Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bokksu January box

Bokksu is a montly subcription box which unlike any other box on the market offer premium Japanese snacks.

I recently decided to try a box and it just happen to be the January box with theme was MARU or Circle
And true to its theme of the month most of the snack in the box were in the shape of a circle.



 One Original and one chocolate Baumkuchen  or German tree cakes. These were my favorite from the box. These were so soft and fluffy. These paired well with coffee and the tea that was included in the box


 One chocolate, One Strawberry and One Vanilla. These are very thin and crispy cream filled sandwiches. I wish they would have given two chocolates ones. These were very flakey but it was creamy and good.

Ka No Michi

Another snack i wish would have gave two chocolate Ka No Michi is a hard-ish cream filled sandwich. I say hard-ish because it not hard but it borders on hard and soft. It came with two Vanillia cookies one chocolate and one Matcha. These also paired well with the tea that was include in the box.

Cheese Manju

I though i was going to like this one. I like cheesy snack but this one was more bready and the "cheese" flavor was kinda off for me so i ended up throwing both away.


 Gyo-kuro Green tea

 This came with three tea bag and this tea had a sweet flavor to it. It was the only thing that wasn't circle theme as the tea bag was a triangle shape.


It Came 2-3 days after i had put in the order to receive the box


I enjoyed what i have gotten in the box and was suprise with how neat everything was packed and even though i did throw away two of the items i recieved i still enjoyed everything i gotten in the box.
I know this review is a month late but  Bokksu recently open up a market place  where you can buy items from their past boxes and 4 of the items from this box are now in the store 
 Click on the link to visit the market place