Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mayoiga final thoughts

Well we are finally at the end of a funny yet train wreck in motion which was Mayoiga(The lost Village) and oh boy.  All i can really say about it is Best Comedy of Spring 2016. Now before someone says "Oh but sakamoto desu ka is better than this shit" realistically yes it is but after watching the whole season and seeing it go from having potential to shit then yes it is a comedy, not in the same way Divine gate was for the winter season (cuz divine gate was terrible)  but let me explain.

The last two episode was a experience in it self that i won't even bother to explain it because it better than you watch the last two episode and experience what i and others who watched had to go through. All i would say that episode twelve the final episode was bullshit and half the cast stayed and the other half left. The three main did leave as well as the poor driver(really he shouldn't have to go through all that bullshit seeing he was only in four episodes) and the tour guy as for the others there where people who you though were going to stay but ended up leaving. As for those who stayed only one stayed who i thought was going to leave the others i kinda saw coming or really didn't care for.

Mayoiga had potential to be a good Horror/Psychological anime for the spring season. With is twist and turns every week and the added aspect that there is a monster in the village it seem like it was good. Boring but good. However, it seem like after the sixth episode someone over at management said "FUCK IT your budget is cut and figure out how to end this shit with what you got". I say that because during one of the episode someone pointed it out on a website that Koharun was with masaki while she was tied up and in the crowd. 


Besides Koharun being in two places at once there were lots of times where the animation decided to go to shit, be it when it came to the monsters or with other characters mostly Hayato



I mean overlooking the last two episodes (escically the last one) it not that bad of a anime if you are looking for a "So bad that its good" anime which this unintentionally became. I mean it had hint of it being or becoming a good show but then there were fuck up here and there preventing it to be so.

If you are looking for a laugh though check it out.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

mayoiga episode 10

Well wasn't this episode filled with "WTF is even happening?!" moments.  With the series ending soon we are getting more questions, Little answers and its all infuriating. So much has happen i don't even know where to begin.

Let start with the cliffhanger ending from last week. Mitsumune awakes in a hospital outside of the village and the episode starts with him reuniting with his father in the hospital. His dad starts telling him about what happen to the family since he left and how his mom slowly start to realized he isn't his dead brother and how she now lost "another child"(her word) he then ask if he was coming home to which Mitsumune says no not yet. His dad understands and gives him a note from the person who found him and brought him to the hospital on the not it said to meet the person around 2 AM on the roof.

Who do we find waiting there
Yep the guy who we though was dead(or at least missing) from the first few episode back found him and then took him to the Doctor who found and saved him

So back to the village, everyone has become a bit letagic and somewhat lazy hell even the tour guide guy decided not to give a shit anymore even going as far as to smoke and tell everyone how he really feels(or felt) about Koharu. Everyone except uptight glasses guy was so lazy.
Maimai,Lion and nanko all went back to Reiji place(yes that is masaki lost cousin)  and he explain his situation and why he can't go back to the village

Meanwhile Mitsumune and Yottsun go to the Doctor name Kamiyama who manage to find the village first and spent years researching the village in the end tells Mitsume that in order to get back you have to "accept Nanaki" but it take part of you. The doctor tells mitsumune to look at a recent photo printed in a newspaper  of him. The photo show a younger version of him which was taken not too long ago. The doctor tells him that in return of "accepting Nanaki" the thing takes 3year of your life and rapidly ages you thus explain the doctor looking like he 50 instead of 30.

The episode ends where we see both Jake and Judgeness  punching each other in the face. Why? Mostly so that they won't get reprimanded by their boss


Who was their boss?

                                                        Their boss is fucking Koharu!

I don't know how to feel about this. For one im kinda feeling the Jack and Judgness combo but when it comes to her being the mastermind behind this it kinda a predictable cop out to me.
 Another thing whats going to happen to the others because they are all starting to not give a shit anymore.

So we have a few more question and somewhat of some answers but still what the fuck is even happening?