Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rewrite episode 9 review

This is going to turn in to a rant halfway in so be warn

Most of episode 9 was spent with our main protag Koutarou and new girl who was stalking him since the first episode but turn out she doesn't have a clue who or what she is other than her name is Kagari, dicking around and being attacked only to get a message from Kotori saying lets meet up and she finally comes clean about everything including the fact that she is a Druid and that she made Kagari and that Kagari is key that Gaia and Guardian is looking for (way to be a dick Kotori) most of the last half was really rush to the point where see the other main girl Akane talking how she  needs to hurry up with her plans and the episode ends.

Why KEY?
(Warning rant ahead)

This anime has been going downhill since its social commentary bullshit episode that was episode 6(seriously Earth girl Ajurna even though it was heavy handed with the social commentary it made up for it with the animation and soundtrack and you don't even have the animation in your favor anymore!!!) I know there are anime that would slip in a message or two and that's fine just don't make it a fucking habit im really not a fan of anime that forces it social agenda on me, That aside KEY you know good and damn well 13 will not fucking cover hours of game play you basically bullshit Lucia and Shizuru Backstory both espically Shizuru should have been longer, God only knows how you are planning to fuck up Chihaya and Akane BOTH  needs longer episodes to explain their backstory and seeing how there is only five fucking episode left something tell me you are going to drop the fucking ball! Not to mention what with the inconstancy in animation. episode 1-4 animation was fluid and ok, 5-6 was kinda wonky but still decent ,now its just awful with guys having yaoi hand or faces girl with huge or no tits (in some frames) and those goddamn CGI monsters wtf


Im not mad KEY, as a fan im disappointed
Im disappointed because as a fan of your works i would expect you as a company to know better. I have no problem with a company being experimental once and a while (look at SHAFT and them taking a crack at animating FSN) BUT when you have material you know its going to need more episodes to cover that is not a time to be experimental.
A red flag should have been raised when they announced the first episode was going to be a hour long when it didn't need to be in all honesty.
One could argue "they probably didn't have any money left after making Planitarium" and i hope that is true because that is the only acceptable  excuse i would give them at this point for putting out this shit!

They better hope that the planitarium movie does well because the rewrite anime is really shit.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Final Thoughts-Kizumonogatari Tekketsu hen

Kizumonogatari is a movie produce by our good old friends STUDIO SHAFT back from earler this year. How early? It came out in January. After months of being in theaters over seas and in some  theaters in the states and Canada it was finally released online.
Kizumonogatari is the first out of a trilogy of movies that focus mostly on Shinobu, Araragi and the Hunter who are determine to fished  her off.

In this movie Tekketsu Hen it bascially laid down the foundation for what will happen in the next two movies. Tekketsu hend mostly focused on how Araragi met Shinobu and how now he has to help her out against the three hunters after her which are Guillotinecutter, Dramaturgie and Episode (yep the one Hanekawa calls Mr.Episode). Being Honest most of the action takes pace 15 min in because the first 15 is spent dicking around with Hanekawa after Agaragi ends up seeing her panties because of strategic wing blowing. While the scene was boring to me it was visually good.

The movie picked up during the whole subway scene which was visually stunning by the way, plot wise  beides agaragi meeting shinobu for the first time  there really wasn't much to the Tekketsu hen besides laying the foundation for the next two movies.

I would have to say Hanekawa was less annoying in this one and we got to see how anti-social  Agaragi was before pre monogatari events took place for him not to mention Oshino one of my favs came back.

While this was just laying out the foundation for the next two movies the plot that they did between Shinobu and Araragi was good

SHAFT when working with the monogatari series on a movie budget is FUCKING  AMAZING. My only gripe is when it comes the the faces of Hanekawa and Shiobu (loli form) why so much shine on there cheeks? adding blush to the cheeks is one thing but you guys added rosyness and shine also all the characters had the white/grey hair strand thing going on it kinda bugged me.

Overall- 9.5

Tekketsu Hen was Good and of course seeing how it was the first movie it was going to have flaws but luckly it wasn't that many. The next movie comes out this week (at the time this post goes up) In Japan  and its Kizumonogatari-Nekketsu-hen so if you happen to be lucky and are in Japan do check it out. God only know low long it will take to get to the state or sub state side.

                                                    (see why is her cheeks so fucking glossy like that!)

                                                                                  Loli shinobu

                                                    (Credit to a Tumblr user who made this comparing a episode of Bakemonogatari to the Movie)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Semi Anime Related Review-Snackoo sweet box

Snackoo(not to be confused with the subcription box Snakku) Is a online Asian food shop. You can buy all your snack from there. They carry everything from Season asian snacks i.e Tokyo Bananana, Yuzu Flavored Jelly, Peach Jelly and other  to standard asian snacks I.e Pocky. What set this apart from other online asian snack shops is they offer snack boxes

Basically if you want to try before you buy the boxes are the way to go.  They have thee boxes to choose from all contain 10 item. Sweet, Savory and mixed which is a mixed box of sweet and savory items.

Today we will look at the Sweet Box.

                 How Nice of the to send me a card

                              Bubble Wrap so nothing gets damaged
                                how the box look when open.

                         Meiji Dark Chocolate. At first i thought this was chocolate with some kind of almonds in it but no its just dark chocolate.  The box has 7 thin bars and the chocolate isn't that strong as you would expect from a American brand but it still as good

            Meiji Rich Orange Biscuit. Two came in the packet. It did have a rich but no over powering orange flavor. It was good  it went well with coffee.

  On the Left Is Royal Tea Melty  Blend (1pc.) On the right i think its some kind of Coffee candy(1pc). I had The Melty Blend Royal Tea flavor before and it is very good i wish they would have sent more. Im not sure about the other one but i hope its good.

UHA Premium Blueberry Gummy.  I wanted to try UHA gummy for a while so i was quite surprised when i gotten this in my box. When i tried them they had a weird texture i wasn't used to and at first i was eating them wrong when i realize that i wasn't then i ended up eating the whole thing they were good.

                       Right Tokyo Banana  Syally Mate Langue De Chate Cookie(1) Left Syally Mate Strawberry Cookie(1)

                                              (Better Picture of the strawberry cookie)

The Tokyo Banana cookie was better than i expected to be. It had a creamy taste and the banana flavor wasn't that strong  i like it. I haven't tried the strawberry cookie yet but  im sure i can expect the same if not better.

        Pure Lemon Flavored. I had Pure before it was strawberry flavored though. The Lemon Flavor one to me taste like a Lemon flavored Sour patch just with less sugar that a sour patch would have.  As for the packaging I love the characters on it. I don't know i they are official mascots for the brand but they are cute on this package.

Meiji Macadamia. I ended up giving this to my sister mostly because im not a fan of chocolate with nuts in them.

Morinaga Bake Chocolate. I had the Cheesecake flavored before. Bake to me are fun to  eat and are very good

                    Mandarin Orange Jelly (1pc)  I  have nothing to say expect why are the elderly couple are in the red x

          One Small Puddimg Petit Cake. Its very small in person. Its basically package flan without the syrup.

            One Green Tea Pudding. it was so nice of them to include a spoon with the pudding. Think Giga Pudding but green tea flavored
Kracie Rose Candy. Another candy i wanted to try. This one has a strong rose smell when you first open the package. I really does taste like rose or something rose flavored. I does live up to its promise of leaving you smelling like roses after you finished eating the candy. my only complaint about this is it takes a while to get the rose flavored off your mouth. Its good and its different but if you arent  a fan of roses or hate rose flavored things stay away from this.


They bubble rapped it and made sure nothing was damaged plus bonus points for giving me a spoon with my pudding i know there are companies who wouldnt even think about doing this or charge for this

Shipping 10
It  came in 2 days


While not your typical subcription box you still should give this a look. For the price of $24.99 even with the sample sizes you are getting premium items. While the boxes are technically "Try before you buy" the boxes on the site are very much worth it.

If you want to check out the site snackoo

If you want to save $5 off your first order (come on who doesn't) Use code KUMA5 all caps to save $5 off your first order.

Hope you enjoyed this review

Box provided by company opinions are all mines

Friday, August 5, 2016

Final Thoughts Planetarian: the reverie of a little planet

I think Key Studios  enjoys drinking the tears of its viewers of its animes and players of its visual novels. For a short ONA it sure packs a heavy emotional punch.
Planetarian: the reverie of a little planet Or Planetarian: chiisana hoshi no yume is one of the anime that is finished and one that Studio Key has based of the Visual Novel by the same name. A five episode ONA with a movie that is going to be released next month to be exact.

Our Characters during this emotional ride are Kuzuya a human who job it is to collect usable part in a post apocalyptic city where for the most part he is the only human around during the show. He goes on nameless and his job title is "Junker" but if you want to be technical, Futuristic garbage man with a gun. Our other character is a robot name Yumemi Hoshino, a robot greeter girl who works at a run down planetarium and  that is out of date by 30 years and who thinks everything around her is the same as it was 30 ago before society went to shit.

Now picture the scene, You are a Futuristic garbage person who lives in a post apocalyptic city and you are the only human around for miles.  You come across a building that you think might have supplies you can use until you can get to your next location only to find a robot who is out of date and is begging you to fix this thing they want to show you. You comply because you don't want to get caught by what out there and you need shelter so  you fix it. They show you what they needed to show you and you take your leave only for the robot to want to escort you to you next location. You form a bond with the robot even to the point of planning a future with the thing(weird but just go with it)  you get caught in a confrontation with a evil robot you been trying to run away from only for the robot you been in company with to protect you from  evil robot and die.

That basically the plot of Planetarian. The first three episode were spent getting to know the characters and dicking around. Kuzuya trying to fix "Miss Jenna" The projecter who is also out of date by 30 years. He end up fixing it only for the last power that was keeping the plantarium on to go out and Yumemi to adlib the rest of it without "Miss Jenna's" help. Episode four Yumemi decides to say "Fuck it" and leaves the planiarium  to escort Kuzuya to his car which was what seem like miles away from the planitarium and  the gut puncher comes in episode Five where she dies protecting Kuzuya from  a huge evil robot.

We still do not know why or what happen for everything to be completly fuck the way it

While there were moments Yumemi was a tad bit annoying she was the redeemer of this ONA. Kuzuya while seeming badass was kinda bland and really didn't have any personality till the end.

Yumemi robot eyes. 

I enjoyed this short little series and i hope the movie that comming out will answer some of the question that some have now that this is over. I do feel that this will go un notice however seeing how Key also has Re-write out and everybody want to see the emotional ride  that is going to be(myself included) but if you are a fan of Key work you should definally check this show out.

                                                             (no lie she looks like Leilie from GATE here)