Saturday, April 26, 2014

spring anime pt 2-series i might watch if i don't drop them half way through

Gokukou No Brynhildr

(no gif sorry im lazy)  Is a series made by the same people who made elfen  lied (surprisingly) This series is about a guy who is trying to find out if his friend from 10 years ago is dead or alive and if this girl (who looks JUST LIKE THE FRIEND AND YES IS THE FUCKING FRIEND SPOILER ALERT) Is the fucking friend
i will give this my attention if im not busy with other seires

Nanana Buried treasure
(no gif again sorry) This anime is about a NEET ghost (which idk how a ghost can be a neet if they are fucking dead) and a guy who moves into the room where the ghost girl was murder and apparently  he has to find her buried treasure idk. I've seen the first two episode and to me it's trying to be what ano hana originally should have be(fyi ano hana was suppose to be a ero comedy) but with the added "find my buried treasure" element it seem interesting  i will keep watching it but i will drop it the moment it gets shitty

that all i tried watching black bullet and nope..i might give a second chance once its over.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring anime 2014 pt 1

im frankly over this spring season there aren't that many good spring show to be honest. Im frankly looking foward to the summer season.

Im still checking out the new airing anime so this is just part one of my spring anime review.

Mekaku city actors/Kakero Project

Its based of The Kakero Project that was adapted into a manga after the songs the Vocaloid series did
I was interested in seeing this get a anime adaptation and once i heard it was getting a anime adaptaion i couldn't wait to see what it would be like. So far so good. Two episode in and Studio shaft is doing the animation(which in my opinion is a huge plus)  and the plot seem interesting. I like how they are intergrating each character song into the anime so this show seem like it will be promising.

Akuma No riddle

Its basically a action Yuri. 12 girls all are trying to kill this one girl and another girl is now protecing this girl who the others want to kill.  I will be watching for both the action and the yuri and to see if this show has a decent plot.


This is the Second Season to Puchiimas(because you know its a second season if it has two explanation points) Each episode are about 4 min if you liked the first season like i did you might want to check this one out as well.

Captain Earth

Captain Earth i am honestly getting Eureka seven vibes from this show. Mind you this show is produce by bones and they are the same studio who did produce Eureka Seven, Eureka Seven AO(which became shit near the end) Xamd  so they are pretty good when it comes to mecha/drama series but this show is giving me straight Eureka Seven vibes.  I will be watching to see where this goes.

 Gochuumon wa usagi Desu Ka?/ Is the order a rabbit?

Like cute girls? Like cute girls making your coffee? good because thats all this show is. Im serious this show main plot is about a bunch of girl working in a coffee cafe(the daily life of Starbucks barristers) they just happen to work at a cafe name after a rabbit. It has its funny moments but its not a stand out show and if you hate moe anime then you might want to skip this. I will be watching this for the comedy other than that i could skip it.

These are just pt 1 of the good anime that stood out to me that i would be watching this spring season. like i said this spring season was kinda disappointing to me. I am waiting for the summer.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

semi anime related post- castle point anime convention 2014 or cpac 2014

I was kinda debated on wheater or not to go to this con because most of my friends flaked out. Two had vaild reason but a big FUCK YOU  to my friend who didn't.


anyway Castle point anime convention or Cpac 2014 this year was amazing. I spent most of the time in the dealers room(as i usually do) but i wanted to see Crispen Freeman but i missed him T_T. I tried to find the tenshi no ai cafe but i  couldn't because it was located in the different building for where it was last year. My only problems i had with this con is why was two fucking floors for card gaming! why not put that in a different building!

I kinda hope next year is a two day con saturday and sunday i don't mind that it is a one day con but it seem like it get bigger for it to be enough for it to be a two day con at least.

Now let me show you pic from that amazing day!

                                                    I didn't lose my way when i saw these kill la kill cosplayers

                                                    You have to Let it go with these Frozen cosplayers

                                                     my little titan can't be this cute
                                               Geisha VI was there and her cosplay was amazing

I will be back righting reviews come saturday. 
My body is so sore. But i had loads of fun and im glad one of my friend did go with me. Now im going to spend the rest of this week relaxing and recoving and catching up with anime.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Winter anime wrap up

I already wrote my review for KLK so it won't be included in this one. I will be writting about the others anime i have been watching that i just completed.

Sakura trick, Wizard Barristers, Pupa, and Popipa.

Lets start with most annoying to ok


I don't know who told them it was ok to end like that but that ending was shit.  The whole show which each episode was only four min long. left a huge fear within you 
 but the last episode i really do not know how to decribe it other than you spent 11 episode with nothing but blood and gore one dedicated to a girl littarly eating her brother
and now the last episode is this weird episode of them trying to win this big ass bear but ended with the winning a hair clip?! fuck off pupa

Sakura Trick

The ending was a let down. I found my self calling haruka a ditzy bitch(a title i only call anime characters who are soo dumb they have to be called ditzy ask see diabolik lovers)
how the fuck you don't understand yuu sister "love" when you basically doing the same thing she is asking with yuu and yuu a stupid ditzy bitch too.
Don't worry let find out what my sister love is  by staying together and kissing and basically fucking. DO YOU TWO NOT KNOW YOU ARE BASICALLY IN A LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP!!!
*Fyi i have nothing against lesbian


Y'ALL TRIED IT!!! Y'ALL TRIED IT!! how dare you!!  i knew it was going there but i was kinda hoping it wasn't going to go there
(spoiler alert po is her dead baby)

 Wizard Barristers

This was like Wizard law and order for the first half of the episode but near episode 8 we start to dwell into sudo background and the real plot of the show
 began to emerge. Near the end things get kind of weird. lucifer get summon and stuff. We still don't know much about black hair chick
(i think she evil or might be sudo shadow self just a theory)  but hopefully this get a season two more than likely it won't because knowing Umetsu he probaby won't do it 
If mezzo dsa didn't get a second season this isn't either.

All in all i would recommend you check out wizard Barristers and Sakura trick  both are good Wizard have alot of action and Sakura trick have alot of romance. 
 Check out Pupipo i mean as a whole it good it just that ending fucked me up. Pupa only check out the 11 episodes don't check out the last one unless you like to be irritated.

I will do my spring anime watch list next week.