Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kill la kill ending (spoilers)

RIP senketsu.  I love this show KILL LA KILL was the best from beginning to end. I am glad that it didn't leave us with a cliff hanger ending like Attack on titan did and for a new anime studio that is new this was a huge success! I know they are going to have to now have to keep putting out hits like this one but lets worry about that when the time comes.  This ending was everything i need. It had action and closure. Im a bit sad that Senketsu ended up burning  and a bit annoyed at the Gurren laggon reference via gamaguri but overall wow i mean i could go into details but i rather have you experiance the thrill of it for yourself.

Just a few quick question i have about the last episode. 1) was Nui the original life fiber core? 2) why did rainbow bright(Ragyo)  kill herself in space? i mean  i understand not wanting to be killed  by Ryuko but in space really? 3) Now that Satsuki and Ryouko found out they are sisters is satsuki staying at mako with Ryouko?

NOW here's some random klk

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kill La Kill 22+23


ok so lets begin with 22

Nui lolita ita irratant  get her arms chopped off and it was hilarious because this time she couldn't regenrate them and it remind me of that scene from the first season of the most popular girls in school.
Besides that Mako near the end of the episode became super fighter club mako again and it was awesome other than that it was kinda a slow episode 22 yet funny and satisfying on all levels.
I mean come on we all were screaming when we saw her in her goku uniform again!

Now in 23 mostly everything is coming full circle. Rainbow bright (satsuki and ryouko mom) is  making her way to the acadamy via that huge life fiber sphere she is riding on so Satuki and ryouko to intercept her. I swear rainbow bright was to obsessed with that sphere because she fucking kicked satsuki in the stomach when she even landed on the sphere. Anyway Ryouko ended up destroying the sphere via using Satsuki as a pawn(not getting into details how because it was amazing and it even had me for a min)  and this pisses off Rainbow bright. The gang landed at the academy and well let just say shit get even MORE real.

So next week is the final episode  T_T and just like AoT im going to be said im planning snack ahead because i know it going to be good! For a anime studio who branced off a different studio for this to be their first anime it's very good. I want to see more from studio trigger (maybe a panty stocking sequel i know its gainax but shit)  The only thing i didn't like about 23 is that they tried to pull the Gurren lagaan card with Ryouko
NO RYOUKO ISN'T KAMINA first off (i know this is offtopic but still) WHAT A TERRIBLE ANALOGY TO MAKE.
Didn't Kamina die regarless of all the countless inspirational speaches he made during his 8 episode life HE FUCKING DIED!
Ryouko according to KLK logic can't really die.
So please stop making that analogy.

Anyway Kill La Kill next week is its last episode so i will be watching. I hope it doesn't troll us.

                                                  for my bod is ready for this.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

semi anime related post-how to date a otaku girl/fujoshi kanjou

So i was surffing youtube because i was bored and i was actually looking for a certain youtube video to watch when i came across this movie

Fujoshi Kanjou or better know by its english title  How to date a otaku girl.

They have the full movie on youtube subs and all. I thought since white day(march 14) was coming up why the hell not.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Anime Rants, why i stop watching Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! ren and my thoughts on Kill La Kill ep 20

                                                    (good night sleep tight sweet prince 2002-2014)
What a perfect way to start off March by taking off another toonami staple. Last night was the final night i ever got to see Inuyasha on t.v. Toonami lost the right to air it so no more Inuyasha on Toonami.
So next week im not watching toonami because i really don't like space dandy, and the other show are shit. First they take off cowboy bebop now after 12 years Inuyasha is gone and its going to be replace with a shit show they token of about three times now because NOBODY LIKES THAT FUCKING SHOW!!!
Sim bionic titan my ass.

So im not going to watch Chuunibyou anymore. One reason is because i just think that the first season kinda answered all the question i had for it and that this season is pointless. The second reason being i do not want to waste time watching a bunch of episode about a boy in a love triangle while trying to get some pussy he claim. This season was pointless. While the artwork and animation was amazing this season was kinda pointless.

Kill La Kill this week was kinda a bit edgy when it came to the characters wardrobe(not talking about nudist beach but their wardrobe are always questionable) I mean this episode felt like i was watching a Hentai with a well written plot espically during the scene where ryuko was forced to wear satsuki sengetsu.  My thing about these last few episodes of KLK is they are packing alot in these last few episode I know i shouldn't be saying this but does anyone else think that or think that the last episode is going to be shit or might leave us with a clifthanger? Studio Trigger is new and there is alot of expectation and pressure on them when it comes to Kill La Kill but they have been giving it their all in these last few episode. I just hope it doesn't have a shit ending or a troll ending like Panty stocking.