Saturday, July 8, 2017

Summer Anime 2017 First impression part 1

The summer anime season started and there are ALOT of good anime series this season. While spring only had a good handful of series worth watching it looks like we will be spoiled this season.

As usual see whats airing here and here


 Another Fate/ series. This one take place in the future after the Grail wars however, a family has the grail and now two fraction (red and black) has to fight it out to see who will fight to even get the grail again. A interesting twist on the Fate/ series. The first episode didn't hold back on the blood and gore either with caster of the black killing people in the forest for reasons. Im looking forward to see the other servants and how this show is going to turn out seeing how it is a Fate/ series i know its going to be good.


Do you like anime's about gambling? Do you like anime's that about gambling that has a batshit insane main female character? well that basically Kakegurui. It follows Yumeko Jabami who transfers into a school where wealth rules and gambling decides students fate. The first episode shows Jabami owning Mary a girl who challenged her to rock, paper,scissors .The whole show is very interesting and i'm interested to see where it goes especially seeing how its about gambling in high school.

 Ballroom e Youkoso/ Welcome to the Ballroom
It follows Tatara Fujita who is having a hard time deciding what to do once he leaves Junior high. Not knowing what to do or what he should be doing he wonders till he ends up at a Dancing school.It drags on with him debating on wheater or not to join but after seeing a DVD of Sengoku the school instructor in a dancing competition he is then convinced he should but not having a job he works out some agreement with Sengoku and he has him dance the box just to see if he was serious. He was and by the end of the episode Fujita has blisters on his feet showing he is serious about dancing.The Dancing  in this show is fluid and very well animated. 

Katsugeki:Touken Ranbu/ Action Picture! Touken Ranbu
 Ufotable at it again with the visuals. It follow two guys trying to keep order and stop the time retrograde army from messing up the space time continuum. As you do i guess?  Seeing how it is a Ufotable works i can expect good visuals and fight scenes and the first episode was packed with them.I can see this being a top 3 anime of the summer seasons.


I didn't expect this show to be as funny as it is. It follow Yoshiko Hanabatake a girl with a unhealthy obsession with bananas and her classmate Akuru Akutsu or A-Kun and their hijink with Hanabatake obsession with banana's. This show is only 10 minute. Does its job with making you laugh in only 10 minutes

NTR  netsuzou-trap

Cucked: the anime That's basically it. That what this anime is. If you even read a little (like i did) of this you know that is what this anime is.  Bullshitting aside it follows Yuma Okazaki(pink hair)  and her childhood friend Houtaru Mizushina(black hair) both have boyfriends but Houtaru can't stop fucking with(literally) Yuma even though they both have boyfriends!! Their boyfriends know nothing about them kissing behind their back either. First episode ends with Houtaru giving Yuma a french kiss because she got jealous that Yuma boyfriend gave her a kiss so she decided in her mind to one up him by giving Houtaru tongue with her kiss. This is another 10 minute anime even so it manages to tell its story in that amount of time.

Part 2 coming soon.

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