Saturday, October 26, 2013

monogatari season 2 episode 15 Rant!

what the fuck was the point!

this is going to have slight spoilers so if you haven't seen it yet then go watch it.

ok i meant to do this a while a go but other anime got in the way.

The fuck was the point of having her turn yandere.

I get it she had the snake demon inside of her and  well kinda still had feelings for Agarigi. But she being 14 and Him 16 really? The most i thought would turn Yandere in the whole series, The one who deserves to become a yandere in my opinion was HANEKAWA!!!!

Don't get me wrong Nadeko snake arc was interesting. Having her deal with snakes all over again because in bakemonogatari her arc was kinda short in my opinion and during this arc it was interesting  however  i didn't not like and i do not like that after all was said and done the problem was not solved oh no.


Bravo Monogatari you have fucked me over yet again!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Kyousou Giga(2012)

I stumbled upon this weird little anime by accident. I just happen to watch the first episode of  Kyosou Giga TV thinking that was the ONA.  I really can't decribe the plot in Kyousou Giga 2012 because it mostly contribes of 5 short stories revovling around this girl and a town mirroring  Kyoto  where everything is weird and things fixes itself. Once i found out that Kyousou Giga TV is a prelude to the ONA's i went back to watch them and in one sitting.

I find my self liking Kyousou Giga 2012 despite each episode being short and sometimes the plot of that episode being like WHY?WHAT THE FUCK? WHATS GOING ON? espically in the episode where everyone was tossing useless thing away and they just happen to the sky? i don't know it just seem so odd but yet interesting at the same time.

One of my favorite characters out of the show  was the spunky 14 year old Koto. Im kinda am looking forward twards her back story in the TV anime because in the ONA we get to only see how she is and her personality. We never got to see how she arrive with her companions Au and Un in the mirror Kyoto or why is she even there to begin with.

Each episode of the ONA has its on little story that is sum up nicely in the breif time frame that it has from the first episode to the last one which was the weirdest one they still mangage to do a awesome job telling a good story.

For a short ONA this does has a amazing soundtrack. Espically during episode 4 and 5 of the ONA. I would like to know what song was being played when Koto and Myoe was running through the field.

Ok so if anyone's familiar with vocaloid they would know of the kakarou project. This artwork somewhat resembles that.  That aside each character movement flows fluidly espically during the brief fighting scene in episode 5. I kinda like Yase Douji eyes.

It is short but that is because it is a ONA. I do plan on watching Kyouso Giga TV  but if you want to get some what of a idea of what to expect in the TV show  or just want to did what i did and Check out the first episode of Kyouso Giga TV then go back and watch the ONA's then do that i highly recommend it. Either way its is a must watch.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rozen maiden 2013

Hm? I really do not know how to feel about this show. I mean it wasn't a bad show it wasn't confusing   it just. Hm.

Rozen maiden 2013 is one of those underrated shows  that people usually pass up because of the high rated or talked about shows of the season (Attack on titan). I watched it because i had watch the original Rozen maiden series , Rosen maiden season 2 and the OVAs. Rozen maiden 2013 follows the original manga.  The first two episodes were basically a rehash of what happen in the first original rozen maiden anime things change however in episode 3 where we see a older adult Jun in the future who is not a shut in but is a shy introverted college student  who lives alone and works at a book store with a dick of a manager and a nice girl name saito. We are re introduce to the old dolls but under different circumstances  Shinku  come to the adult Jun future  but as a clone for her real body is stuck in the N-field, suigintou who comes to the adult Jun futue in search for her master who was kidnap but ends up staying with him.  Hinaichigo was eaten in the first two episode by a New doll name Kirakishou a bat shit insane doll who has no physical body, Kidnaps humans for nurishment and was the one who kidnap suigintou master.souseiseki who was killed by suigintou and had her rosa mystica tooken by her and   suiseiseki who protects Kirakishou because SPOILER: when kirakishou does get a phyicall body it is really souseiseki and suiseiseki protects  kirakishou agaisnt Shinku and Suigintou.

The whole anime except for the first two and the last episode revolved around the adult Jun and his interaction with the dolls and his daily life. His interaction with the doll were a major inpact to the series because we got a insight on his behavior and how and why he is the way he is now. When shinku came into the picture and when the adult something along the lines of "why can't things change?" shinku said to him something along the lines of "things cannot change if you do not want them to change. If you want them to change you have to change them with your own hands".

Its a interesting plot when it came to Kirakishou and the other dolls but i just felt like it focus more on the adult Jun and his interaction with people.

I don't know if peach pit had a hand or a say in the artwork of this anime like they did in the original  but the artwork is very good but the only problem i had was with suigintou wings. They look like somebody used photoshop on them.


There really wasn't anything that set these characters apart or made them stand out and even though we got to see Jun as a adult even he was lacking as a character. The only interesting character was  Kirakishou who despite he not having alot of screen time she seem to have the most personality in my opinion.

If you aren't a fan or haven't seen the original series i would suggest you skip it  not because it bad but there really wasn't anything  that i could say that stood out about it but if you did see the original series then you might want to check this one out. It starts out kind slow and the story is very slow pace but the action between the dolls makes up for it.

 (actions like this)