Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Anime 2016 First impression Pt 2

so we are in the second week of the spring anime line up. I did check out Big Order but im not gonna watch it so there that.

To see what is airing this season check out   or

Kyoukai no Rinne season 2

Mostly a continuation of the second season with more added characters! Hopefully this season we get a actually boss. The first episode introduce us to another new character ageha black cat Oboro (Takahashi these name! i swear) we get some background on the two and by the end they make up it was a good first episode to me.

Tanaka-kun  Wa Itsumo Kedaruge/ Tanaka-Kun is always Listlist

This little slice-of-life anime is about one boys quest(Tanaka-kun) to be the worlds most laziest man ever. In gym, on a field, in a classroom, on the streets!! if it looks comfortable to him he will sleep there! I like this show. I don't know what i was expecting but this is a good show.

Koutetsujou No Kabaneri/ Kanbaneri of the iron fortress

Did you like Attack on titans?  Do you like trains and zombies? Perfect! plot wise im still not sure but for the most part it involves what seems like zombie like creatures  and it takes place in lo japan. We have a man character who looks like a cross between any male lead from a Otsuma Tezuka anime or manga and Akira, For the most part it seem like it going to be one of the big three break out show this seasons.

Joker Game

This is set in 1937 Japan and is set around  group of elite spies for a company who trains spies to go around the world collecting secrets. The main protagonist somehow ends up in the company but has a tough time struggling with doing what he deems is the right thing to do and what the he learn from the company to do. It seem boring from the outside but as you keep watching it, it does get intense. Its another one that i think will be a big hit for this season.


Did you ever what others to know how you feel? Do you want others to share your pain? Well this is the anime for you. Another anime by Studio Trigger but this one has more of structed  plot wise than luluco and it revolves around a boy who is unable to feel pain and by the end of the episode he now share pain with seven of his other classmate who are now part of this Kiznaiver project. Two anime from trigger that are good we lucked out this year.

SO that it for part 2 part 3 Honorable mentions coming soon

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Anime 2016 First impression

With the winter season way behind us and with the majority of the spring anime already on their second episode(yea i know im fuckin late sue me)  im here to bring you what i will be checking out and what i think about each first show. As ususal you can see what is airing this season here     and i recently found this other site if you arent a fan of anichart you can check it out here

Mayoiga/Lost Villiage

This show has a bunch of useless people and only 3-4 main people that we should really give a fuck about. The first episode takes place on a 30 mim bus ride to a unknown village so that the people on the village can start over. Only two of the people decided to get on the bus to prove that the village doesn't exist. The show remind me of Another mixed with higurashi no naku koro no ni.  Im interested to see where its going  but it doesn't really look promising.

Uchuu Patrol Luluco/ Space patrol Luluco

 Space Patrol Luluco follows middle schooler Luluco who aparently lives on a planet where space aliens are the majority and humans are the minority. She aims for a normal life but due to her fathers job at the space patrol she some how ends up working for the company by the end of the first episode. This show was made by studio Trigger and is a Short (only 7-8 min per episode) for the most part it good it has traces of Pantystocking and i think the cop at the space patrol is suppose to be a nod to Inferno cop but if you are a fan of Triggers work you will want to check this out

Gyakuten Saiban Sono Shinjitsu Igi Ari/Ace Attorney

Yep. We got a Ace Attorney anime. This was clearly made for the fans and those who played the Ace attorney games.  While the first episode was decent. you can tell where they cut corners i mean if you don't want to watch this show you can play the games it really doesn't matter since the first episode plays out like a fucking game! Im going to watch because i never played the games so i want to see what they hype is about.

Sakamoto Desu ka?/ Haven't you heard? I'm Sakamoto.

 Take all the male lead in any shoujo anime add a hint of Kuroshitsuji  plus  comortie high and add the rule of cool plus 10 and you have Sakamoto. SERIOUSLY!!! Sakamoto is way too extra to the point he turns one guy who was bullyin him gay(no lie)  Sakaomoto is just to cool for the show it funny. It like he competing to be the coolest man who ever cool. For fuck sakes the opening song is called "Coolest" like seriously?! Its a good show so yeah im going to watch.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Take all the historical Japanese writes from the past add a hint of CLAMP you get this show. The main characters are named after historical writes in japan and their powers comes from either stories or books they have written. This show reminds me of Clamp's XXXholic a bit but it mostly reminds me of their manga Drug which while the main characters didn't have historical based names did have the same supernatural based story that this anime has.

Part 2 coming soon.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

ERASED final thoughts

This  was one of the best show of the winter season. After its first episode Erased became one of the most over-hyped anime for the winter seasons and it was rightfully so, From start to fished Erased was a thrill ride mystery all revolving around Satarou his ability to us "Revial" to go back in time and some how him ended up in the year 1988 to save Kayo from being abused and murdered. Without spoiling the ending too much alot of people weren't really happy with the ending some even calling it the NTR or  Netorare ending because of who Kayo ends up with after the 15 year time skip after episode 10.

 Episode 12 to me was bring all the events to a full close. While i don't agree with who kayo ends up with not because of all the wasted efforts Satorou went through to save her but because her choice is so weird But,  it does follow the manga so yeah. They did manage to catch the killer and while they couldn't charge him with the crimes hes committed 15 years ago they charged him with attempted murder (mostly do to this long drawn out screen between the two that turn not only awkward, but kinda weird, stupid and somewhat boarding pedo but mostly stupid) and yes the Killer is who you though it was.

The episode end with Airi meeting Satarou under the bridge they took shelter when he was first hiding at away from the cops during the first time line. Airi ask satarou if she can take shelter with him from the snow and a over joyed satarou says yes  and then the episode ends.

Story 10
Artwork 9.5
Characters 9.5
Overall 10

ERASED was one of the better shows of the winter season. Good beginning, Steady Middle and Good ending. While everyone doesn't like it i feel it completed the events from the series. The last episode from the manga-ka words was going to follow the manga but not to the T. I still love this show and i am going to check out the manga