Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter First Impression Pt 3

I am back for my last installment of my first Impression of this season airing anime. If you would want to keep up with what is airing check out Anichart . Check out my first two reviews Here (pt 2) and  Here (pt 1)

Let get started with this last review

DRRRRxShou2 or Durarara Season 2

Most of the old characters return as well as a couple of new characters. The second episode we are introduce to Izaya sisters(which if you would have watched the OVA we saw them then) and a boy named Kuronuma Aoba. If you watch the first season you know not to expect everything to connect till near the end of the series so if you want a anime where you can  have fun putting pieces together  or are a fan of the Durarara series then you will want to check this out.


Being how most anime's are on their third or fourth episode this one is just on it's first. Don't expect too much from this show because the promotional PV hyped it up so much that when the show aired it was very ,very bad. This show is about a boy who get saved from a demon by a girl who uses magical Aarow's. They meet up in school and soon become bounded to each other.  I probaby won't keep this show up because i really did have high hopes for this show but this first episode kinda crushed it. It has fan service which is heavely blurred out. This show is a mess.

Hornarable mentions


Just a show about cute little Loli's who happens to live in a guys house and happens to be from the military. Each show are about three minuets so they aren't long.

That is it. thank you all for your time and please check out all or a few of these anime for this winter season.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter 2015 anime first impression pt 2

So i am back with Part 2 of this season winter anime. To keep of with what is airing check out anichart   to see what i already review click here  

Let get started

 Death Parade

Welcome to limbo where a bartender will judge if you either goes to Heaven or Hell. The first episode was very erie.  Im not going to even try to spoil it but yeah if you like watching people figure  out if they are dead or alive and being forced to play a game by their bartender to see if they are getting into heaven or hell check this out. I will be watching this one but maybe with the lights on.

Assassination classroom

What happens when you put a group of misfit middle schoolers and a ailen teachers who only real face jester is a weird psychotic smiley  face and force these teens to kill their teacher before March. You get this anime. The first episode while it was funny it really wasn't nothing stand out about it except  for the main character. I will check it out for comedy purposes this season and mostly to see where it goes.

                                       The person with the blue hair? yeah that a guy too.

IdolM@aster Cinderella Girls

Im not a fan of Idol anime but for some reason this one caught my attention. After checking out the Puchimas idolmaster series previously i decided to give this series a chance. For the most part it is boring but the music is good. I won't be watching it on a regular but when i do it will be for the music.

Koufuku Graffiti

A anime by SHAFT where half their budget goest to animating food perfectly. The first episode was really all about the food and mostly this whole anime is about food. To be honest its a slice of life anime about food. I will be watching to see the many different ways SHAFT plans on animating or using food in this anime.

Stay tune for part 3

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter 2015 Anime first impression Part 1

Hello everyone long time no review. I though i pop in here and give you all a decent review of this winter airing anime. I was going to review Tsukimonogatari but i kinda didn't like that arc. A quick review while i thought this was going to cover Yotsugi and her story line it mostly covered Agaragi and how he now can't use or rely on shinobu for her vampire powers because he will become a vampire if he does and in Tsukimonogatari he had to defeat a guy to save Kanbaru and his sister. Suck when you can't use shinobu's power. I only got a 2 min explanation on Yotsugi background.  Visually it was stunning, plot wise it sucked. Anyway I'm here to give you my thought on this season airing anime.

Yuri bear storm/ Yuri Kuma Arashi

It is made by the same people who made Utena and Mawaru Penguin drum  and if you seen both you know how confusing they can be especially mawaru. This first episode was no exception

it went from this :

To this:
Were they eating her out via her heart?!
This show is weird this is on my watch list.  The show ended with the girls in their bear form eating (literately eating) another girl's body on school ground and another girl catching them i just wanna see how weird it's going to be.

Maria the virgin witch/ Junketsu No maria

This show takes place during a war in france where a  virgin witch lives in the middle of the forest. While this seem like a interesting show i really wasn't that all into it during the first episode. Most of the show was ecchi fan fair with the shape shifting albino female owl dawning a dominatrix looking white outfit in her scenes and maria bathing and sleeping naked in hers. Will i be watching this show not as frequently as others i plan but this is a good show to keep a eye on.

Kantai Collection/kanColl/ Fleet Girl Collection

Think strike Witches but in the water and with ships and no neko girls.  Many of the Top girls at the school possess spirits of old Navel ships.  These girls fight against ancoll ship or the evil ships. Fubuki a girl who recently arrived at the school was assign to the torpedo squad and is soon trusted into battle. Poor Fubuki. Anyway the animation for this show is pretty fluid However, the fighting scenes  in this anime are in CGI

At first i didn't notice it but yeah it's in CGI but it blends well with this anime for some reason. I do see this becoming a problem at some point however. If you are into military action anime with a mix of moe or have been a fan of this series for a while i do recommend this anime the first anime was good and the CGI really wasn't that big of a deal in this episode.

That it for part one for now.I will be back in soon for part 2