Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Semi anime related post- Freedom Japanese Market

Freedom Japanese Market is another Japanese subscription box where you can subscribe or give as a gift the box or plan you want

Recently on their Facebook page they ran a promo earlier in the month where if you order from them via you get $10 off  so i decided to take advantage of it.

Customs open it to take out a umaboi because they thought it contain horse meat 

Anyway what was in the box 

                              It was a helmet. I really couldn't tell i thought it was a frog at first.

                        The snack list was in english so you don't have to figure out what is what

              No really a fan of Carmel Corn but this one is Cola Flavored so why not give it a try
                  Pork Flavored Yakisoba noodle like baby star ramen chips but yakisoba noodles
                                                        Ramune  Flavored Ninja candy
                                                               Yo-Kai Watch  monoka
   That Ramume Flavor ninja candy out of the package. Yes it so cute. The candy inside is remind me of a jawbreaker
                              Yo-kai Watch Monoka out of the package. It was good but very flaky

The rest of the snacks list included
Shripmayo Umaibo
Kaki-gori gum
 Koala March Custard flavord 
I tried it and it tasted like pancakes to me
Super Mario Bro Gum (2)
Didn't want so i gave to my bro
 Nyoki-Nyoki Kororon
Not a fan of DIY kits but i might either throw away or try this one
 Grape Ramune
Didn't want  so i gave to my sister. Not really a fan of the whistle candy.
Imo-Kenpi sweet potato fries
They were kinda hard but they did have a sweet potato after taste
Mentai Umaibo
Threw away i tried it before and it was terrible
Sugar Rush Umaibo

Customs took out the curry Umaibo im still sad about it but im happy that i still got umaibo

Packaging- 8
I would like to be the first person to open any subscription box i get so when i see customs getting their hands on my box first taking out a good item, then doing a shitty job resealing my box im kinda disappointed.

I really love that ramune ninja sword that aside  the majority of the items in the box were good and some even surprised me.


While its not nothing special and you can even compare it to others on the market  it is one to check out. I really did like what i gotten.


 If you want to order from their website the link is above


If you are skeptical about their website but still want to order from them their amazon linked right above too.

Hope you enjoyed this review.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summer Anime First Impression Honarable Mentions 2016

Summer First impresion part 1

Summer First Impression part 2

The Honorable Mentions.


I really do not know what is going on in this show. This show is a short which is based off a game by the same name which im guessing was made for the fans of the game so if you aren't or never heard of the game (like i have) you will be completely lost. For the most part it s a good short and its made by the people or person who brought you Diabolk lovers so there's that.

Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu

This short follows a guy Sakaguchi who is a "Fudanshi" a male equivalent of  a Fujioshi he like reading BL but isn't gay just enjoy the romantic relationship between the characters he has a friend who doesn't mind his hobbies but hates the fact he does occasionally would write him into his stories. Its a very funny short to check out if you want to see what a fudanshi is like.

Amaama to Inazuma/ Sweetness and lightning 

To be honest it would have made one of my list but i feel like ive seen it before. Its like a mix between Usagi drop(without the insectious overtones) and Shaft Koufuku Graffiti  and that the show.  The plot follow a father who is taking care of his daughter after becoming a widow and a high school student who always eats alone due to the fact her mother is always working. The two decide to help each other out. She will teach him how to cook if he along with his daughter will eat with her every night. Its a good show but i also feel like its lacking in places.

Love live ! Sunshine!!

Another one that would have made my top list had the main character wasn't so FUCKING ANNOYING.  Seriously, how is it that EVERYONE ELSE IS LIKEABLE EXCEPT THE MC. I legit want to punch the girl in the throat.  Other than my pure hatred for the MC, Sunshine is better that the original love live to me.  I like five of the girls and for the most part the songs are decent. Im hoping they do something way different with Sunshine.  to make it more different from Love live entirely.

And that the list if you want to check out part one and two they are linked at the top

what are some anime you will be checking out this summer?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Anime First Impression 2016 Pt 2

The second half of the Summer anime season has aired so lets take a look at what i will be checking out. To see what is airing  you can follow the chart hereAnichart summer List or here Live chart Summer List

To read part one of the first impression click here Summer 2016 First impression 

Let get started with the first anime that aired this week 

Dangan Rompa 3 Mirai hen/ Dangan Rompa 3 Future arc

 Why 3? cus FUCK YOU  that why! No but seriously It from what the internet is buzzing about we aren't getting a decent season 2 at least not now.  Instead we are getting not one but TWO season 3 broken up into two arcs. The first is the Future arc. Four of the surviving characters return and we are introduce to new characters One has a voice that sound like a baby girl despite being a grown man. Naegi return and doesn't take long before he is automatically suspected of treason  The episode ends with Momokuma returning and wanting to play a game with the remnants of Hope. Not up for the bullshit Naegi try to tell momokuma to fuck off but it was too late and we already end the episode with one of the new characters dead. Looking for that classic pink blood? You won't find any in the future arc in fact you will find it...

Dangan Ronpa 3 Despair Hen/ Dangan Ronpa  Despair arc

HERE. Dangan Ronpa Despair arc mostly focuses on the new class of characters from Hope peak academy and the poor bastard who will ultimately end up killing each other via battle royal meet ace attorney style. I Like the the new class because of the Nurse and Ibuki and Kimono girl and Yes More pink blood in this one.

Planetarian-Chiisana hoshi no yume/ Planetarian Dream of the small star

Another anime by KEY however this is a ONA and this is kinda a strange one. For starters this only plans on being five episode, Second  we are getting a movie this September so there that. Anyway the first episode is basically a guy savaging for what he can in a barren wasteland in the future. He meet a out of date robot who works at a run down mall who tries to show him stars via planetarium but the projector is out of date by 30 years. Long story short the first ONA ends with Robot girl wait for guy to return for second showing of a show that can't happen and guy reluctant to tell her that most of humanity is fucking dead.
Oh KEY my feelz though.

So these are my top anime for the summer. Honorable mentions will be out this weekend.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer Anime First Impression 2016

Well its summer and it looks like its that time again. Summer Anime has just aired and here are just a few that i will be watching.
If you want to see what is airing as usual check out the chart here and here

Let jump right into it.

Re write (tv)

Rewrite is based of the visual novel by the same name and hey its made by the company who brough us series that made us either cry so hard we almost died from dehydration or fly into a fit of rage  and that company is KEY studios. The first episode was a hour long and being honest the first episode could have been a simple 30 min long. It was good some of the character were kinda bland but hopefully knowing key we will see their development over the series. Hopefully they won't drop the ball like they did with Charollte as this show is based of their fucking visual novel.

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya 3rei

 Holy shit! This is the third season for the Magical girl Illya series but t looks like this season will be its more darker arc than the previous two. Hell in the first seven minuets we were met with a bad ass battle that would have been usually been saved for the third or fifth episode!  New characters were introduced and while it looks its going to keep to its shoujo ai/ yuri roots it seem that if you want more action from this series you are gonna get it in 3rei


Apparently this anime is made by the person who made Aira the animation anyway this show is about a girl who moves to what i can assume is a sea port community and meets girl who is so random but is part of a scuba club. To sum up the first episode Normie befriends Muppet "im so random Lols" girl who can swim. Seeing how ts made by the person who made Aira we can expect it to look visually stunning at points. I enjoyed the first episode so im looking forward for what this series holds.

91 Days 

 This is the story of Vengeance! and with that we weren't even eased into it before we were thrusted into the action. The story takes place during the Prohibition era and circling around mafia and revege it seems like the stand out show for the summer season.  The person who did the character designs for Baccano and all of the durarara season also did the designs for this show. If you are a fan of either Baccano or Durarara you will want to check it out,  beside that it really has a interesting plot.

Part two is coming soon as well as honorable mentions

Saturday, July 2, 2016

kabaneri of the iron fortress final thoughts

Well didn't that go out with a bang. That was one way to end a good series. Kanbaneri of the Iron Fortress was one of the better shows of the spring season. For starters it was visually stunning at points and plot wise very engaging and captivating.

The last episode of the series happen to be the most bloodiest the shows ever been since it started.  Ikoma who managed to unlock his bad ass mode and Kurusu lay to waste all those un dead Kabaneri's who happen to fall victim to them all in a attempt to stop Biba from wrecking more damage than he already has and save Mumei.

Biba was the series main antagonist (besides the kabaneri) who appered in episode 8-9 and since his arival he has been dub "LOCAL MAN RUINS EVERYTHING"  by some or at least me.

Not amused by Ikoma or Kurusu antics he sends a few of his henchmen to lay waste to them. However, forgetting that Ikoma is in badass mode  he takes out a few including the leader of them

Mumei while being the heart of the mega kabaneri and trapped in what i can only assume is a Photoshop hell hears ikoma calling out to her and not one to have his plan ruin Biba decides NOW he would actually do something. Ikoma leave kurusu to fight the Kabaneri while he goes fight Biba.

Biba and Ikoma had one hell of a fight. From stabbing to this shit

All in all that fight was amazing but it wasn't the end apparently.  Somehow Mumei manages to excape her photoshop hell and survey the area and sees a bloody, damaged Ikoma on the ground and thanks him for saving her. Biba not one to be taken down so easily apparently unlocked his ultimate boss bad ass mode and comes for the unconscious  Ikoma while mumei watches.

 Mumei fed up with Biba shit finally puts a end to his reign by stabin him in his kabaneri heart.

It ended on a happy note however as Mumei dragged Ikoma body and met up with Kurusu and the all got on the train like this
and once a un conscious ikoma woke up mumei return the jewel shard she held on to that help Ikoma find her in the first place.

Iron fortress was made by the person who either wrote or directeced AOT(Attack on titans) so i can see why people dubbed t AOT with trains for there were some simularty between the two. The simularites end with the introduction of Biba for we now have a new main evil character and not just a collective group  to hate like we did in AOT of course someone could argue that we had annie to hate but that was near the end hell that was during the last two episode. Here we had Biba to hate during the later half. The character desings remind me of that of any 80's or early 90's action anime by Osuma Tezuka.


Enjoyable from begining to the end it had little lack luster points. This show will keep you enthralled with it action, good characters and all that good old violence from taking out hords of kabaneri or just bad guys.

Watch it now that its over.