Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 10 Anime of 2014

It has been quite a year for anime. This year we've gotten some good and some bad anime. Some anime that made us think and some anime that wished we never gotten emotionally attached to characters who have numbers for names. Right now i will cut straght to  the chase and give you my top 10 anime's of 2014.
These are my top 10 of what i thought were the best of this year if you don't agree with this list that fine.


Wizard Barristers:Benmashi Cecil
 Not alot of people know about this anime because it was overshadowed by Nisekoi and a finshing up KLK. Made by the same person who made KITE. Mezzo DSA, and Mezzo Forte Yasuomi Umetsu puts out his own anime the first in 8 years. The story was about 18 Year old Cecil who becomes a public defender of those who uses magic making her the youngest defender as the story progress there are people who are after here developing magical powers and near the end of this anime Lucifer himself was even interested in Cecil. If you missed this anime or haven't checked this out due to Umetsu record of only making hentai or hentai-ish anime give this one a chance. The action is good and  the plot is very well written and if you are looking for hentai there are a few ecchi moment but this is more of a action/drama anime.


Amagi Brilliant Park

Even though it just finished airing this show still made the list. I feel Kyoani took a gamble when they decided to make this show about a failing amusement park. Not only did it souly focused on kaine trying to make quota before the deadline but it also focused on the comedy and try not to make this a heavy drama filled show which it could have been. I believe if there is a season two that when they will add the drama.


Akuma No Riddle

Its a yuri. Its a Action Yuri. Well to be frank its a show where 12 girls try to kill one girl and if they do they get their wish granted. As we get to see how each diffrent girl tries to kill Haru(i say try because she is now protected by Tokaku a blue haired girl who vowes to protect haru with her life) we get to see each girl motivation on why they want or have to kill Haru. Its one to check out if you like Yuri.


Free-Eternal Summer

This is the second season of FREE! we get not one but Two new characters and everyone overcomes their problems. Im sorry i really don't want to talk much about this because Funimation is dubbing this shit and they did a shitty job casting the dub cast.


Mekaku City Actors

What started off as a series of Vocaloid songs under the titled Kagero-project which was then adapted into a manga with the titled Mekaku City Actors, Mekaku City Actors was another must see anime. SHAFT decied to animate the series and for the most part it turn out well. The plot if you haven't read the manga or listen to any of the songs it will be confusing. The ending will have you rage quit because being honest i was hopping for a bad ending but if rumors are true and if they are making a ova i may be getting my bad ending.


Gugure! Kokkuri-San

Another anime that finished airing, this anime is based on a girl living on her own untill she summons a fox spirt named Kokkuri-san who end up living with her just to look out for her. More characters were added to the fray and a big ol ball of comedy followed. This is more of a supernatural comedy but it is funny.




This is another arc in the monogatari series but instead of focusing on any of the main cast. it's main focused was on Kabaru. Kabaru decided to talk to a girl who she use to go to Junior High with who she though drop out due to a injury to her leg. This girl decide to take the monkey paw curse from kanbaru  only for kabaru to find out that this girl is dead and she plan on collecting all of the money part becoming the embodiment of the curse it self. Instead of it being 5 single episodes like SHAFT originally planned  it was 5 episodes together making it one hour long episode. None of the main cast was seen except agargi and that was only 5 min in the last part. Hanamonogatari was very personal to me as well as for it was about growing and figuring out who you are.  Please check out Hanamonogatari if you haven't



 While this anime is still currently airing this anime is really good. New Fapping Jokes were born and if you even go to the Jbox/Jlist Site there are product with Migi on them or made with migi likeness. Parasyte is about Shinichi who while sleeping get infect with a parasyte named or who names himself Migi and his soul purpose was to take over his body but only manage to take over his hand. As the story progress we see Shinichi and Migi fight off and kill other Parasytes. If you like blood, gore and psychological anime check this out seeing how this is going to be 25 episodes

No. 2

Fate/Stay night Unlimited Blade works 

 While i was happy that Studio Ufotable decided to redo the whole Fate/Stay Night series(now get on Tsukihime) i kinda wasn't happy how it ended.  Yes emiya is no longer a master but it seem like Rin became super bitch to him at the end. For fuck sake Rin he just lost Saber to Caster! The series over all was good with good clean cut fight scenes and fluent dialogue and amazing animation. Im just kinda sad on how it ended maybe its cuz i JUST watched it yesterday and for the last episode to be a hour long i would expect more action and less talking. Still it was a great series.

No. 1

Zankyou No Terror

This one was probaby glossed over at the time it aired. Watanabe did it again with Zankyou no Terror. What stood out the most in this series besides Twelve death was the music which was a mix between a Uptempo Jazz soundtrack and a Indie Soundtrack. What i like most about this anime was how it was about two teens who grew up in a orphanage who grow up to blow up buildings all to send a message. After this anime aired someone did a post about how this was probably made to remember those who died in the project Unit 731 which was a bit of  stretch but semi-belivable if you checked out the anime. The whole LisaXTwelve thing they tried to force in those few episode is what kinda killed it a bit but when it comes to this plot it is very amazing and refreshing.

Hornarable mentions

Is the order a Rabbit?

A slice of life anime basically if Aira and K-on had a baby in a Coffee shop. It's a cute show

Sakura Trick

Another Slice of life anime but it is a Yuri that focus around the budding relationship between the two main characters.

I hope you would go back and check out a few of these anime. What are your top 10 anime of this year?

and again Happy New year!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gugure!kokkuri-san and Amagi Brilliant park Final Thoughts.

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays and new years is coming up, im just finishing up a few anime's that are ending this week and have already ended.

The first one is Gugure! Kokkuri-San.

This anime was about a elementary school girl Konohina who lives alone who manages to summon the fox spirt Kokkuri san but instead of scaring her like he was suppose to he ends up living with her along with a dog demon ,Inugami and a racoon spirt, shigaki. This show really doesn't have any real plot but each episode is good and funny. The main comedy focus if it isn't inugami trying to make Konohina his bride it's Konohina eating habits which is why Kokkuri san decided to live with her in the first place. She eats a cup of Ramen every day because she lives alone and side note you are going to want to stock up on ramen if you watch this show because you are going to find yourself eating them at some point while watching this show. Besides the comedy in this show this show also have western pop culture references. There is a class mate of Konohina name yamamoto-kun who basically is a alien and does the E.T finger point.

If you aren't into the comedy anime this is one you want to skip. There were some episodes that were lack luster but watchable. The last episode was a Christmas/New years episode which i though was a perfect way to end this series.  Overall  this is a anime to check out at least

Characters 9/10
Story 7/10
Overall 8/10

The next anime is Amagi Brilliant Park

Another Kyoani anime. The plot fouced on Kanie who was forced to help this struggling amusement park by fellow classmate Sento who works at the park. Kanie has to help the park get 50,000 before July 31 or every one in the park dissapears back to the magical land where they came from which was maple land. As the anime progress we learn that not only why Kanie has to get 50,000 before July. The owner who looks like she belongs in a different anime Latifa memories always reset August 1st because of a curse also because of a curse she is well over 200+ years old even though she looks 14. This was a another good comedy anime with a hint of romance and the drama was well placed. Each episode we got to see how Kanie handed the problems he had to deal with within the park with getting customers there and with the people who worked there as well.  This anime really ends at episode 12 but if you want to watch 13 its basically about Tricen going around the park trying to get ideas to make the perfect PV to promote the park.

Story 9/10
Characters 8/10

They could have ended it at episode 12. I really want to know if this is going to get a season 2 it seem like it from the way it ended.

That it for now Happy holidays and lets make 2015 the best year ever!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cross ange episode 10

This take place right after the event of episode 9. A quick run down of what happen in the last episode Hilda and Ange manage to escape making it to the land where the Non-Norma live. Hilda manage to find her mom who she was taken from long ago and Ange manage to find her sister and when she though she was saving her sister this happens

Rescuing the sister was a set up by not only the sister but Ange Brother. Ange is captured and is awaiting her trial for being found out for being a Norma

As for Hilda her Mother who she was taken from tried to act like she didn't remember her but when her new daughter who happen to also be named Hilda asked who was she the elder Hilda broke down the mom tried to diffused the situation but the Younger Hilda passed out when she saw the elder Hilda was a Norma. Hilda's Mom told her to leave and never come back and that she wish she never was born and how she was finally happy to have a child who wasn't a norma. So Hilda leaves and well this happens to her

So in 10 Ange is on trial. Her sister sylvia starts whipping her and blaming her for her accident, their parents death and being a norma. The brother just is sitting back enjoying it along with the crowd who still hate Ange for being a norma. Momoka pleads with everyone that Ange is still Ange regardless if she uses magic or not but that when the brother schooled her bu saying he used her to bring her here and if it wasn't for her looking for Ange they wouldn't be able to find her. This leaves Momoka modified. Ange soon starts singing the song her mom use to sing to her and everyone was so silent. The brother ordered Ange to death. All while she is walking up to be hang she keep singing but someone in the audience chants "hang her"  as they prepare the noose for her neck. It wasn't soon before she was about to be hung that Tusk or the useless guy from episode 6 shows up and rescues her and Momoka. As they are returning to the Norma compound  Ange ask who Tusk was because it was very odd he shows up there. He is the knight of the Villkiss and tell Ange to ask Jill(aka head bitch in charge) for more info.

As Ange and Momoka return to the Norma Compound they are confronted by Jill before she can even ask about Tusk ange is punched hard in the stomach by Jill and awakens in the Holding cell along with Hilda. Everyone is mad at both of them for even trying to escaping.  They are mad at ange for going back to her homeland knowing that the others have no where to go and the majority were born there and mostly Hilda lesbian lovers are mad at her because they though they were friends  but one of them the silver haired one figured out that Hilda was just using them.

Hilda and Ange trade stories about what happed to them while they were outside.

As they days pass they some what grow closer to each other and they soon talk about crushing the world that rejected them

The episode end with a jailed Ange singing a song which for some reason everyone could hear.
Well while this episode was interesting i could have done without Tusk. I mean it was cool to find out that he is a knight for the Villkiss but really what good does that do now?  Im curious to see if Ange will actually get revenge on her sister and brother and what is that silver hair maid connection to the brother judging by the few episodes she was in it kinda seem like she hates him but is force to work for him.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Me!Me!Me! Teddyloid Music Video Review

I love Teddyloid's music and after first discovering him after the Panty Stocking with Garterbelt OST i decided to take a look back to some of his other works.

That aside Teddyloid along with Daoko Singing the song put out a Anime PV for the song ME!ME!ME!
While i did enjoy the music in the video i did not enjoy the video it self.
There was too many reference to other anime hell there was a Evangelion reference within the first five minutes of the video.  The Video is Sexual and quite Suggestive and has a bit of blood in it but that didn't bother me. Also as someone brought up on that  there was also deep symbolic references that we as westerners wouldn't get because it was too much going on at once.

All in all i think this could have been a way better video if it was kept simple and not so complex and didn't use to many mecha anime references. The music is good the video to me isn't.

                                                          Yep this was in the video

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Parasyte 10

First off i don't appreciate how for the first couple of episode we saw a weak semi helpless Shinichi  and then turn around to get this cool, cold badass Shinichi  it was just too quick for me.

Yes he had to kill his mom  and yes Migi is basically now flowing through his bloodstreams causing his dramatic changes but from episode 6-8 it was like the changes was TOO too quick.

So after going through his changes and everything in this episode Shinichi and Migi had to figure out a way to kill Hidou Shimada. Shimada is a Parasyte who Ryouko sent to watch Shinichi and Migi at school in episode 9 for what reason she sent  him to watch over them idk but he was soon found out to be a Parasyte by Yuuko Tachikawa all because she had a crush on him  but saw him get hit in the head with a baseball and what should have killed him he easy fix by fixing his appearance. Being how now he was found out Shimada decides to Kill Yuuko but she out of fear splash Acid on him causing him damage.

Shimada while still in his parasyte form ends up killing a whole classroom and a couple of cops

While saving murano by jumping and placing her outside he climes a roof to kill Shimada with a rock.

With Migi strength as well as his own he manage to end up killing Shimada from a distance.

Before the episode ends the people at the top are trying to figure out a way to come to the public  with this infomation about the parasyte and they come to the conclusion that picking hair from a person is the best way because a parasite can't  grow back hair or part of them if it is cut, So at the end it is mention that the new way to greet someone is to pluck a piece of their hair.

While i did enjoy the action in this episode i kinda didn't like the fact they had to force that Shinichi/Murano moment also i kinda don't like the fact they are making Migi to me a bit of a weakling. Maybe its because now most of his power is now in Shinichi heart and he has to rest 4 hour to recover but personality wise Migi doesn't seem the same cold hearted evil parasyte from the earlier episode.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Semi-Anime Related Post- Shiki Box review

So it's December 1st. It is offically crunch time to get those holiday gifts for your love one or people you are obligated to (i.e Co-workers you so happen to get stuck buying a gift for because your office decided to do secret Santa) Anyway, whenever i am watching anime my favorite thing to do is eat something sweet, salty or savory  sometimes its a combo of the three. is a monthly subscription box that ships straight from Japan with different boxes you can choose to pick from. From the Candy & Snack box  to the Seasonal snack box which features snacks that are in season for different regions of japan.

They had sent me not one but two of their boxes to review 

                               But in never expected this much to be in both boxes

                                                    A list of what was in the Candy &Snack Set
                                                          A list that was in the Battle Set
                                                          There was a lot of these in both sets combine

                                 I Had to eat this first because it burst in the battle box it was very sweet.

Overall i like both sets now what i did have a problem with is that there was alot of those long crunchy sticks in both boxes combine i would have like to seen those in the battle box and not as much in the Candy & Snack box but they are good and they do come in different flavors i like.  The Tirol Chocolate that was in the Candy & Snack box had a coffee flavor to it which l like. The package with the bunny and the raccoon on it is basically the chocolate shape bamboo which i am glad i got because i've always wanted to try it.

Packaging 8/10

Mostly because the blue Jelly stuff spilled out in the battle box.

Time to get here 10/10

I really wasn't expecting it to get here early since it was shipping from Japan


I would suggest you take a look at Shikibox like i said they offer other boxes you can subscribe to but if you are planning on doing so do it now so you can at least have something to ring in the new year.