Thursday, March 26, 2015

Parasyte Final thoughts

Well we have reached a end of a good show. It had action, It had a decent plot, It even had a moment where the main character did indeed ended up with the main girl. Parasyte had it all for the most part but it's main selling point was the action, drama and the fact that Shinichi and Migi had to kill all the evil parasytes.
Sure it did had it slow moments and there were episode that i thought they could do without but im glad they kept them for they also added to the story.
It was right after Shinchi fought the parasyte who ended up killing his mom and taking over her body that Shinchi because somewhat of a jinx to be around. First his school was attacked again by a parasyte masquerading as a student, then the girl from another school who had a deep crush and also had the ability to tell who is a parasyte or not ended up dead by a parasyte, The detective who was following him then ended up kidnapping Ryouko baby  ended up dead by Ryouko and then Ryouko who could have easily fought back ended up shot by the cops protecting her human baby. Not to mention Shinichi lost Migi for a episode and a 1/2 meaning he lost his arm too.

 In episode 23 He ends up fighting and defeating Gouto  who looks like a cross between M.Bison and the four arm dude from Mortal Combat. A parasyte who was created by Ryouko and who she herself says is "Flawed"  He mostly has the upper hand for he possessed multiple parasites in his body  it was when Shinchi Peirce him with a pipe on his side that the tables turn. Long story short Migi return and Gouto was soon defeated. Episode 24 was mostly a epilog of what happen to the characters after the events of episode 23. The parasytes have change their diets to adapt to human food to blend into society and most of the people have stop talking about them. Shinichi and the others are in college and seem to be living normal lives at this moment Migi is in permanent sleep he came to Shinichi at the beginning of the episode saying his goodbyes and after that resolved himself to a deep sleep.
what i felt was not needed in this episode was the murder kidnapping murano just for a whole dialog about what is or isn't normal.
The ending felt incomplete yet complete at the same time.
It felt incomplete because i felt they could have ended it better or a different way but it felt complete because what more could they say?

Story 9
Plot 9
Animation 8.5
There were moments where the animation was a bit wonky and questionable
Sound 7
I felt they overused the dubstep in this anime when it came to some of the fight scene

Overall 9.5
Despite it being a better verison of  Invasion of the body snatchers  and lacking in some areas, this anime doesn't disappoint even when there is a episode that seem slow or boring it usually make up for it in the middle or near the end. This is a good horror/action anime which does has its heart breaking moments epically when they start killing off characters you are attached to.  Check it out if you are looking for something different.

                                                Shinichi regains Migi from Gouto

                                                            No arm Shinichi

                                                          Murano and Shinichi in college

                                                           Ryouko and her baby


                                                              Goodbye Migi

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Semi anime Review- Snow bell Miku Figma

Hello Everyone. Im in the process of changing computers at the moment so im a bit behind with anime reviews.  I do have Parasyte, cinderella girls and a few more reviews comming up so bear with me while im changing computers.

For the moment i do have this review. I recently won a Twitter contest sponcered by the GOODSMILE company. They were giving out seven different type of figma and nendoriod figurines. I won one of the prize being offered

                         Snow bell miku retail value $80-$100 (depending on where you buy it from )

                              The side of the Box

  While she does come with three interchangeable faces i decided this one was the best. She also came with a oversized leaf  and a bunny who also came with a interchangeable body.

                       I really don't like this bunny that much.

        Smiling miku is smiling. The Contest was also giving away the nendoroid verision of this figma but i wasn't given a choice of what Figma or Nedoriod i could have. I found out i won the contest back at the end of January the first week of Febuary it came at the end of Febuary the first few days of March.

I love how translucient her hair is and how detailed the snow berries are on her dress. Her dress is a lily of the valley  or a snow Lilly  with really adds to the whole Snow bell theme. They even went as far as to give the bunny his own little Lily to hold as well as miku in the form of a music note with small little Lillies on them. The only thing beside the bunny i did not like about this figma was the leaf. Beside it being over size which i guess was for cute factor was the fact that it is kind of hard for her to hold and stay in place with out it falling over. Also there are moments where the leaf itself break apart and i have to find a way to keep it in place without having to go out of my way to buy glue to glue it together(i really don't wanna do that).  Her cape is good but i decided she would be good without it and that is another thing i like about this figma you can choose to have her cape on or off. Though i have to admit her cape made her look like a russian doll.

Overall 10/10 despite it's flaws it is a perfect figma to have or add to your collection. If you are looking to add a Miku Figma to your collection i would suggest this one epically if you are looking for a winter theme Miku beside the one that is already out there.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cross ange episode 21

I will only be talking about the Important talking points in this episode. For starters Yes Momoka and Ange did manage to escape HOWEVER, Now the villkiss is underwater. Chris give her sob back story on how and why she decided to Join Embryo's team. While all this is going down Embryo being his creepy self lets Ange know that she need to get her ass back home Via CONTROLING EVERYONE WHO USES MANA! No joke. Anyone who uses Mana is under Embryo Control including  Momoka.

                     This happen while trying to escape a kid who was under Embryo control.

Somehow Tusk Mangage to save Her and ends up holding off Embryo so She and Momoka can excape. Ange gets away again on a Para-mail but being the dick that Embryo is he controls Momoka again and they end up to where Embryo is. Tusk mangages to catch up to where everyone is at  but that dick Embryo Orders Momoka to Kill Tusk. Not having any of it Ange order Momoka to snap out of it and she does and this is where it get sad. Momoka then charge for Embryo. Embryo then Shoots Momoka in the chest but she keeps charging and surrounds her body including the knife with mana before stabing him and summoning a car to run them both over and then falling off a cliff.  She was unaware of his innablity to be killed because he just show up again and now it was tusk turn to finshed the job. Before fighting gives Ange her First kiss and hand cuff her to the Para-Mal to make sure she doesn't try to get off.  Tusk end up blowing himself up along with Embryo

We know Embryo is probably still alive but Tusk maybe still alive as well but its 50/50 with that. I'm Just mad that Momoka died for nothing.

     Some new girl died during the battle between Chris and the other girl.  So three people died in this episode.