Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fate/stay night Unlited blade works Final

Don't read if you haven't seen the episode yet or if endings to a good show are paramount because this is one ending you will be highly disappointed with.

SERIOUSLY!!!! What kind of fucking ending was that!! Im all for happy ending but really that was a bullshit ending since Eureka seven AO
Most of the episode was focus on Emiya and Rin time end Europe in a Hogwarts style magic school for mages two years after what happen in the last episode. They only flash back to their time in high school and the events that happen a month after the grail wars in the middle of the episode which that part should have been first then the two year time skip!
HELL! The first half of FSN unlimited blade left off with a cliff hanger to the second half to this season. If you want a real ending just stop at episode 12 if you really want to be satisfied with this show. If you really want to see or care what happens to everybody (which isn't really much! we didn't need this episode Ufotable!)  then go ahead and watch episode 13 and prepare for the disapointment to set in

Wake me when or if they make Heaven Feels into a anime because this ending was pure shit.

                                               They introduce Luvia at the last fucking episode!

                                                   A adult Rin without Twin tails

                                                        That right Shinji is still alive

Even though i hated this episode  they really payed attention to detail when it came to the scenery in this episode.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Grisaia no Rakuen and Grisaia no Meikyuu Review


If you have been or have seen the first Grisiaia series you know its about a guy name Yuuji Kazaki who helps 5 high school girl in his school with their problems be it family or something tramatic that happen to them in their childhood think key but add a bit more sexuality and violence when it comes to Grisaia series.

In Grisaia No Meikyuu we get the general foundation to Yuuji Kazaki background. from his abuse from his father to his insectious relationship with his sister Kazami Kazaki. From him being found   being used and abused by Health Olso to Eventually being saved by Asako in order to know what is going on in Rakuen you need to watch Meikuu but Meikyuu is so depressing it took me 3 days to even try to finished a one episode ova.

Rakuen is a bit better but still a bit on the taboo-ish side for in Meikyuu we get the foundation on how fucked up Yuuji chidhood was Rakuen dives deep into it expanding (for the first 4 episodes ) with him and his relationship with Asako his master who ends up finding him at the end of Meikyuu and taking him in as her own and then fucking him on his 13-14 birthday. His relationship with JB after Asako death him being in the military and his relationship with the people in there.
We then trusted into the present where Yuuji is telling his story to JB mostly for record sake  after leaving the office he gets a mysterious phone call to do a last hit only to find out it was to take out Olso. The later half of Rakuen is "operation save Yuuji" for the school is being closed and after that call yuuji went missing and a video was leak of a white haired Yuuji entering a building shooting people. Yuuji eventually gets saved,kills Olso and all is well in the end.

This is one fucked up show. From Meikyuu into Rakuen you will be shouting "Can this get any worst!!!" and Grisaia will say to you "If you think that bad check this out" while smiling in your face and stabbing you in the heart! It does have its light moments in all of the drama fulled story and it does have a happy ending so you dont have to worry about it being one big ball of sadness and depression.

It will keep you entertain espically if you were a f an of the main Grisaia series and wanted to see the back story of Yuuji will want to check both Meikyuu and Rakuen out

Most of the characters in both series will keep you engaged with each episode. In Rakuen more new characters are introduce when Yuuji enters the Army but they end up serving a purpose near the end the end

Even if you aren't a huge fan of the main Grisaia series or Just want to watch a new drama anime before Key air theirs this is one to check out. It answers question you have from the main series. It has more drama, More sexual content than the first and it has a happy ending


                                                      His time with Asako

                                         The girls eventually saving Yuuji and Yuuji sister

                                           Clone Battle and Asako before Yuuji leave a ship bloody and near death

                                                              Semi nude Kazami
                                                      Yeah that Claw was a fake.

This show was very interesting from beginning to end and i really enjoyed it. Rakuen is only 10 episode long and Meikyuu is only one episode long so if you have nothing to do all day why not take a ride on this feelz train and check both out. You won't be disappointed.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Triage X Review

If you ever wonder what if would be like if a group of doctors decided to hunt evil in the middle of the night then Triage X is you show. In my Spring anime 2015 first impression i classified Triage X as one of those action ecchi due to the fact that the leading ladies in the show have huge breast and there are moments of nudity that are either blurred out by a white blinding bar or strategically  covered by something.

                                         Look at them star boobs

The show follows a group of doctors and three high school students who work for Masamune founder of the Black Label a underground organization that takes out people given a "Black Label" deeming them "Cancers" of the city that need to be taken out. Mostly taking out Yakuzas, weaponds dealers, drug dealers ect. The episode is pretty action pact from the first episode  but the plot pick up around the 4-6 episode. We are introduce to the Antagonist (or what would be the antagonist) in later episode a group call Syringe which spread the the evil "Platiunm Lily" Drug around the city. A drug that give the users an incredible amount of pleasure with a enormous of strength (think being a nympho with the strenght of 1000 crack heads in one body) the users can't tell the different between pleasure and pain which makes it dangerous to its users and people around.

Three episode before the anime ends we learn that Masamune travel with a team of doctors to a village to learn how they treated those who are close to death. While learning of the villiage secrets he created D99 a very powerful drug more powerful that Platiumn Lily apparently. Syriange has it's Virus side while the black label has it's cure side.

The show it self was very good when it came to the plot but action it was weak. Mostly it was overshadowed by its ecchi elements.  I would have like for this anime to have been longer but it fell into the trap of the manga-ka not being finshed with the manga thus this anime is only 10 episode long.



If you are a fan of High school of the dead you might check this out but if not nothing really stands out about this show animation wise.

Characters 2

Maybe its because the anime is so short but NOTHING stands out about any of these characters. Arashi is bland the only thing that makes him interesting is his St. chariley ghost friend Ryu which due to a accident his arms and legs are now on his body.  The only character i might like is Oriha but she is so under used in this anime only having a episode or two to herself.

Overall- 6

It wasn't a bad show. It had it's good moments. I would have like to seen more but i do feel like this was a rush job.  Maybe if it was longer we would have saw more character development and more insight of where this show was going with syringe.

Enjoy some extras:

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade works episode 21

Sooo Gilgamesh wants to kill us.

Before we get to the whole Gilgamesh wanting to kill all of humanity, The episode continues with Archer and Emiya continuing their battle from last week. A bloody and bleeding Emiya just won't quit. After 30 of pointless dialouge and internal monologe from Archer, Emiya makes it clear that he know that it is impossible to save everyone in the world but to just have that idea gave him hope at that time. Hope to keep surviving.

Long story short Emiya ends up winning his battle between Archer.

                                                        Tis but a scratch

Rin reunites with everyone and you think all is well but that is when Gilgamesh comes and fuck shit up. This is the point of the anime where you are happy a character is doing something but they wait soo long that you get angry at them for doing the thing they are doing.
Seeing how Archer loss the battle he has accepted the fact that Emiya was the winner and was about to leave due to the fact he was out of mana and didn't have a master to supply him with it however Saber senced there was something wrong and before he could leave Archer was piereced with Gilgameshes 1001 swords

                                              His last words before disappearing

After the Sword assult on Archer everyone had a "what the fuck bro?!" look on their face and Rin was so upset she fired one of her spell bombs at him which he dodge. Saber ask him what was his purpose for being there to which he begins to explain everything and i mean everything.

He never disappeared from the first holy grail war 10 years ago( The Fate/Zero era)  and is the Original Gilgamesh of that time. He tells Saber while laying in the Grails spilled innards he learned of its true nature. The grail was created only for it's Masters to wiled not the servants and the master soul partly go in it once the servants are summoned. He wants to gain the grail to DESTROY ALL OF HUMANITY!! Why because he Gilgamesh.

The episodes ends with Gigamesh meeting up with Shinji who is hiding outside near a tree. Shinji bitches and complain to Gilgamesh about how he let him down during the whole lancer incident to that all Gilgamesh did was insert Illiya still beating dead heart into him and turn him into a vessel to summon the grail.
                                              We all know he got what he deserved too.

So yeah Gilgamesh wants to kill off humanity because he's fucking Gilgamesh.