Thursday, May 11, 2017

Attack on Titan season 2 episode 6

If you are only watching the anime and haven't read the manga i think its safe to say that it would be easier to figure out who ISN'T a titan at this point.

A quick recap of 1-5. There's a titan in a wall, we are introduced to a tall ass speaking titan Connie hometown got wrecked and a titan(probably his mom) was on his house,  And Ymir is a titan. I know im simplifying things but that just about what happen in 1-5.

In this week episode the gang is on the wall to seal up the hole the  wall titan made. One of the scout informs Hange that there is no hole in the wall. Hange is understandably confused but decides to have everyone leave seeing how there is no hole to fix anymore. Reiner and Bertolt pull Eren to the side to tell him that they both are titans. So casually too.  Reienr is the Armored titan and Bertolt the Colossal titan (the tall skinless one from the first season). Eren of course is skeptical of Reiner claimes seeing how they both just gotten back from a massive titan attack and had to be saved by Ymir in titan form before she got wrecked and is now in a coma.

Eren tell Reiner that hes just stress and that he and Bertolt couldn't possibly be those titan's. He tell Reiner that he need to get some rest. This some how flips Reiner Kill switch and he and Bertolt both decides to turn into titans not before they are attack by Mikasa who was just standing a few feet by.  This only helps them become titans faster as they don't need to bite themselves to do so and shock by this sudden revelation Eren is stunned by it all.

So Eren  while still upset and confused decides to take them on in his titan form. So Next week is the massive titan battle between the three.
To be honest the whole "this person is a titan" is Lazy yet interesting writing. Its Lazy because like who else is a titan why not make the whole squad full of titans? it interesting because it does build drama and suspense and it catches the view off guard on who is actually a titan.

Aso Bertolt always look like he was hiding something so him being find out he was a titan wasn't really that shocking because he always look suspicious.

I can't wait to see what going to happen during the massive titan fight between the three.