Friday, December 30, 2016

Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai OVA Episode 2

I was going to review the last episode of mahou shousho Ikusei Keikaku but  the fight between swim swim and Ripple was so anti-Climatic and lackluster it wasn't worth it. The series as a whole was good and id give it a 8/10 but the fight between Swim Swim and Ripple could have been better.

That aside the second episode of Kubikiri cycle has come out and the next few has been delayed by a month so instead of episode three coming out two days ago its going to come out sometime at the beginning or end of January. 

Being honest this episode of Kubikiri Cycle was kinda boring. The first 15 minuets was spend with most of the main cast siting around the dinner table getting into arguments. They did expand on the other main characters like the foodie( Yayoi Sashirono) and the head of the house(Iria Akagami) but then Art hoe(Kanami Ibuki) getting into it with Shougi Master ( Akane Sonoyama) and Derpy ene reject (Toma Kunagisa) had to defuse the argument between them. Head of the house Iria Akagami announce that the house will get another guest soon but Tomo will be gone when they arrived. Then another argument breaks out between the narrator and the Psychic bitch ( Maki Himena) and it got so bad the Narriator almost wanted to hit her but Tomo stop him.

Back in Tomo room, Tomo bitches about how hungry she is and they both go downstairs to get her a snack. They go to the living room and stumble upon one of the maids, Psychic bitch and art hoe escort(Sasaki shinya) just chilling so they decide to chill with them. Psychic bitch apologizes for what happen at dinner but then decides to pick on the narriator some more by reading his fortune and mind for some reason after she done pissing him off she ask Tomo the real reason she came to the island and she said to solve a mystery that took place on the island years ago. Just after she said that a earthquake took place, everybody was fine and soon tomo and the narriator went back to their rooms and went to sleep.

The episode ends with the narrator finding Ibuku Beheaded. So that was fun.

The first 15 minuets of this ova was boring to me beside the arguments it was boring and in the living room scene it was oddly very dark like for a SHAFT show but i still somewhat enjoyed the second OVA

If you wanna check out part one part one

Monday, December 12, 2016

Mahou Shoujo Ikesei Keikaku episode 11

Swim Swim im pretty sure if Ruler was still around she wouldn't go on a fucking MURDERING spree like you have been doing.
A quick recap of episode 10
  • Swim Swim kills Hardgore Alice in her non mahou shoujo form (Human day to day life form) leaving her body out in the rain for Snow white to find a day after Hardcore and Snow white argue so her mental state was fucked 
  • Swim Swim, Tama, and the surving one wing angel twin plan a assault on Cranberry.
  • The surviving twin is killed by Cranberry by getting her heart twisted by Cranberry

Episode 11 continues where 10 left off with the assault on Cranberry. So far Tama and Swim Swim has been doing their best keeping their distance away from the inhuman monster but Swim Swim decided to attack head on. Cranberry right away finds her weakness (which is light and sound) and uses it against her so bad that she reverts to her human form and is knocked out.  Its up to Tama  to fished the job of killing Cranberry and she does it in the most shittiest way possible.

                                        By digging a hole in her FUCKING CHEST!!!!

Cheap ass anime death aside, after Tama get herself together  she goes to look for Swim Swim and find her in her Human form.Being surprised that she was a bit older than Swim Swim, Tama ask if she was ok but that was her fatal mistake. SWIM SWIM decides  she knows too much and beheads Tama!!  Right after she kills cranberry too!
Swim Swim Kills Tama
If you wanna see the whole scene i suggest you click that link

  Meanwhile, Ripple meets up with Snow White asking her if she knows anything about Swim Swim. Of course she doesn't but Fav like the sneaky bastard he  is, decides to tell Ripple Swim Swim weakness. Later that night she has a dream about Top Speed thanking her for dropping her dead body off at her house for her husband to find (that legit happen) and gives Ripple one last speech before diapering. Ripple wakes up and with the info that Fav gave her puts two and two together   and decide to Sailor Mars her Transformation and now has everything she need to kill Swim Swim and that how the episode ends

The last episode is this week. I really wonder how is this going to end Also  I really wish snow white would get her fucking hands dirty for fuck sake ALOT of people died while doing shit and YET she hasn't done anything fighting wise! Two people died who protected her!! What have she done? Pulled a shinji and cried about it. I hope this last episode she actually do some fucking fighting.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mahou Shoujo ikusei Keikaku episode 9


It seem like each week they amp up the murder factor and this week was no exception. some are still calling this a "Madoka Clone' but last time i check Madoka didn't fucking Murder the others to become Godoka but im digressing. 

The episode begins where it left off last week, with Calamity Mary just killing time by killing people and blowing up cars while waiting for ripple and top speed. The battle between Calamity Mary and Ripple was ok it could have been better in my opinion but she got the job done. After flying around on Top speed broom and dicking around for a min she kills Calamity Mary with her Mahou shoujo Shirikun

                                                                                           Umm ... Yay?

Ok so after this whole scene things get dark(i mean darker than before)  and yeah sorry folks . 

So Ripple and Top Speed decide to celebrate the fact they taken down one of the most dangerous mahou shoujou in the game by high fiving. Before ripple can complete the high five  THIS FUCKING BITCH Swim Swim some how kills top speed. Attacking her doesn't work as Ripple found out because she can just liqufy her body and soon she leaves leaving Ripple and a now dead Top Speed.

Ripple soon finds out why Top speed kept emphasize why she had to survive for at least six months.
                                                                          She was fucking Pregnant
                                          yeah it got that dark but they wasn't done surprisingly

The episode end with Hardgore Alice and Snowwhite somewhat getting attack by the surving twin (forgot her name) and Tama  but Hardcore Alice took care of the twin while Tama Just ran away. Also it end with Sister Nana Suicide and Fav(that evil bastard) mentioning how there were more "Drop outs" than last time.

                               Sister Nana didn't derserve this. She hung herself with the scarf she made for Winterprison that was so sad.

Again im sorry. As action pack as this episode was it was very dark. Darker than the last few episode.  Next week is a brawl for all/ Melee/ Battle idk but i know more mahou shoujo's are going to die in mass next week.
also after this episode i never seen so much hate for a seven year old (yes Swim Swim is fucking Seven)

To make up for all this sadness here's Hard gore Alice telling a car to get wreck

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai OVA First impression

Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai/ Decapitation Cycle: The Blue Savant and the Prankster

A story about a boy (nameless for the most part) and a bunch of Elitist (mostly female) who are good in their field who all live in a house in the middle of a fucking island on a cliff.

 This 8 part OVA is the latest series made by the same person who made the Monogatari series, Nisiosini and the latest anime that SHAFT just so happen to sneak up upon us.
Visually It was stunning (it usually it when t comes to a Nisiosini project) but my only gripe with this Ova is that most of the characters look like SHAFT anime reject. Like all of them look like they were suppose to be main or side characters in other SHAFT anime but got scrapped

i need to see more to give it a proper rating but the first ova had a decent story overall two of the girls hate each other and the Ene lookalike is a cyber terrorist. 
They really went out of their way to detail the fucking house. 
The second OVA comes out i think at the end of this month hopefull we get more to this story. The first really wasn't any thing special plot wise but it was interesting and visually good.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall First Impression Honorable Mentions

Check out the first two parts




okusama-ga seitokaichou 2/ My wife is the Student Council President+

Season 2 to the ecchi filed short. We are introduced to new characters and possibly a new subplot and what make it better than the first  is that they said "FUCK IT'' with putting out a censored and Uncensored version this anime is just Uncensored.

Ao oni  The Animation 

 A video game turn anime it follows four highschool students who are trapped in a house with the blue derpy looking demon. Each episode follows their misadventures and at the end most if not all of the characters are killed by the demon and each episode see it reset. Its perfect to binge watch on Halloween if you aren't currently watching.

Nobunaga No Shinobi/ Ninja girl and Samurai master 

 The second anime to feature the historial figure. It follows a Shinobi name Chidori who was saved from drowning by Nobunaga and now she become his private Shinobi. its a cute show it has its funny moments.

Anitore! XX

The second season to the work out anime. they seem to amp up the ecchi-ness. we also get a new character.

Gakuen Handsome

 This isn''t a show. No, Its a experiance. Its based off the Yaoi Visual Novel of the same name and its basically "Chins the anime" but each episode is more wild than the last.

mahou shoujo  nante mou ii desukara seeason 2/ I had enough of being a magical girl season 2

 The second half of the first season because the first season kinda ended like it just ended. but it follows our main girl her friends and how she is handling being a magical girl. and it seem like her friend might become a magical girl  soon if not before the season ends.

Bernard Jou Iwaku/ Miss Bernard Said

 This anime follows a girl who calls herself "Miss Bernard" (her name is Sawako Machida) and clames to be well versed in books but  never actually read them because she 's to lazy.  Its mostly set in the library and focus on books and writers but the whole set up is actually funny.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall anime first impression Pt 2

You can check out part one here  Fall First impression Part one


No  this isn't another Hellsing OVA, Drifter is a anime basted off the manga of the same name and yes it is made by the same person who made Hellsing.   It follows Shimazu a warrior who while in battle is gravely injered and finds himself in a different world than the one he came from.  While recovering he meeds Nobunaga and Yoichi Nasu both are dead in Shimazu timeline  and in Yoichi case he has been dead for 400 years in Nobunaga time line. .  Im curious of how this is going to go. While the first episode what boring at part  it was a gore fest  not even three minunts into the show and its blood everywhere.

Yuri on ice!!!

Three exclamation point's means its exreem!!! Jokes aside, Yuri on ice!! (Just call it Yuri on ice you don't need that many fucking exclamation points it really not that kind of show that need that many ) follow Yuri Katsuki who after failing at the Grand Prix fall into a bit of a slump epically seeing how his idol Victor Nikiforov, was watching. While back home in Japan unbeknows to him Victor tracks him down and finds him and vows to be his trainer (while naked ). The skating animation in this show is very fluid and flawless and this show does has alot of comedic moments but  it balances it out with it's skating.

Fune Wo Amu/ The Great Passage 

Well this is a interesting show. You ever want to work for a company that produce dictionaries?  this is the question that is prose to our main character Mitsuya Majime at the end of the first episode.  Our Main Character orginally works in sales for Genbou Shoubo. He is approached by Kouhei Araki a man who works the Dictionary department of the same company but has to retire soon to care for his sick wife and is looking for his predicessor to take on his biggest project of creating "The Great Passage" a new Dictionary project.
SO why is it so interesting, it was a popular novel in Japan  that was adapted into a Live action movie that was THEN adapted into  a anime.

Honorable mention are coming soon

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall 2016 Anime First impression pt1

With summer long behind us it time to take a look at what new in the anime world and what is worth wild this anime season

As usual you can follow what is airing here  or here

Bungou Stray Dogs season 2
The second half of the first season that aired during the Spring season Bungou Stray Dogs season 2 will mostly focus on The Guild despite the first episode focusing on Dazai Past with the port mafia and his old friends and having one of his old friend find another one. This is one show i am going to watch mainly to see who are the guild members

Nanbaka- The Numbers

This anime is about four prisoner who make daily excapes from a prison located on a island on the sea. For the most part its funny but it looks like its going to be focusing on prisoner No.15 sometime soon as it ends with him going on a monologue  about how he can unlock any lock but those on himself its still good for the comedy.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku/  Magical Girl Raising Project 

 What if QB went high tech to get  the souls of mahou shoujos? Trust me There is a mascot that looks like mash up of Dangan Rompa Momokuma and has the eerily personality of QB. This show is about a girl who becomes a actual magical girl after becoming the 1000th player and the game. The first episode was rather interesteing as one of the character had me saying "What" at the end of the show.


To be honest still abit confused about the plot. The story follows 17 Yuuta Gamon  as he run a blog dedicated to the occult even though he doen't believe in it himself, his friend Ryouta Narusawa a Top heavy girl who im pretty sure the character designer for her was watching EIKEN before making her because that not how tits work!!! and before the episode end Miyu Aikawa joins them. The episode ends on a with Yuuta finding the dead and scalped body of a professor. It was abit confusing but that ending really made me want to watch more.

pt 2 is coming soon

Monday, September 26, 2016

Final Thoughts-Rewrite TV

Ugh. I really do not know how to begin. I guess i should begin with the question i posed during my last review of this show

"How do you fuck up a anime you had the visual novel to?"

The ending of rewrite everyone in the community collectively agreed that the ending to rewrite was complete shit!  First off the first half was everyone fighting plants and dragons and stopping Gaia/Gurdian from killing Kagari then the second half happen  and it ended with them basically doing a Gilgamesh ending and killing off all of the characters including the main ones. It ends with Kagari waking up on the fucking moon


This whole season,  the first half was slow but it was trying to establish its characters it was good then episode six happen and i can see them getting a bit wobbly but it was still kinda good then  their rampid shit taken became visible.  1) we were forced to care about a villain who turn good after we were shown a 30 second flashback of his hard life 2) Kotori whole forced route out of nowhere 3) They didn't go into Lucia or Shizuru route that much 4)  Chihaya was just there and Akane decent into evil was out of nowhere to me 5) this anime made Koutarou look like a dick. I talk to someone who played the VN and they said that Koutarou is ten times better the VN than he was portaied in the anime.

Animation 6


I end this by asking the question i prose at the start "How do you fuck up a anime you had the visual novel to?" I answer the question by saying this: by splitting the anime into two fucking season.

That right this is getting a second season in January. Something told me Key could had made this a 26 episode anime like they did with all their anime that has visual novels to them but i don't know why pull this move.

Hopefully it will answers all these open ended question they left.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rewrite episode 9 review

This is going to turn in to a rant halfway in so be warn

Most of episode 9 was spent with our main protag Koutarou and new girl who was stalking him since the first episode but turn out she doesn't have a clue who or what she is other than her name is Kagari, dicking around and being attacked only to get a message from Kotori saying lets meet up and she finally comes clean about everything including the fact that she is a Druid and that she made Kagari and that Kagari is key that Gaia and Guardian is looking for (way to be a dick Kotori) most of the last half was really rush to the point where see the other main girl Akane talking how she  needs to hurry up with her plans and the episode ends.

Why KEY?
(Warning rant ahead)

This anime has been going downhill since its social commentary bullshit episode that was episode 6(seriously Earth girl Ajurna even though it was heavy handed with the social commentary it made up for it with the animation and soundtrack and you don't even have the animation in your favor anymore!!!) I know there are anime that would slip in a message or two and that's fine just don't make it a fucking habit im really not a fan of anime that forces it social agenda on me, That aside KEY you know good and damn well 13 will not fucking cover hours of game play you basically bullshit Lucia and Shizuru Backstory both espically Shizuru should have been longer, God only knows how you are planning to fuck up Chihaya and Akane BOTH  needs longer episodes to explain their backstory and seeing how there is only five fucking episode left something tell me you are going to drop the fucking ball! Not to mention what with the inconstancy in animation. episode 1-4 animation was fluid and ok, 5-6 was kinda wonky but still decent ,now its just awful with guys having yaoi hand or faces girl with huge or no tits (in some frames) and those goddamn CGI monsters wtf


Im not mad KEY, as a fan im disappointed
Im disappointed because as a fan of your works i would expect you as a company to know better. I have no problem with a company being experimental once and a while (look at SHAFT and them taking a crack at animating FSN) BUT when you have material you know its going to need more episodes to cover that is not a time to be experimental.
A red flag should have been raised when they announced the first episode was going to be a hour long when it didn't need to be in all honesty.
One could argue "they probably didn't have any money left after making Planitarium" and i hope that is true because that is the only acceptable  excuse i would give them at this point for putting out this shit!

They better hope that the planitarium movie does well because the rewrite anime is really shit.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Final Thoughts-Kizumonogatari Tekketsu hen

Kizumonogatari is a movie produce by our good old friends STUDIO SHAFT back from earler this year. How early? It came out in January. After months of being in theaters over seas and in some  theaters in the states and Canada it was finally released online.
Kizumonogatari is the first out of a trilogy of movies that focus mostly on Shinobu, Araragi and the Hunter who are determine to fished  her off.

In this movie Tekketsu Hen it bascially laid down the foundation for what will happen in the next two movies. Tekketsu hend mostly focused on how Araragi met Shinobu and how now he has to help her out against the three hunters after her which are Guillotinecutter, Dramaturgie and Episode (yep the one Hanekawa calls Mr.Episode). Being Honest most of the action takes pace 15 min in because the first 15 is spent dicking around with Hanekawa after Agaragi ends up seeing her panties because of strategic wing blowing. While the scene was boring to me it was visually good.

The movie picked up during the whole subway scene which was visually stunning by the way, plot wise  beides agaragi meeting shinobu for the first time  there really wasn't much to the Tekketsu hen besides laying the foundation for the next two movies.

I would have to say Hanekawa was less annoying in this one and we got to see how anti-social  Agaragi was before pre monogatari events took place for him not to mention Oshino one of my favs came back.

While this was just laying out the foundation for the next two movies the plot that they did between Shinobu and Araragi was good

SHAFT when working with the monogatari series on a movie budget is FUCKING  AMAZING. My only gripe is when it comes the the faces of Hanekawa and Shiobu (loli form) why so much shine on there cheeks? adding blush to the cheeks is one thing but you guys added rosyness and shine also all the characters had the white/grey hair strand thing going on it kinda bugged me.

Overall- 9.5

Tekketsu Hen was Good and of course seeing how it was the first movie it was going to have flaws but luckly it wasn't that many. The next movie comes out this week (at the time this post goes up) In Japan  and its Kizumonogatari-Nekketsu-hen so if you happen to be lucky and are in Japan do check it out. God only know low long it will take to get to the state or sub state side.

                                                    (see why is her cheeks so fucking glossy like that!)

                                                                                  Loli shinobu

                                                    (Credit to a Tumblr user who made this comparing a episode of Bakemonogatari to the Movie)