Saturday, November 23, 2013

Little buster` Refrain episode 8

Ok i was going to save this for tommrow because i was going to do the monogatari review  but i really need to do this post done and i can easly sum up monogatari

monogatari is getting boring now and its trying to live off of it's hype. Its so predictable. Im glad that Senjogahara is back to being a tsudere but its a bit too late seeing how we only got a few more episode till its over.Also Agari is THE WORST BOYFRIEND i've ever seen in anime.

Moving along

We start off LB Refrain with Riki and Rin trying to figure out how to get  the Little buster back together. to be presise  which memeber should they try to get back first. Riki ask Rin who did she met first she said Masato, So they work on getting Masato back into the group or duo at this point.
Riki and Rin are in the Cafeteria and they see Masato sitting alone and they ask him if he want to be apart of the Little Buster again. For some reason this make Masato flip his shit because he says no and then he says "im the strongest" and "i going to start proving how strong i am!" A day later he is knocking out people in the hallway for no reason. Its like 5 people aready in the nurses office and there are teachers telling Riki and Rin that if he see him do no fight him just report him.

Can we just aknowledge the lazy  teachers who don't even attempt to stop Masato

Being the loving caring friend that they are Rin and Riki try to come up with a plan to stop Masato. On Riki end it was more technical while on Rin it was just hanging up badly drawn posters everywhere. Even on benches. This took all day mind you. So when Masato gotten near the trap Riki had set up (which was a glove that had the badly drawn poster of him on it) he punched it and it blew him back onto the school statue which had glue and glue him there. Masato eyes were glowing red and i found that to be odd. I knew he was mad but whats with the glowing red eyes?

When Riki and Rin thought  that was it with masato being glued to the statue, Masato LIFTS  the statue (with him stilled glued to it) from the ground and starts to chase Riki and Rin

 Im going to sum up the chase sceane by saying masato falls and breaks the statue he was glued too  yet he still was somehow glued to it.

Rin on on the roof (don't ask me how she even got there  i don't even know) waiting for the signal to drop a net on Masato. Riki gives her the signal and BAM! the net comes down and the statue breaks BUT!  Masato still is standing even goes as far as to ask Riki "are you done with your trick?" Riki retors with "Yep i'm all out of ideas"  and he puts up his fist to fight masato

Im going to stop right here because Im pretty sure i spoiled enough but im not that huge of a bitch to let you know how the fight goes.

This episode was very good. My questions were at a minimum but it seem that the last couple of episode will be them getting the original little buster back that just a theory of mines.

This episode should have been titled "We need to keep a Eye on Masato. He might go a bit nuts"

OHH i can't wait till next week.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little Buster Refrain episode 7

um..well somehow this is getting very dark very fast.

Rin has become so depressed that she only smiles when she is around children. why i don't know and that kinda makes her seem like a pedo as well but whatever.  Kyousuke is gone in 1/4 of the beginning of the anime when Kengo and Masato fight. Riki tries his hardest to difusses the situation but nope doesn't work. They fight Kengo ends up with  a broken arm. Kyousuke appares later and now he's a hikkikimori. When the fuck did that happen? Why did it happen i would like to know.

So while Riki was talking to him he begins to talk to Riki in some Crypic message  saying "you still haven't solved the mysteries of this world" bullshit meaning i still don't know what the fuck is going on.  He tell Riki to leave because he is "getting to the good part" in his book.  Riki is confused(as he should be) because 1) Kengo and Masato are on the outs 2) Rin only likes to be around him but yet only smiles around children and 3) the Little Busters are falling apart. Side note what happen to Komari? Did KEY just kill her off screen? No explination. No warnings. No nothing. Back in the dorms Riki was talking to Kengo about Rin and Kyousuke  He tells Riki to leave Kyousuke alone but that Rin still loves him and to come up with something fun they can all do.

During one of his visit  with Rin he take her and decide to  become her kyousuke and help her break out of her depressed state.

So they look for something fun to do. Coming up empty they almost give up. Untill that same white cat Lennon plays with a baseball and Riki pick it up and ask Rin if she want to try she says yes. Some how this bring back a nostagic feeling for both because i don't know how they forgot they BOTH WAS ON A BASEBALL TEAM!! This promts Riki to remember the question Kengo asked him and soon he returns with a box full of bats and mits and tell Rin that Kengo and Masato will show up to join them.

Masato show up first but then Rin hides behind Riki. It might be because she is broken down and scared of people that she wasn't her Tsundere self but i was expecting her to kick Masato. Then Kengo show up. Some how Kengo is very upset by Riki wanting to start playing baseball.  He even tell him "It's Just like Him!" meaning Kyousuke and tell riki that he isn't going to play. Riki is even more curious and start asking masato what the fuck is going on. Masato tell him " He's come far enough " and hand him back the baseball glove and then leaves.

OH GREAT. Just when i thought everything was going to be solved EVEN MORE FUCKING QUESTIONS.

It wasn't as sad as the last couple of episode have been but it was very dark FOR IT TO BE A SHOW ABOUT BASEBALL! and what happen to Kyousuke? What made him a recluse like that?  What does he know? Mater of fact what does He, Kengo,and Masato know that Riki and Rin don't?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween theme episode in anime

Happy Halloween everyone

(if you are reading this the day after then happy day after halloween )

Hope you are enjoying your candy, snacks, or whatever you are enjoying.

While sitting here a though accured to me how come there aren't any halloween themed anime episode in anime?

We always get the obligitory chrismas episodes  when it comes to anime. One could aruge that "well Halloween is a American thing i never heared of the Japanese Celebrating halloween"  while others like me could easly call bullshit on that.

Halloween is an American holiday but there are other countries that do happen to celeibrate it as well as us they might not do the whole door to door trick or treat thing but the whole aspect of dressing up they do..

Back on topic, When it comes to anime How come we never get a halloween theme anime episode?
Cowboy bebop Knocking on heaven's door was centered around Halloween and the epic fight at the end took place during a big Halloween parade but that a MOVIE.What about shows? Hyouka had two characters dresses as pumpkins and  come in to the classroom where orieki was and said "Trick or Treat" before handing him a water gun but this was during the school festival.

We as otakus are forced to watch things like Hellsing utimate,  The blood series(blood the last vampire, blood+ and the other blood movie i don't recommend blood-c)  or any monster anime. I just want a anime with a halloween episode in it. Am i the only one?