Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall First Impression Honorable Mentions

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okusama-ga seitokaichou 2/ My wife is the Student Council President+

Season 2 to the ecchi filed short. We are introduced to new characters and possibly a new subplot and what make it better than the first  is that they said "FUCK IT'' with putting out a censored and Uncensored version this anime is just Uncensored.

Ao oni  The Animation 

 A video game turn anime it follows four highschool students who are trapped in a house with the blue derpy looking demon. Each episode follows their misadventures and at the end most if not all of the characters are killed by the demon and each episode see it reset. Its perfect to binge watch on Halloween if you aren't currently watching.

Nobunaga No Shinobi/ Ninja girl and Samurai master 

 The second anime to feature the historial figure. It follows a Shinobi name Chidori who was saved from drowning by Nobunaga and now she become his private Shinobi. its a cute show it has its funny moments.

Anitore! XX

The second season to the work out anime. they seem to amp up the ecchi-ness. we also get a new character.

Gakuen Handsome

 This isn''t a show. No, Its a experiance. Its based off the Yaoi Visual Novel of the same name and its basically "Chins the anime" but each episode is more wild than the last.

mahou shoujo  nante mou ii desukara seeason 2/ I had enough of being a magical girl season 2

 The second half of the first season because the first season kinda ended like it just ended. but it follows our main girl her friends and how she is handling being a magical girl. and it seem like her friend might become a magical girl  soon if not before the season ends.

Bernard Jou Iwaku/ Miss Bernard Said

 This anime follows a girl who calls herself "Miss Bernard" (her name is Sawako Machida) and clames to be well versed in books but  never actually read them because she 's to lazy.  Its mostly set in the library and focus on books and writers but the whole set up is actually funny.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall anime first impression Pt 2

You can check out part one here  Fall First impression Part one


No  this isn't another Hellsing OVA, Drifter is a anime basted off the manga of the same name and yes it is made by the same person who made Hellsing.   It follows Shimazu a warrior who while in battle is gravely injered and finds himself in a different world than the one he came from.  While recovering he meeds Nobunaga and Yoichi Nasu both are dead in Shimazu timeline  and in Yoichi case he has been dead for 400 years in Nobunaga time line. .  Im curious of how this is going to go. While the first episode what boring at part  it was a gore fest  not even three minunts into the show and its blood everywhere.

Yuri on ice!!!

Three exclamation point's means its exreem!!! Jokes aside, Yuri on ice!! (Just call it Yuri on ice you don't need that many fucking exclamation points it really not that kind of show that need that many ) follow Yuri Katsuki who after failing at the Grand Prix fall into a bit of a slump epically seeing how his idol Victor Nikiforov, was watching. While back home in Japan unbeknows to him Victor tracks him down and finds him and vows to be his trainer (while naked ). The skating animation in this show is very fluid and flawless and this show does has alot of comedic moments but  it balances it out with it's skating.

Fune Wo Amu/ The Great Passage 

Well this is a interesting show. You ever want to work for a company that produce dictionaries?  this is the question that is prose to our main character Mitsuya Majime at the end of the first episode.  Our Main Character orginally works in sales for Genbou Shoubo. He is approached by Kouhei Araki a man who works the Dictionary department of the same company but has to retire soon to care for his sick wife and is looking for his predicessor to take on his biggest project of creating "The Great Passage" a new Dictionary project.
SO why is it so interesting, it was a popular novel in Japan  that was adapted into a Live action movie that was THEN adapted into  a anime.

Honorable mention are coming soon

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall 2016 Anime First impression pt1

With summer long behind us it time to take a look at what new in the anime world and what is worth wild this anime season

As usual you can follow what is airing here  or here

Bungou Stray Dogs season 2
The second half of the first season that aired during the Spring season Bungou Stray Dogs season 2 will mostly focus on The Guild despite the first episode focusing on Dazai Past with the port mafia and his old friends and having one of his old friend find another one. This is one show i am going to watch mainly to see who are the guild members

Nanbaka- The Numbers

This anime is about four prisoner who make daily excapes from a prison located on a island on the sea. For the most part its funny but it looks like its going to be focusing on prisoner No.15 sometime soon as it ends with him going on a monologue  about how he can unlock any lock but those on himself its still good for the comedy.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku/  Magical Girl Raising Project 

 What if QB went high tech to get  the souls of mahou shoujos? Trust me There is a mascot that looks like mash up of Dangan Rompa Momokuma and has the eerily personality of QB. This show is about a girl who becomes a actual magical girl after becoming the 1000th player and the game. The first episode was rather interesteing as one of the character had me saying "What" at the end of the show.


To be honest still abit confused about the plot. The story follows 17 Yuuta Gamon  as he run a blog dedicated to the occult even though he doen't believe in it himself, his friend Ryouta Narusawa a Top heavy girl who im pretty sure the character designer for her was watching EIKEN before making her because that not how tits work!!! and before the episode end Miyu Aikawa joins them. The episode ends on a with Yuuta finding the dead and scalped body of a professor. It was abit confusing but that ending really made me want to watch more.

pt 2 is coming soon