Monday, September 26, 2016

Final Thoughts-Rewrite TV

Ugh. I really do not know how to begin. I guess i should begin with the question i posed during my last review of this show

"How do you fuck up a anime you had the visual novel to?"

The ending of rewrite everyone in the community collectively agreed that the ending to rewrite was complete shit!  First off the first half was everyone fighting plants and dragons and stopping Gaia/Gurdian from killing Kagari then the second half happen  and it ended with them basically doing a Gilgamesh ending and killing off all of the characters including the main ones. It ends with Kagari waking up on the fucking moon


This whole season,  the first half was slow but it was trying to establish its characters it was good then episode six happen and i can see them getting a bit wobbly but it was still kinda good then  their rampid shit taken became visible.  1) we were forced to care about a villain who turn good after we were shown a 30 second flashback of his hard life 2) Kotori whole forced route out of nowhere 3) They didn't go into Lucia or Shizuru route that much 4)  Chihaya was just there and Akane decent into evil was out of nowhere to me 5) this anime made Koutarou look like a dick. I talk to someone who played the VN and they said that Koutarou is ten times better the VN than he was portaied in the anime.

Animation 6


I end this by asking the question i prose at the start "How do you fuck up a anime you had the visual novel to?" I answer the question by saying this: by splitting the anime into two fucking season.

That right this is getting a second season in January. Something told me Key could had made this a 26 episode anime like they did with all their anime that has visual novels to them but i don't know why pull this move.

Hopefully it will answers all these open ended question they left.