Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mayoiga episode 9 review

I didn't do a episode review for 8  because it really was kinda boring till near the end but here the jist of what happen in 8
- Masaki is not a ghost she happen to visit there once before with her cousin
-Masaki is the only one in the group who can't see any of the monster due to her not having any trauma
-The driver kidnaps Masaki (Hayato and Mitsumune kinda tagged along) in order for her to take him to his dead daughter 
- Oh hey the two semi likeable people manage to fine one of the people name Jack(the one with the eye patch who is somewhat of a weeb)
That all what happen in episode 8

Episode 9 takes place where we left off Mitsumume , Hayato and Maskai are all in the bus trying to get the bus driver to calm down and stop the bus but its a no go for him and he drives through the tunnel.

While on the bus Hayato and Mitsume saw their monsters of course we know what mitsumune monster is but as for hayato

                                                            The fuck is that hayato!!

Anyway the bus driver manged to drive to the end of the tunnel and the trio get of leaving the driver behind. The driver on the bus managed to see his dead daughter and that the last we here of him. Masaki want the two to turn around but hayato decide that its better to see why she is so scared and the three of them goes forward only to find ANOTHER abandon village this time covered with fog.

Masaki finds the stone that her cousin carved on with his last messages to her about accepting "Nanaki" whatever the fuck that is. they ask her about it and of course she wouldn't know. They group decide since they are here why not inspect this other village

during the investigation Masaki decided that she "Has to go to the bathroom" (you will see why i put those in quotation later) and they let her go. Meanwhile hayato and Mitsumune  decided to have a chat in a abaondon building of all places. Hayato decides that NOW it would be a good time to tell Mitsumune about his past and how much he hates his parents and how they were abusive assholes who cared only about their imaged  That monster that Hayato saw was his dead grandma who he only saw as a photo when he was little whenever he was locked up in the attic for not meeting his parents standards.

After he monologues about his past shit takes a left after he fuck it up by saying he "Needed Mitsumune to stay his puppet" and goes on about how he needed him to "follow him and his orders". Mitsumune is reasonably upset and flip out and leaves Hayato but then remember that Masaki had went to the bathroom but on the way of looking to meet up with her she finds her ribbon  and goes to look for her.

To sum up the last few minunts of this episode Mitsumune meet up with Valkana who is fighting a weird eye looking monster.

Seriously what the fuck is that?!

 Mitsumune meets up with his monster but its relatively smaller than it was previously. Lion and Nanko try to get Maimai to go into the tunnel but are attack with arrows by Jack (the one who they locked up)  before they are saved by a mysterious person.
                                     Where the fuck have you been old friend

Mitsumune walks into a lake with the penguin monster and before the episode ends Mitsumune wakes up in what we can assume is a hospital.

This episode while still confusing was better that last weeks one. For one we get to know about Hayto past and why he is so overprotected of Mitsumune We also get the reintroduction of two missing characters but now we have more questions than we do answers.

1) why are they attacking and where have they been?
2) is the mysterious guy masaki cousin or someone new?
3) How did Mitsumune get to the hospital?
4) This might be just me but why does nanako keep grabing her stomach when she is making her deductions, observations or whatever?

I don't know but this episode did have alot going on for it. Next week who know, but it does looks like after a few episodes of bullshit its starting to be good.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mayoiga episode 7 review

Congratulation Mayoiga you manage to be even more confusing and stupid than last week episode!

We start the episode with Mitsumune and Masaki running away from a monster that turns out to be one of mitsumune fears. unfortunately for him he slips and knocks his head on a rock rendering him unconscious

. We get a flash back to Mitsumune past and he had a twin brother, His twin Tokimume to me was a bit of a asshole. He was the complete opposite of the shy and reserve Mitsumune. Tokimume was outspoken, and more outgoing than his twin.  The Penguin was a plush doll Mitsumune gotten for Christmas from his mom while his brother gotten a action figure. His twin die during a accident where he took his plush and decided to walk a walk their mom told them not to and fell to his death.

After the accident their mom fell into a deep depession which in turn ended up Mitsumune being called by his dead brother name for the rest of the time and resulting in him joining the group to get away from his now fucked up family. Mitsumune comes to and he and masaki has a chat about thing and this give masaki the grand idea of him having to face that fucking monster once more in a fucking cave

                                               Lets go to the monster because why the fuck not!

He went but after a few seconds of being face to face with the monster he leaves masaki and runs.

Ok, So back in the village they went from talking about what the monster could possibly be to FUCKING KILL THAT GHOST SLUT MASAKI!!!  I mean what the fuck. Seriously this group can not hold a single convo without changing topic like that.  So Mitsumune makes it back to the group without harming himself and the group instead of being a asshole to him decide to "Play nice" in order to get information onto Masaki whereabouts. Of course Mitsumune was suspicious but his friend Hayato reassures him that "The group feels bad for tying him up and wanted to make it up to him". Yeah sure.

So they find Masaki and it bascially turns into a fucking witch burning circle. Masaki is tied up and now the group is trying to decide what to do with her. they all agree to kill her but then have to decide how to kill a ghost.  Hayato tired of wasting time takes a knife a decide be the one to kill masaki However Mitsumune being awoken by lion and another(im sorry i tottaly forgot her name) came just in time to stop things before it really became a full on murder fest

                                                         Get wreck mate!

The group holds down Mitsumune so he wont interfere but before Hayato could continue Masaki decide to tell everyone who or what she is but that when the episode end.

While this was one of the better episode since the series started, the whole "Masaki is a ghost" sub plot was kinda baffling
1) if she was a ghost did you guys collectively forgot that she did throw up of the driver?
2) If she was a ghost what did she throw up on the driver? Ghost Vomit?
3) How the fuck was y'all going to kill a ghost with a knife!

Next week maybe we get a answer as to what or who masaki is  and what the fuck is going on in the village.

Monday, May 9, 2016

mayoiga Episode 6 review

Guys, Can we talk about Mayoiga? Like REALLY talk about it. Seriously WHAT THE FUCK is going on? For starters No one on the cast is likeable.  The main three are fucking annoying, the others are expendable and even some that are half-way like able are just plain cut and dry its just like why are they even there!

Anyway this episode takes place after main dude(Mitsumune) and main chic (Masaki) excaping after Masaki help Mitsumune escape a sneak attack from 4 of the other member who think he help one of the member they had locked up escape. Before episode 5 ends Mitsumune see a huge giant monster and the episode ends. In this week episode the four that tried to attack Mitumune goes to look for him after they see that the fire that was set by masaki to smoke them out was a controlled fire so no harm.

Shit get weird after they go to look for them.  Each of the four who went to go look for mitsumune ran into a monster who was a physical representation of what they were afraid of.

 For Love pon it was a demon that was suppose to be a drawing on a bottle one of the monks who visited her mom would drink.

For Nyanta its a huge fucking bee! But its only because she was tied up and one of her bullies shot a bee nest down on her face

For Jigoku no Gouka(stupid name but there are others in the group with worst names) Its a blob of Silicone

 And for Mikage it was this monstrosity of a fucking train (also his form of failure)

they somehow meet up with the others but they are so shaken up by what they have been chased by that its hard for them to talk. Before the episode ends Koharun(the person who gave that shitty shitty anoying person the map to the place) tell the group that while looking at a few flies that were at the place Masaki name came up in a missing person article and that Masaki may or may not be a ghost.

Besides those fucked up monsters that were chasing the four, this episode was slightly better than the previous. The monsters that was chasing the four were each a personal fear of each character a during the chase we got a flashback which added somewhat dept to them. Those flashback made me somewhat have new found tolerance for these characters but they are all still annoying. Now as for Masaki being or not being a ghost i really don't care but i do think she might have something to do with this fucked up village.

I don't know. Hopefully next week they actually start explain shit and stop adding more shit to this shit.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spring anime 2016-Honorable Mentions

Pan de peace

These four girls have one thing in common. THEY LIKE BREAD. That it. It doesn't matter what kind of bread it is these four girl have a love for it. its a short so i wasn't expecting much from it. Hell the main girl even goes as far as to call her friends 'Bread buddies"

High School Fleet/HaiFuri

Do you like ship? Wanna see High school girls be on ship? Did you somewhat like kancolle? perfect! HaiFuri follows a group of high school girls attend a school where at the end of it all they will either graduate to become captain of their own ship or for one girl become a captian of the blue mermaids. However at the end of the first episode during a training exercise  on the boat these girls get mutinize out at sea and now have to figure out a way to 1) to tell their school the truth 2) to get back alive. Its a good show but its characters are kinda boring.

Kuma Miko

Kuma Miko Is a slice of life anime that follows  around a girl name Machi who is also a Miko  and a Bear(Yes a actual bear) name Natsu and their daily life in a secluded villiage in the mountains and their interaction with the towns people. Its a nice show art wise but it falls flat with me.

Sansha Sanyou/ Three Leaves, Three Colors

This anime follows a former rich girl name Yoko Nishikawa who ends up being friends with Teru Hayama the class president and Shinobu/Hanekawa lookalike and Futaba Odagiri another Shasha blouse but with bread. Its a comedy slice of life and it funny at times however its nothing we havent seen before.

Anne Happy/ Unhappy

This anime follows five unlucky girls who are unlucky in different ways and are all in the same class  who sole purpose is to make people of the class Happy.  The only reason our main girl (purple hair girl) is in the class is because she is in love with a construction sign.  Its a comedy/slice-of-life anime. the show is pretty good and i ment to added it to my pt 2 anime list so i thought i tack it on here.
it keep hinting on it being a darker anime at times but somehow its comedy aspect keep it on its tracks.

Thats it for what i'll be watching. If you want to check out Part one and two its Here  and Here

See ya next review