they taste good.

                               Stick Potato Chips. If you live state side you are familiar with Potato Stixs but what makes these different from USA potato Stixs is that these are more lighter with the salt and you can actually taste the different flavor without it being saturated in oil and salt. The yellow package one tasted more of herbs and butter. I didn't open the spicy one yet.
                                          (The open yellow package)

  Salad Senbei and Tonton Undoukai. The Tonton Undoukai is bascially A DIY kit. Simular to those Kracie DIY Kits. The Salad Senbei is bacally a rice cracker. It taste like one big potato chip to me you don't really taste the salad flavor its good but i wouldn't miss it if it wasn't in the box.

Strawberry Flavored CHELSEA and Country Ma'am Cookies. The box even though it was Cherry blossom and Picnic theme revolved around these two Items. I Really wanted to try both for a long time and i was excited to finally get a chance to get to try both. The Strawberry flavored Chelsea candy was so good. most of my family memeber also agreed that the Chelsea candy was good. The Country Ma'am Cookies oh my god. Those were the highlight of this box in my opinon.

When you open the package there are 10 indivudual cookies wrap in 10 indivdual pacages and the is a option for you to eat these cookies warm or just as is and i love that. There is a strong strawberry smell when you first open the package. When you bit into these cookies they are so light and airy its so amazing im sad that there are only 10 that comes in the bag because these are just that good.

There was no rips, tears or leaking from any of the products plus i was kinda amazed at how they fit everything into that small box.

Time to get here-10
I mean they are shipping from Japan so it wasn't like i was expecting it to get here in a week still it got here without any problem


I enjoyed everything i gotten and i really really love those cookies. The only only thing i didn't like was the Yakinori but everything else out weights that. If you are looking to get a box of your own  Hurry up so you can sign up for their may box and don't worry the shipping is free.

I hope you enjoyed my review and do please check out Nandemobox.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

DurararaX Shou Final Thoughts

Durarara X Shou or Durarara season 2 picks up where season one left off and kinda where the OVA does to. We are re-introduce to our old favorites as well as new characters such as Varona a Russian assassin hired to kidnap a Yukaza daughter along with her partner, Egor who has some connection to Anri  and Varona  and is wrapped up in bandages most of the episode, Aoba who we around episode 7 finds out he is the leader of the BLUE SQUARES,  Akane who is the daughter of a yakuza boss and the one who ends up getting kidnapped by Varona, Ruri who turns out to be the Hollywood Slasher and Chikage who end up getting beat up mutiple time through out the series (the worst being from Shizuho) defending  women  and  is the leader of a biker gang.

Not much happens in this first  half. This Half was mostly focus on introducing the new characters and re-introdcing the old ones. Episode 12 concluded the big fight that took place around the end of episode 11. Shizuho ends up quitting the DOLLARS due to the misunderstanding Aoba caused which caused the big brawl in the first place. Shizuho ended  up getting Akane back from Varona  and most of the loose ends are tied up but typical Durarara fashion they weren't about to end this show without adding some more loose end for us to try to fix

First off Varona get drugged and kidnapped and the people who kidnapped her work at the Russian sushi house in the city.

Second this happen.

Mikado end up taking Aoba deal of becoming the leader of the BLUE SQUARES  because he didn't like the direction the DOLLARS was going in and after  what Chikage told him after the brawl it really made him feel that he was being left behind by the ever changing DOLLARS.

and lastly this happen

Not gonna lie i laugh at this part. That right our favorite person we love to hate Izaya got shanked while trying to escape the city. I find it ironic seeing how he's always carring a knife and  he got stabbed with a knife.

Story 7
Noting really interesting but you don't feel bored while watching it there are good moments that makes you say WTF(like Mikado stabbing Aoba in the hand) or who the hell is that?

Art 6
I got the feeling they change a few characters look i get that this takes place a year after the events of the first Durarara but i would have like if they didn't make it blantly obvious that they change Izaya and Shizuo face.

Dependng on the episode the plot is interesting the first few focuses on the Hollywood slasher the next on the kidnapping and the last the whole DOLLARS falling apart. Each sub arc is interesting in its own way.

Overall 7.5

This season was mostly build up to the second season of DurararaX shou 2. SO  basically we are getting a second season, to a second season.(second season-ception) The second half of the second season is suppose to premier in July so i will be on the look out for that.