Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kill La Kill 17-19 review (spoilers)

I know i haven't made a anime related post in a min  but im back to review kill la kill episode 17-19



Near the end of episode 17 Of KLK this happen. I kinda think the kill la kill tagged on tumblr imploded during that time too. Satsuki basically from what we thought killed her mom and excuse me from this point on but i will refer to her mom as rainbow bright because 1) i don't know her name and 2) she look like a fucking highlighter. This episode was the episode where i saw the most blood from this series and i could be wrong but come on this scene even top ryuko getting eaten  by her senketsu.

so in episode 18 rainbow bright was still alive.  We found out that She can't be killed because of the life fibers that keeps her alive she beats the living shit out of satuski and takes her kamui which i found to be a very unfordable experience. Soon a bunch of COVERS (business suits) are seen in the sky. Ryuko doesn't even have a chance to react before her heart is ripped out by rainbow bright and she is holding ryuko beating heart in her hands and we see that her hard is not a normal heart but that, that is cover in life fibers.

Episode 19(sorry i couldn't find a good gif) This is when shit get really real. Ryuko get back her heart from rainbow bright but the weird part of it is instead of her dying like a normal human would it oes back inside her body like nothing was wrong. The battle is still going on and soon the COVERS touch down and begin taking humans into them and sucking the life force from them while everyone is fighting satsuki from the pile of rubble she was burred under presses a red button(always a red button) that self destructs the stadium. Fast forward to a month later the elite four is now helping Nudist Beach(terrible name but whatever) fight off COVERS that are overflowing the city. Satsuki is caught by her mom. Ryuko is unconscious. we learn from Rainbow bright that Satsuki and Ryuko are sisters    and that ryuko was actually the baby used in rainbow bright experiment. Near the end Ryuko wakes up and destroyes most of the COVERS without the use of senketsu.  When senketsu approaches she flip her shit and says she doesn't need him and that she is a life fiber monster.

That secret about satsuki and ryuko being sister was kinda a shock but who the daddy is is even more because it was a tumblr theory and might be a 4chan theory(idk i haven't been there in a while) that was proven to be true.

I can't wait till next week because it's going to be even more edger. I think they aren't going to air it on TV in japan in the day time anymore or they are just going to make it a web only thing because these last few episode have been abit racy epically during the bath and capture scene with sasuki and her mom both times i felt weirdly aroused and im a girl but i think during next week and the following weeks up till the closing they will be pushing the boundry so they might just make it a late night thing.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Semi non anime related post

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