Friday, December 30, 2016

Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai OVA Episode 2

I was going to review the last episode of mahou shousho Ikusei Keikaku but  the fight between swim swim and Ripple was so anti-Climatic and lackluster it wasn't worth it. The series as a whole was good and id give it a 8/10 but the fight between Swim Swim and Ripple could have been better.

That aside the second episode of Kubikiri cycle has come out and the next few has been delayed by a month so instead of episode three coming out two days ago its going to come out sometime at the beginning or end of January. 

Being honest this episode of Kubikiri Cycle was kinda boring. The first 15 minuets was spend with most of the main cast siting around the dinner table getting into arguments. They did expand on the other main characters like the foodie( Yayoi Sashirono) and the head of the house(Iria Akagami) but then Art hoe(Kanami Ibuki) getting into it with Shougi Master ( Akane Sonoyama) and Derpy ene reject (Toma Kunagisa) had to defuse the argument between them. Head of the house Iria Akagami announce that the house will get another guest soon but Tomo will be gone when they arrived. Then another argument breaks out between the narrator and the Psychic bitch ( Maki Himena) and it got so bad the Narriator almost wanted to hit her but Tomo stop him.

Back in Tomo room, Tomo bitches about how hungry she is and they both go downstairs to get her a snack. They go to the living room and stumble upon one of the maids, Psychic bitch and art hoe escort(Sasaki shinya) just chilling so they decide to chill with them. Psychic bitch apologizes for what happen at dinner but then decides to pick on the narriator some more by reading his fortune and mind for some reason after she done pissing him off she ask Tomo the real reason she came to the island and she said to solve a mystery that took place on the island years ago. Just after she said that a earthquake took place, everybody was fine and soon tomo and the narriator went back to their rooms and went to sleep.

The episode ends with the narrator finding Ibuku Beheaded. So that was fun.

The first 15 minuets of this ova was boring to me beside the arguments it was boring and in the living room scene it was oddly very dark like for a SHAFT show but i still somewhat enjoyed the second OVA

If you wanna check out part one part one

Monday, December 12, 2016

Mahou Shoujo Ikesei Keikaku episode 11

Swim Swim im pretty sure if Ruler was still around she wouldn't go on a fucking MURDERING spree like you have been doing.
A quick recap of episode 10
  • Swim Swim kills Hardgore Alice in her non mahou shoujo form (Human day to day life form) leaving her body out in the rain for Snow white to find a day after Hardcore and Snow white argue so her mental state was fucked 
  • Swim Swim, Tama, and the surving one wing angel twin plan a assault on Cranberry.
  • The surviving twin is killed by Cranberry by getting her heart twisted by Cranberry

Episode 11 continues where 10 left off with the assault on Cranberry. So far Tama and Swim Swim has been doing their best keeping their distance away from the inhuman monster but Swim Swim decided to attack head on. Cranberry right away finds her weakness (which is light and sound) and uses it against her so bad that she reverts to her human form and is knocked out.  Its up to Tama  to fished the job of killing Cranberry and she does it in the most shittiest way possible.

                                        By digging a hole in her FUCKING CHEST!!!!

Cheap ass anime death aside, after Tama get herself together  she goes to look for Swim Swim and find her in her Human form.Being surprised that she was a bit older than Swim Swim, Tama ask if she was ok but that was her fatal mistake. SWIM SWIM decides  she knows too much and beheads Tama!!  Right after she kills cranberry too!
Swim Swim Kills Tama
If you wanna see the whole scene i suggest you click that link

  Meanwhile, Ripple meets up with Snow White asking her if she knows anything about Swim Swim. Of course she doesn't but Fav like the sneaky bastard he  is, decides to tell Ripple Swim Swim weakness. Later that night she has a dream about Top Speed thanking her for dropping her dead body off at her house for her husband to find (that legit happen) and gives Ripple one last speech before diapering. Ripple wakes up and with the info that Fav gave her puts two and two together   and decide to Sailor Mars her Transformation and now has everything she need to kill Swim Swim and that how the episode ends

The last episode is this week. I really wonder how is this going to end Also  I really wish snow white would get her fucking hands dirty for fuck sake ALOT of people died while doing shit and YET she hasn't done anything fighting wise! Two people died who protected her!! What have she done? Pulled a shinji and cried about it. I hope this last episode she actually do some fucking fighting.