Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cross Ange Episode 19-20

So we have offically entered the "Kill Embryo, save Ange and save the world" arc of Cross Ange.
Surprisingly this is more interesting that the past few episode during the DRAGON arc.

Mostly in episode 19 Ange and her maid get caught and Jill still is in crazy mode. Hilda finds out via Jill talking in her sleep that Jill and Embryo were a item back in the day.

In this episode Ange wakes up and she is back in her home. Back in the capital. While planing on ways to escape with Momoka Salia come in and tell her how Embryo made her a "new person". Not giving a shit Ange attacks her and then goes to hide before Salia find her because she IS in HER OWN HOUSE. Once she and Momoka are in the garden they are found by the kids Ersha are taking care of and soon Ersha her self. Ersha then tells them how Embryo revived the kids after they were all shot dead at the compound on the island and that she will KILL anyone who will harm them including Ange. Ange and Momoka are then met by Chris who not only tell them how Embryo became her only friend and save/revived her but leads them both too Embryo but first  they both see Ange sister whipping  Rize (Julio assistant) who is naked and her mouth covered. Ange sister freaks out and throughout all the noise and commotion THAT is when Embryo appeared.

Embryo asked ange to marry him and be his wife. She says no by stabbing him in the hand and shoulder. Seeing how Embryo is somewhat Immortal this has no effect and he starts to fuck with Ange. By mind fucking Ange he made her feels pain multiplied 50+ times inside her own body. Momoka pleaded with him to stop and i feel bad for her because he just ended up making Ange feel Pleasure and that when this yuri turned into a semi hentai

                                                          Yeah um....so that happen.

Meanwhile  on the ship. The others are planning how to save ange while doing so Jill is planning how to Kill Embro herself  the others mange to fine her in time thanks to Hilda and stop her from doing something stupid. Jill spills the beans on Her and Embryo relationship and how he uses people and how he's probably going to use Ange. Ange still fucking herself while Embryo is watching which is weird in a way. somewhat mangage to snap out of the trance but this somewhat annoys Embryo so he makes her feel intense heat to the point she is naked. Salia comes in to tell Embryo they are being Ambushed and He leave. Salia somewhat helps Ange only because she wants Embryo to herself. In return Ange puts a sleeper hold on her and tries to find momoka. Reuniting with Momoka Both get in the Villkiss and before you know it the episode ends with Salamandinay coming from the other earth to fight.

There is like only 5 episode left before this series ends in my opinion it should have ended somewhere around the 12-14 mark because now it just a long struggle till the home stretch. While i am somewhat happy that these last two episode had has what the first twelve episode had, fan service, action, lesbians and a villain to attack, I can help but shake the fact that this is going to fall into the shit ending trap which it seem to be heading.  Five episode left let see where it leads.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cross ange episode 18

Hello i know it's been a while since i did a Cross ange review i think my last review was for episode 10. Since we last seen Ange she's found out the DRAGON'S are actually Human girls they been shooting down. Vivian is one of the Dragon girl and the element of  time travel via the Villkiss been introduce  and for 4 episode 14-17  Ange, Tusk and Vivian has been stuck no not in the past but 500+ year in the Future. There is a new evil they have to go after name Embryo who is the mastermind behind the fuckery in the future and in Ange time. New characters are introduce and more problems are added. By the time Ange make it back to her time the rest of the girl Join Embryo army just cuz and those that are left are on a ship just cuz.

I really hated the fact that they had added the element of time travel during episode 14-15 because it wasn't really needed In my opinion. I almost drop this whole series because of it because that whole time she Tusk and Vivian were in the future i was hoping by next episode they would make it back but nope four episode of nothing. Yeah we learn that Mana is used by stealing a huge DRAGON power but i feel we could have learn it another way.

Anyway in episode 18 with everyone back on the Ship Ange explains to those that are still there what she learn and wants to come up with a plan to stop what will happen from happening. At first Jill wasn't for it mostly due to the "helping dragon's" Aspect of it but evently  she agreed to help.

After the meeting everyone question Ange on where she was and why she was was alone with Tusk it was mostly Hilda who was asking. Mostly Half of the crew went with Embryo during the Ambush Including Salia, Chris and Ersha. Jill then goes ape shit and pulls the old bate and switch and decide not to help Ange with her plan but force her to help her with her plans on destroying the Dragons all in all Jill is taken down and subdued and Ange contiunes with her plans.

Im starting to hate this show. This show is getting more and more ridiculous. First the Dragons are people, Then Time travel NOW  all this other shit.

I feel that they could have summed it up in 12 or even 16 episode but now they are just dragging their feet with this series. It's not even enjoyable as when i first watched it. Yes i know alot more about the DRAGONS and the Villkiss now. I even know that it was Embryo who started all of this  but really all of this could have been explain better and in a few episode less.

  Why  time travel  why did you have to make this a bad series

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Semi Anime post-Asuka Frauein Figurine

Hello everyone.  Yesterday my late birthday gift came in the mail and even though at first i didn't know what it was when i open it i was so eliated.

My Asuka Langly Soryu Frauein Figurine!! I got it off of Amazon for about $35. I didn't like the figma version of Asuka mostly because they have her in her newer plug suit and i really don't like her newer plug suit plus i wanted this for a long time.
The box it came it was much smaller than i imaging it to be.

I really love this base it really look like one of the title caps from the anime.

The figure it self is moveable and poseable just like a figma figurine  the only problem i have with it is
Her feet don't touch the base.

It doesn't bother me that much though as she was ment to be a poseable figure

        A few of her interchangeable parts include some extra hands, Her mothers doll, and a gun

I really love this figurine and the Revoltech Asuka is making me want to save up and get the Frauein Rei. The Attention to detail from the plug suit to her clips in her hair are amazing. If you are looking to buy this particular figurine Amazon.com has it. This was defiantly a 10+ figurine.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

DurararaXshou2 Episode 4

Time to fuck some shit up!

A quick recap of what happen in episode 3 The "Hollywood Killer" is found out and it turns out to be a Woman named Hijiribe Ruri a Hollywood make up artist/Actress who turn out to be a serial killer with super human strength and sub human abilities. She was found after her body landed in front of Heiwajima younger brother Kasuka Heiwajima. She was brought back to Shinra's place to get patch up before he took another job. This episode mostly focused on Hijiribe.

In this episode the first half of this episode was spent with the gang evading a bicycle gang that was chasing Celty when she was transferring a body which turn out to be Egor a top ranking Russian Assassin and for some reason has a strong bond with Anri even goes as far as to tell Celty to "Protect Mother" referring to Anri.
The second near the end while most of the calamity has eased a bit we see Izaya in his home just chating with people on the chat and reflecting on how he wasn't invited to Hot Pot with Celty and Shinra also contemplaing on how he's going to come back and fuck shit up.
Meanwhile Aoba(that little shit) Is talking to his gang about how when he was in the van with Mikado while they were being chased by the bicycle gangs how enjoied being in the danger. 

Now this little shit want to try to stur up shit just to get him to react again or to see how's he going to react 
So now we know that Izaya is comming back and Aoba is Team fucking shit up (i knew not to trust him)  and we can expect the next few episode to be good unless there is another plot twist thrown in some where along this line.