Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Divine Gate Final thoughts

Divine Gate is the best comedy of the winter season. What's that? "But Divine Gate isn't a comedy its a ACTION anime" you say? Let me explain why this piece of shit is the best comedy of the winter season but to do that let me go back and explain what this show was "SUPPOSE"  to be.

Divine gate was suppose to be a action anime revolving around three people the main characters Alto, midori and Akane trying to get to the gate. Each has their own personal reason as to why they want to reach the gate and as each episode progress it is made clear. The first few episode were solid footing as to what this show COULD have been. Then episode seven happen and from then on out it became a FUCKING DISASTER!

Side note Underline Alto water bending teacher COULD see that charlie st cloud ghost child thing that has been following Alto since the first episode.

So Alto Finally meets up with his brother who we find out or i find out is his twin but to be honest any one of male charters of the Knight of the Round with the exception of the old guy could have been alto brother i mean most of the males of the Knight had BLOND HAIR for fuck sakes.  Their meeting was so weird but it ends with his brother somehow making a water version of AOT 3D maneuvering gear to fight Alto and alto trying to kill him before he escapes.

So the gang reach the gate which turn out to be a big ol scale  measuring human subconscious and conscious and grants the person wish. Did they use it? FUCKING NOPE! All because Ginki aka foruth child (that is literally what the counsel called him) came gave some long speech about how they needed the counsel and all of a sudden everyone decided to NOT use the gate.

At the end lancelot who we though was dead(and we seen get stab) is now some what immortal along with the other knight as he informs the gang that they are all alive.  The last episode ends with clips of what each characters is presently doing and it ends with the most bullshit cliff hanger ever!

Characters- 1.2
Most of the characters who had blond hair blue eyes look like FF7 Cloud rejects
Overall 2.5

If you go into watching this thinking its a comedy it way more enjoyable than trying to take it seriously because god knows it didn't or stop near the end.

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