Saturday, December 26, 2015

Owarimonogatari Final thoughts

Happy Holidays! Christmas was yesterday or a couple of days ago if you are reading this late so Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.  With most of the fall anime season coming to a close and the winter anime season about to start i spent the majory of the week/weekend catching up with anime that ended or is about to end.

Speaking of anime that ended Owarimonogatari. Owarimonogatari was suppose  to be the ending of the Bakemongatari series. Much of its hype came last year when we saw a drawing with Ougi Oshino sitting on a desk in her black dress and Shaft saying they are releasing it in October of 2015. A few week before it was released two pv were released that feature Aragari and Ougi trapped in a classroom and for the most part it look like the show was going to be ineresting.  Show airs. That classroom scene is just part of the Ougi forumula Arc of the whole series which was important to the next arc Sodachi Riddle where we meet a girl from Agaragi Childhood who returns to school after two years of absents and who hates Agargi so much to the point she stab him with a pencil.

The whole focus of Owarimonogatari was to put a focus on Ougi Oshino and how she fits into the whole universe. How does Ougi know alot about everybody yet nobody knows anything about her? Is she really alive? Is she really Oshino niece?  NONE of those questions were answered because Owarimonogatari decided to end on Shinobu mail arc which was basically two guys fighting over shinobu, one who shinobu should have made sure was dead 400 years ago.


Shaft can animate ok nobody debating that


Hanekawa and Senjogehara was not needed in any of the arc but they were there. Only person who was useful was Kanbaru.


While i do have a bias for SHAFT im sad to say owarimogatari didn't live up to its hype. Mainly because it could have been much longer. It was missing two vital arc that was needed if they really wanted to call this a ''ending story" which was Mayori Hell and Ougi dark. I would have love to see both animated but instead it just ended on shinobu's mail.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider Final thoughts

Spoilers if you are planning on watching this or haven't seen the ending

When i watch the first episode i put it on my hornorable mentions list for the fall season  mostly because the first episode was boring as shit. However, as i continue to stick it out and watch each episode it became more and more interesting.

Subete ga F n Naru: The Perfect insider  all revoloves around three main characters, Nishizono Moe a 19 year old student. Saikawa Soihei a Professer who looks like a front man to a Jrock band and  Dr. Magata Shiki a woman who lives in a lab and wears only white.  Around episode 3-4   Nishizono, Shohei and a bunch of others who are more or less important to the series take a trip to the Dr's lab and that when the show pick up from boring and dropable to we need to figure out who the killer is because just a few hours being within the Dr's lab the discover her body in a wedding dress coming twards them on a push card and the hands and feet were cut off.

While figuring out who killed the Dr. the seires would flash back years to when the Dr. was just thirtheen and how she had a lolita-esqe relationship  with her fucking uncle!
and we even see  that it was her how she and her uncle killed her parents thus being locked away in a lab due to the fact the courts found her mentally insane to even be put away.
A few episodes near the end of the series we learn that the Dr. despite being locked in that lab for fifitheen years she had a child and it was a girl and it was her daughter who everyone found dead not the real doctor.  The Real Dr Shiki excapes but before she leaves her lab forever she and her uncle/babydaddy reunites for the last time and she stab him in the back of the neck.

this week episode mostly tied up loose end the Dr meets up with Soihei and the have a last chat before she runs off forever

It was a slow start but after the third or fourth episode  it does pick up and it is a good mystery/drama anime



While the op and ed rock the voice acting is pretty decent in this show but to be honest there is a scene where Soihei is talking to Dr.Shiki in English and it is a bit cringe worthy


While it isn't a bad show there are alot of thing they kinda left unaswered main on being  WHAT THE FUCK DOES F MEAN!!!  The show is titled  "Everything becomes F the perfect insider" Hell the characters pondered that in the fucking show what the fuck does F mean?!

apparently it isn't Free

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Digimon Adventure Tri movie Pt 1 first impression

For those who grew up in the 90's you may remember the 4kids adaptation of the popular (second to pokemon) series Digimon Adventures or just Digimon. It was the anime that made kids choose either Team Pokemon or Team Digimon. It was very popular at the time. When it was annouced that there was going to be a Digimon Movie and all of the original characters were going to be apart of it and grown up of course i had to watch it.

It was then later announced that there will not be one but four Digimon tri movies so yeah, we got more Digi movies coming our way.

The movie was broken up into four, thirty minunt episodes (why i really don't know)  the first episode we get to see how the characters have matured and are in high school and Junior High. Everyone seem to be living a ordinary life. Tai is on a soccer team, Hikari is in Junior High, Yamoto is in a rock band and Mimi is living in America while the others are just living the ordinary teen life. Stuff was going fine till a bug from the digital word decided to enter the real world and fuck shit up.  Not knowing what to do yet wanting to play the hero Tai decided to follow the bug and tries to stop it on his own that is until his first original digimon appeaser,  Argumon

The second episode has the whole group fighting three of the evil digimon at the airport and the third  has Tai and Yamamoto aruing about if what they are doing is right and confronting their teacher who is also a CIA agent sent to protect also in that episode Izzy(Izumi) creates a digital world so that the digimon can stay in and be called when needed. The last episode they fight a huge Digimon name Alphamon and Tai and Yamoto maked up so that they can form Omegamon  and a new Digi trainer is introduce.

The First movie besides the movie being broken up into four part, I kinda didn't like the fact that they had Tai have this "Internal" struggle.  Like i would have like to seen that later on in the third or fourth movie (if there is one) not the first  we are JUST getting reintroduce to the whole digiuniverse and the original Digimon Cast. I understand they wanted to make it more mature than the original series seeing how they are now older but that could have waited till the second movie.





I still love this movie. Yes the first movie has flaws but i think they are setting it up for the following movies. Being reintroduce to the old cast was such nostalgia. I am looking forward to see what they are planing to do with that new digi trainer though.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Young Black Jack Episode 7

I Love this episode of Young Black Jack because it step into that territory of Racism and as a nation we are currently dealing with on some levels. Last week ended the "In Vietnam" arc of the series which in my opinion wrap up nicely.

  • Yabu was safe and he was found unharmed he even managed to get himself clean
  • They mangaged to save Steve only to have him ended up blown up by a land mind.
  • A new Doctor was introduce.
  • One of the person flip out over Steve death and order a air strike on the village they was staying at.
  • They ended up preforming surgery to save a guy who help them escape the jail they was held at  
  • Everyone ended up ok except the guy who phone in the air strike who ended up dying in the air strike.
  • Yabu stays in Vietnam to help the villagers.

So this episode takes places a few years after the assassination of Dr. MLK and in Chicago. We meet a young man dub "Immortal Johnny" due to his inability to feel pain and we see that as during a confrontation at a dinner from what i could assume was the Black panther party trying to get young Johnny to join them and abandon his non confrontational ways. He ended up getting his arm broken while trying to save his childhood friend Tiara who ended up being shot.  While she turn out ok we find out that he is not only a activist but due to his inablity to feel pain it put him at a greater risk of being hurt or worst dying.

We learn from Tiara  that Johnny didn't use to be that way. Back when they were little he Could Feel pain. So  we learn that it isnt a hereditary thing like Young Black Jack first though.  This episode ends with the doctor vowing to find a way to cure young Johnny and a clean and sober Yabu getting off a plane.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A corpse buried under sakurako Feet episode 5

This episode was kinda boring mostly because i solve the mystery last week in the last few moments because it was so obvious.  So we continue where the episode ends last week and it is solving this supposed curse that this guy believes he is going to die from. Long story short (because Sakuranko even thought it was bullshit too) The painting he's been keeping in his office was toxic and due to the fact he's been viewing the painting with the window close it just made it worst.

                                             Dude just open the fucking windows!

Everyone is relieved. There is no curse. Mystery solved right? Nope  This guy even though he is happy there is no curse Sakurako still feels off about him  and rightfully so.
Turn out all this was plan and he even goes as far as to try to chop his own leg off with a ax.

Why mostly because his family is now bankrupt. He even went as far as to take out a life insurance policey on himself so that his wife and new child have some money. While Sakurako was over his shit the others call a ambulance and try to save him.

The episode ends with them at a party/cookout  and catching up with people we learn that the guy who tried to chop off his leg is now working as a IT and him and his family moved. We even learn that the little girl ii-chan from episode 3 or 4 is living with some relatives.

While this wasn't a bad episode i really wish it wasn't that predictable as it was. To me it was like a light filler and i really could have done without this and they could have combine the two parts into a hour long or at least a 40 min episode.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Young Black Jack Episode 4 Review

A lot of things happen since we last checked in with the young doctor. He's reattached limbs to a young boy, he preform the first plastic surgery (on whim due to the fact it was originally suppose to be the first open heart surgery) and even save a CIA spy by removing part of his skull. A lot of thing happen to Young Black Jack and some were unintentionally but they added to his medical resume.

In this week's episode Young Black Jack takes a trip to Vietnam to find his friend/Assistant Yabu who happen to went back to Vietnam to get back to basics and to be a better doctor like how Young Black Jack is(even though he is still a medical student).  The Hospital where Yabu suppose to be studing at was bomb and now Yabu is M.I.A.

In a restaurant Young Black Jack meet a photographer that knows of Yabu last known whereabouts but tries to warn against the young doctor from going there. Come morning the same photographer then advice him to go to the area along with a Soldier from the States and a  female translator. While the four of them was traveling on a army tank they were suddenly attack.

Young black Jack and the other were caught in the cross hares and was thrown from the tank. While on the ground  Young black Jack saw and understood the severity of the Vietnam war that was going on around him.

While trying to get to his medical brife case he see a injured soildre who he then decides during a ongoing battle he was going  to save.

While he does manage to save the solider he ended up be captured. 

This episode gave you a look of the Vietnam war that was going was at the time and how hard it was not only it was on the people but outsiders as well. Next episode i hope we find out what happen to Yabu is he alive? as well as Young black Jack is he safe? who will he save next?

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Anime 2015 Pt3 Honorable Mentions

We are in the third week of the fall season and while some anime's are already on their second or third episode there were just a couple that were good but not that great to me for me to go out of my way to check out weekly. Thus they are on the Honorable Mentions for this season airing anime.


I know im going to get hate for putting this on the Honorable Mentions list but it really this is a show that could have stayed a manga. Visually when it comes to the action it is good plot wise it falls flat and i can see it getting old fast. The first episode was leaked a month earlier so that quicken the hypu train but this show is kinda lacking to me.


The show Chronicles a High school boy who freed the onsen demon Hakone who happen to live in the hot spring behind his house but due to the fact she was asleep so long most of her powers diminished and she appeares as a loli. Each episode is three minuets but for the most part it ok.


 The show follows 15 year old Komori san. A girl who always say yes to any and everybody! Basically the show lives up to its name. It's only three minuets long as well but it could have been a few min longer like at least five.



This is a anime that will help you lose weight (or watch the characters loose weight) Its basically a exercises  anime and each week will feature a different girl doing different exercises. It is another  three minut  anime but it is interesting to watch to the girls give exercise tips.


Really nothing much to say but girls cooking a dish per episode while doing random stuff before they cook the dish and explain the benefits of each ingredients in each dish they make. The animation is kinda wonky like it was suppose to be a cooking game.


 This is another show that could have just stayed a manga. Plot wise the show is very interesting  and would have made my normal list instead of the HB list  however the pacing in the show is SO UNBELIEVABLY SLOW and i feel its for no reason either. Granted i really wasn't expecting the first episode to be that much because it is the first but the second on really wasn't much to keep me interested. I may end up dropping if they don't pick up by the third.

Thats all for the fall anime season. If you want to check out what i will be watching Part 1  and Part 2 will be right there.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall First Impression Pt 2

If you haven't check out the first part its right here First Part  as usual you can check at the anime chart for this season here  Anichart

Lets get into this review

Comet Lucifer.

Besides it being oh so colorful  it reminds me of  Studio bones  X'am and Eureka Seven. It has the Mecha it has the mysterious girl and it even has a hover board! The first episode was good but it look like it will get old fast but i will keep watching to see what they have to offer.

Young Black Jack

Do you want to learn medical stuff but don't wanna spend years at a medical school? Don't worry Black Jack got you covered. Young Black Jack follows the Black Jack series Protagonist (because this is a series from late 80) as a Young medical student during the late 60 early 70 during protest and riots in japan. The First episode was about him doing his  first ever successful surgery re attaching a little boys hand and foot after a accident. I will be watching because it is so interesting and give you a look the background story of Black Jack.

Shomin Sample/Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Gets-Sareta Ken

It follow the typical Harem anime archetype but there is a twist... the main protagonist is a Gay man who has a muscle fetish. The First episode is basically him being introduce to two of the main girls. The story revolves around him being kidnapped and force to stay at a all girls school and help these girls interact with the opposite sex after they graduate and he was chosen to become the school "sample' to help the girls. The only problem i have with this show is how stupid these girls are all except the maid which is the only girl that seem to have common sense. I will be watching because while Harem anime isn't my favorite to see this twist it is enough to keep me interested.

A Corpse buried under Sakurano-San Feet/Beautiful Bones Sakurano San Investigation/ Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru

The show follows a High school student and a bone collector name Sakurano who always ends up finding a dead body. The first episode was about them solving a mystery of a drowed couple  the show plot wise it kinda fall flat for me visually it does have it's hyouka-esqe momets  will i be watching yes but i can see me dropping this soon.

Is the order a rabbit? season 2/Gochuumon wa usagi desuka? season 2

This is a contiuation from the second season.  It's still cute girls making coffee/Tea and doing mundane everyday slice of life things in or outside of their cafe. I don't know why they made a second season but it good and i did enjoyed the first episode so if you are looking for a break from any action series airing or like me have watched the first season and want to see what else could they possibly do in this season  then check it out. I know two or three more characters are suppose to be added in addition to chino (main blue hair loli) friends.

The final part will be honerable mentions because there are alot 

Till next time.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall Anime First Impression 2015 Part 1

Hello again. I am back to do this season fall first impression as usual it will be broken up into 2-3 parts depending on how i feel about the anime airing that i feel you should check out. To keep track of what is airing check out the chart here Fall 2015 Anime
Yes i am watching Owaimonogatari that will be its own review.

Before i begin with the first impression lets start off with some final thought of some summer left- overs

  • DurararaX2 Shou- Its getting a 3rd season in January which is good because it ended on a weird note.Overall the second half was a rollercoster ride and we got to see Mikado become more of a villian than a hero.  9/10 if you want to check it out do so the second season is broken up into 2 parts so plenty of time to check out before January.
  • Gangsta the series as a whole was different and i really liked it but seeing how the studio who produced it went under is is highly unlikely we are not going to get a season 2. 7/10. It ended on a cliff hanger and now im going to have to read the manga to find out what happens next.
  • fate /kaleid liner prisma illya 2wei hertz- This is acutually getting a FOURTH season. I feel like it could have ended this season but whatever. The plot was very predictable this season but the action kept you on your seats comedy wise it was very funny and it amp up on the Yuri/shoujo-ai scenes between Illya and kuro 8/10 if you are a fan of any of the Fate series you still want to check this out

Now  Let get on with the first impresstions


It was like if someone watched the second season of steel angel kurumi and decided to add their spin on it and make it shorter. The show isn't that bad but im getting a steel angel kurumi meet mobile app vibe from this show. it only 7min so. The first episode manged to keep me entertain i just hope it doesn't fall flat half way.

Diabolk lovers; More Blood

I really do not know why they made a second season but they did. They did. It somewhat tolerable than the first but don't watch it if you have't seen the OVA first because you will be lost. First of we get 4 new boys after this girl(you would think after the first season she would wise up but nope)  and a new plot i could care less about. Am i watching it yeah. Mostly due out of me watching the first one and to see how stupid is the main character going to be in this season.

Attack on titan Junior High

I already love this show. If you ever watch the mini AOT short this is like that but them being in Junior High and a few min longer. I love the premise of them being in school. as for the titans they are there but instead of eating humans they take their food and eat that they even go to school but they have their own building! This show is so funny and so cute i really like it.

I'll be back for pt two stay tune

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gakkou Gurashi Final Thoughts

This was not the ending i was looking for but it wasn't a bad as i thought it would be.  Let start out by saying the sub was delayed for a while but they are up now and after checking out the last episode im really wasn't feeling it.

Gakkou Gurashi Chronicals the daily lives of four highschool aged girls who live in a zombie infested high school Yuki for the majority of the episode is delusional and see their dead teacher megu-nee Kurumi is the brawn of the group taking out zombies in the school Rii acts more motherly and keep track of inventory and Miki is the mind for the most part.

During the show while it was airing there was multiple conspricy therory going on from the state of Yuki sanity to is Megu-nee really alive or dead (which was proven that she was dead from jump) We even have people making parodies of the opening

The show if you haven't read the manga it is very different. The first episode set you up for your typical slice of live anime with Moe girls  but near the end you see that you were lead into a false sense of security as you get to see that not what this show is about.  As the show progress we see the girls mental state get push to the limit at times. If you have read the manga (or started reading it after the first like i did like a idiot) Its still a interesting experience to compare and contrast each characters action from what they do in the manga and even the different situation they are in to the manga

Some have compared this to madoka in the way its looks happy and cheerful but it really a dark show i compare it to HOTD but less tits more moe and a actual plot.


(miki face was wonky at times)

Sound 8


One thing i can say that the anime did better than the manga is that they made zombie megu-nee more creeper than she was in the manga. Overall the show is a wild ride of emotions as stated before the first 6 episode are directed by ero writers it gets back on track around the 7 episode  either way its a good horror show.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kyoukai No Rinne Final Thoughts

With the majority of the summer season coming to a end and the Fall season starting soon i decided to catch up on those i haven't been watching due to following(keeping up with) talked about animes at the time.

Anyway Kyoukai no Rinnie is a show that premiered in the spring season and carried into the fall. It follows High schooler Sakura Mamiya a girl who is able to see ghost,spirits and such and Rodou Rinne and Half Human Half Shinigami who lives in the human world exterminating the ghost/spirits  and sending them to the Rinne no wa to be reincarnated.

During the show we are introduce to Tsubasa Jumoji a exorist who is implied to be a Christan due to his bible thum attack and holy ash attack and is Rinne Rival when it comes to Sakura affection. Ageha a female Shinigami who is wealthy but is dumb and see Sakura as a Rival when it comes to Rinne affection. Rinne Dad Sabato who due to his scheme is the reason Rinne is in debt $1,000,000 and is the leader of the Damagashi company a company who is out to spread evil. Masato a demon so dumb and petty in one episode he misspells his own name and just does petty stuff to get back at Rinne for what he done to him when they was children and Kain Rinne debt collector who is introduce near the end of the series and will only leave him alone once Rinne debt is paid in full.

If you are a fan of Rumiko Takahashi Work then you know some of her tropes and classic signiature in her manga and anime.  For the most part if you are going in blind them most of the jokes in this show will kinda fall flat and even if you have been a fan of her works there are episode that just fall flat. The first six episodes were ok but not good to me.  As a Collective i believe that it could have been longer but as announced this show is getting a season 2. This season was more the set up for what i hope can be better in the second season.


Animation 6



Its slow paced at time and i really enjoyed episodes that have two parts to them. There is a mix between Comedy and action and it clashes into Dark humor at times but over all if you are looking for a up-to-date Rumiko Takahashi show to check out Kyoukai no Rinne isn't one to be looked over.

though it might be like mermaid forest

                                            Even they are surprised they are getting a season 2.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Charolett episode 11 Review

Shit KEY  who was you trying to outdo! This week episode was way more than KEY has ever done in the past when it comes to pulling on the heartstrings of its views. They decided saddness wasn't enough lets add a dramatic death with blood to the mix along with being kidnap and toured.

Quick rundown of what happen before this episode
Important parts
*Ayumi(aka pizza sauce) was found to have the collapse ablity
*Ayumi dies because of her ablity
*Yu falls on hard times and is saved by Nao
*Yu remembers he had a older brother
*Yu meets his older brother who has the time leap abilty and tells Yu he actually has the plunder ablity
*Yu uses plunder to take his older brother ablity to save pizza sauce(Ayumi) and take her ability
* Pizza sauce lives!

In this episode it was found that one of the members Yu and Ayumi older brother was working with was being blackmailed. The driver who usually take Pooh to the school Yu and Nao goes to to tell them there is ability weilder take Pooh to a abandon warehouse where he is then beaten and bound to a chair and then torched by having his nails on his hand and feet ripped off.

Somehow Nao ends up getting involved with this mess and ends up getting caught in the middle of the night.

Words gets back to Yu brother and he plan to get them both back by using Yu.  Yu meets the people holding Pooh and Nao and things were going smooth until someone who also uses a ablity comes out of nowhere and not only uses a ablity but a knife to slice one of his eye so he won't time leap.

and that when things took a sharp left turn.  Yu uses collaps and the building ended up falling apart the group ended up  getting there a bit to late and had to look for Yu, Nao, and Pooh.  Yu and Nao was ok but Pooh..

                                               Why KEY why you do this to me!

Little Busters was less intense than this. It shouldn't be on Grisaia No Rakuken action levels. Oh my god.

Two more episode left and im really want to see what else does KEY has up it's sleeve because this episode was a so left field for key.