Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter Anime 2016 honorable mentions

These are the anime i will be checking out if i remember of i found not interesting enough to watch weekly.

Side not HaruChika is now on this list because it really gotten to boring for me to want to check out weekly or bi-weekly. Anyway let get into this review.


While this is a very good show and one of my favorite artist did the character designs for this show im really not a fan of the Muv-luv game or anime. What makes this different from the original Muv-luv series is that it takes place in 1983 Germany. With it's historical and military elements its a good show but im not a muv-luv fan and Schwarzesmarken takes place in the Muv-luv universe.

 Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai kakkei/ Active  Raid: Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit

If you like Tiger and bunny but wish it was mix with the excitement of rail wars and had the clone main girl  from psycho pass then this is the anime for you. All jokes aside while the show plot looks good it took me three time to watch the first episode because it is kinda boring. I am giving this show a chance though.

 Oshiete! Galko-chan/ Please tell me! Galko-chan

 Really not much to say about this show. It a three minuet short about three high school girls. Glako a outspoken blond hair girl with big breast. Otako is a short hair, short girl who is shy yet ends up being friends with Glako and Ojyo the tall airhead of the group. 

 Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara.

Another three minunt short. This one is about a middle school girl who discover a bird ball thing who grants her the power of becoming a magical girl. Only problem is her outfit is a swimsuit. it pretty funny to watch each episode.

Sekkou Boys 

  The anime is about a new idol unit called the Sekkou Boys and it features Saint Giorgio,Hermes,Medici and Mars the only problem (besides the fact of them being either dead or not really real) is that the idol unit is made up of bust of the historical figures. Miki Ishimoto after dropping out of a art school due to frustration from drawing to many bust figures was put in charge of managing the newly form unit. Apparently this is also a game as well. It a short but its funny to see the frustration Miki goes through while managing the Unit 

Divine Gate

 Divine Gate from the start has huge flaws but it is a very interesting anime. I can see why alot of people will or have ended up dropping this.  I saw two games and two anime similarities from this anime but Divine gate is it own thing in Japan which has made its cross over with a few anime and game series. 

Kokaku No Pandora/ Pandora of the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn

 Well i really do not know if this is suppose to be a yuri? or a shoujo-ai but for the most part it follows a girl name Nene who is cyborg who plans to live with her aunt on cenancle island and on the way meet a inventor and her neko maid assistant Clarion who is also a cyborg. For the most part whenever Uzal get involved in some mess, Nene and Clarion has to team up and use to pandora code which equate to nene putting her hand into Clarion and her gaining some new weird power up. I like the show so far but i can't figure out if it was suppose to be a yuri or a shoujo ai.

Ooya-san wa Shinhunki !/ The landlord is in Puberty!

well we have another three minute short.  Its about a guy who moves into a apartment and well his landlord is a middleschool girl named Chie.  The show is cute but it could have been longer to be me.
That is it. if you want to read part one   or  part two 
They will be right there to read. See ya next time.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter anime 2016 first impression pt 2

Sorry this review is so late. I was waiting for on of these anime to finally be sub and by the time it got sub most of these were already on their second episode. Anyway let get into it

Nurse witch Komugi R

While i am glad that there is  another Nurse witch Komugi season im not feeling this one.  Many changes including to the character designs and it feels way different from  the original. I will stick it out but i prefer the original than this new one. Side note the character designer for bakemonogatari and Grisia series did the characters for this show.

GATE Season 2

If you like season one you will want to stick around for season two. Just two episode in and shit is already getting real. No spoilers here but it does look like season two of GATE  will be a don't miss event so yeah i will be watching.

DurararaXKetsu/ Durarara Season 3

This is season three of  Drrr or Durarara  the first episode  takes place after the last season  and now in this season we have more characters and new problems and Izaya is still trolling like a bitch.


What was suppose to be a app exclusive somehow made it to the net(like it usually do). Koyomimonogatari is a ova telling Agarigi story from spring break( Bakemonogatari) up till university exams (probably Owarimonogatari) and is slate to be twelve episode long. From the first two episodes that are out. They could have kept this. While it isn't bad. It wasn't needed i will be watching cuz it is interesting to see.


This show may not be for everyone. For starters the animation is purely CGI so that may turn a lot away.  While the first episode was good i feel that there was no need for that much CGI. Im going to be watching and this does look promising but yeah overuse of the CGI might kill this show.

I did it last year so this year the honorable mentions will be up this weekend.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Winter 2016 First Impression Pt 1

Well its that time of year again. With New Years a week behind us and most of people breaking resolutions left and right the Winter anime season has began and there are alot of heavy hitters this time around.
To keep track of what is airing you can go to

Aria the Avverine 

If you see the original  Aria Series then this is no different from that. The story take place just a couple of years after the second season and there is a new character inroduce in the first episode.
I will be watching mostly because its only going to have three episodes it mostly a OVA to celebrate the 10th aniversary of the first Aria season.
Haruchika Haruta to Chika Wa Seishun Suru/ HaruChika

My only grip with this show is how "glossy" everything looks  and its for no reason. I can understand the instruments but the characters as well?  This is mostly for those who wonder what would it be like to mix Hyouka with hibike! euphonium or are wanting another Hyouka seeing how kyoani is not planning to make a season 2 i will be watching on a bi-weekly basis. The first episode was good but it wasn't enough to keep me watching on a weekly basis

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi/ERASED

 WOW. This is just one of the "Heavy Hitters" for the winter season. The first episode was alot to take in. It was very well paced. It seem like it going to be a good mystery anime I will be watching  that ending made me want to see what happens next and im waiting till the anime ends to read the manga

Dagashi Kashi 

This is one of those shows where you can learn alot and not realize it as well as say what the fuck is going on. The show mostly focus on a young boy who wants to become a manga-ka but his dad wants to inherent the family sweets shop which is located in the middle of nowhere. A girl name Hotaru comes to the sweet shop to offer the young lad father a position at her family company but the only way he would heave is if his son take over the business so she stays and to try to convince himto take over his dads shop. I will be watching mostly for the snacks and Hotaru. This show is funny and the first episode will leave you saying "What the fuck?" but it won't leave you feeling guilt for eating while watching it  in fact i secretly think it encourages it.

Princes Of Stride Alternative

Gather around all you Yaoi fans and lovers of sports anime here's another one to add to your catalog. Prince of Stride Alternative is a racing anime by Studio Madhouse and even though this is right up their ally seeing how this is the studio who made Hajime no Ippo and Diamond no ace. This mostly focus on the Stride racing and in the first episode we are introduce to the main characters and the one female character. There is a race  at the end  so at least the first episode wasn't all talk. While i was intriged with this first episode for me it felt like whoever animated pesona animated this and i was playing a racing persona game granted i know this was adapted from a visual novel but still. So i will be watching but bi-weekly

Pt 2 coming soon.